Happy Happy Day!

Ooo, do I have some fabulous news! Don’t get your hearts up too much because this may be quite a disappointment if you’ve been living under a rock for the pass century and don’t know what a VITAMIX is. No, I take that back…if you’re not really into cooking, especially not into smoothies or raw food, then this fabulous blender is not something that will get your heart racing and hands trembling when you become a lucky owner of it.

As far as I know and care, I’m one damn lucky girl!

It’s been almost a year now that I’ve been blending up green smoothies on an daily basis and my 2nd hand blender wasn’t blending so much as it was just chopping. I chewed bits of my smoothie for the pass few months, until finally I admitted I needed a new blender and I knew exactly what I wanted. This was not to be taken lightly though as the Vitamix is not something you just buy. It’s quite $$$$$ for a kitchen appliance, but I knew without a doubt that it would be put to good use.

Of course, I had to have hubby along board with it though. He agreed to buying it after the initial shock from the price tag wore off. But then I thought I made a big mistake when I started showing him online video clips of what exactly the Vitamix is capable of doing. After he watched a short clip of a women making juice with lots of vegetables and fruits and seeing it blend up smooth in literally seconds, he immediately says “Oh, no, that’s dangerous! You’re going to lose a finger. We can’t have that in the house!” Of course, he came to his senses after I assured him I’d keep the blender unplugged while loading it up and only when the lid is securely on would I put the socket in. I promise to not chop any of my fingers off!

After putting in the order  I seriously could not wait. I counted down the long 5 days until its arrival and TADA…last night I was jumping up and down with joy when our door bell finally rang.

Welcome to your new family Vitamix! I promise to love and care for you forever!

An easy assembly, and it fits so nicely on the kitchen counter.  I choose a black Vita totally forgetting that my kitchen walls and counter tops are black. The Vita is camouflaged, but no worries, it won’t be ignored!

The blender also comes with a huge recipe book that isn’t completely vegan, but I’m sure I can make substitutes no problem!

Sauces, soups, smoothies, juices, cocktails, frozen desserts….oo I can’t wait!

First things first, dinner! I was in the middle of making lentil burgers when Vitamix arrived and immediately put it to good use. A blended salad would complete our dinner perfectly!

Spinach, Avocado, lemon juice, dash of salt/pepper, drizzle of olive oil and water. This thing can really hold a lot!

Less then 10 seconds later. A perfectly smooth fresh raw soup!

Into the soup mugs with a simple garnish. Smooth and Creamy! mmmmm


Along side the vegan lentil burgers (That rocked deliciousness!), brown rice and slices of cucumbers.  Lovely dinner!  Sorry for the crummy lighting. The lighting in the dinner room is not the best for photography.

I definitely liked the spinach soup more then Motozo, but he liked the avocado flavor and especially liked the lentil burgers. First time making them and they really did turn out quite good.

Of course, I could not wait to make my green smoothie this morning! Yay, I did not have to chew! So smooth and easy to drink! Oh, I’m in love! Thank you Vita for being so awesome.

And thank you Motozo for indulging me in my smoothie addiction!

Beware it may become smoothie and vitamix central here for awhile on this blog 🙂

Sweet dreams!


4 thoughts on “Happy Happy Day!

  1. lil says:

    ooohhh yay!! your spensy blender! I love spensive apliances that last for ages and work! to whip up all that into a smoothie is amazing.

  2. Mia says:

    Ooo, so cool, I saw this on a Martha Stewart show. But I`d much rather spend a fortune on the Kenword FP980, it`s supposed to have 55 funtions, and I`m really into alot of options packed in one electronic. *Sign* Someday…
    Moto`s so cute being worried about you chopping a finger..lol.
    I`m so happy you got your Vitamix. 🙂

  3. Liene says:

    Vitamix has been on my wanted list for a while now….i just never had a proper kick to get it…but your post made me inspired to get it very, very soon.
    I might be blending my smoothies very soon myself:)
    So far I am juicing…

  4. Oh, Liene you will be very happy with the Vitamix! But juicing is also great. I like getting my fiber though smoothies though.

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