Australia Part 9 (Last)

And finally we get to the last day!

To be honest the weather in Australia was getting warmer each day and by our 10th day there, I was looking forward to Tokyo winter 🙂 The nice thing about Aus is that there isn’t much humidity so even though the temp was 38ish it still was bearable to walk around and not get too sweaty. Nothing like Tokyo Summer!

For our last day I really wanted to do some organic grocery shopping. I was hoping to score a few things that are hard/close to impossible to get in Japan. I could order things from overseas, but its cheaper to buy it at a local store usually. Maxim did an online search for a semi near-by store and we all piled into our cars in the search for it.

We went to Bondi Junction and initially had a little tough time finding the place. But when we found it it was all the more rewarding! I was SO excited!

The store had a little cafe attached to it with a very veg friendly menu!

I splurged and ordered dessert before the main meal along with a kale smoothie. It was a little too sweet for my liking, but I happily drank the whole thing. Dessert was mmmm yes, delicious!

I ordered an open face sandwich. Sauteeded mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes on THICK slices of sour bread.

Lilia and Maxim ordered a cheese crepe stack. Gluten free! Maxim is gluten free, so it was great that the cafe had options for our individual diets.


And hubby ordered a tofu sandwich with sweet potato fries.

With full bellies we tackled the organic store! Lilia looking at organic toothpaste I think. The store was great! I got exactly what I wanted, minus Hemp Seeds.  I loaded up on Chia seeds, Goji Berries, Sunflower butter, and raw snacks.

After the grocery store we hit up my all time favorite clothing store, Lululemon! Lululemon makes yoga inspired clothing along with their recent running and dance wear. Their fabrics are top quality and cuts are very flattering, especially on the derrière! Although they are very pricey, they last for a long time if maintained properly. Their pants are SO comfy for just lounging around and of course yoga. Unfortunately, Lulu is so comfortable that they’ve made jeans and slacks almost unbearable for me to wear now.

Even Motozo found something he liked and bought his first Lululemon pants. He loved it and changed immediately into it to wear for the flight home.

We continued with more shopping around the mall until it came time to say our farewells and make our way to the airport.

Lilia and Maxim thank you so much for putting us up at your place and being wonderful hosts! It was so wonderful to spend quality time with you Lils and meet my adorable niece! We had a fabulous time in Australia and hope to visit you guys soon. Please visit us any time!

Oh, sweet memories. 🙂


One thought on “Australia Part 9 (Last)

  1. lil says:

    yay! nicely done, u completed the days with great photos! good times for sure! Thank you both for spending your hols with us. We really enjoyed and amelie loved the extra attention! looking forward to our visit aND with the wee one

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