Week 15

A week has gone by and from today this thing growing in me is 15 weeks old. Happy Birthday Fetus!

So far I’ve read 4 pregnancy books from cover to cover and I’m constantly reading them over and over. This book from Kaz Cooke is by far the most entertaining! She doesn’t skimp on the nasty parts of being pregnant and is very sympathetic for the weight gain and bodily changes we females go through. Every week she has a journal update of her own pregnancy and I find myself laughing and wanting to give her a hug for understanding pregnant women so well.

But her  advice on diet and exercise is quite outdated and ill-informed. She goes as far to write that vegetarians/vegans should seriously consider changing to a meat eater to insure proper nutrition! What?! Please, you’re a writer, not a nutritionist!

On the topic of exercise she writes that huffing and puffing (cardio) exercise should be only done every other day and for a maximum of 20mins. And pregnant women should lift only half a kilo of weights. WHAT! Ok, maybe if you’re not a regular exerciser then this makes sense. But I regularly run over an hour and multiple days in a row. I am probably in her standards “huffing and puffing” for too long, but I think the main thing is to listen to how my body feels. And THIS she does not even mention! Everyone is different  (Paula Radcliffe ran twice a day through both her pregnancies and ran the day before her delivery!) so the rule should not be so black and white!

Sorry, I had to rant. It irks me to no end when people say “So, you’re not running right now right?” Um…why would I stop? I’m not ill people, I’m pregnant!

Anyway, let’s get some laughs out! Back to the above mentioned book. One of things I like about it are the funny cartoons.

Back up a few weeks. Yoga, yes please!

A little early to be popping out, but again everyone “shows” at different times.


TOTALLY! That was me spot on! Poor Motozo.

And this one is my favorite!

Now I must go do some huffing and puffing for the 4th day in a row.  High five to my pregnant ladies out there! Jan, Serene, you’re awesome!


2 thoughts on “Week 15

  1. Cha says:

    oh I totally agree about the running even through your pregnancy. I kept my weight training from the start till the very end!
    fitness is one of the most important (for me at least! and shud for most) during that time, so you can be sure to jump right back into pre-pregnancy state!
    that’s actually one thing I’d like to hit on once I start my fitness career. I know so many of my friends who took Pregnancy as an excuse to lay back and “gain” those unnecessary lbs. then they fuss about how long it took for them to lose it afterwards!!
    the only thing you should keep a lookout for is don’t overexert yourself too often and too much, especially in heat! you don’t wanna cook the baby. and knock your own body for a loop! heh

  2. Mia says:

    You`re not wrong to rant about it, I totally agree with letting your body tell you when to push it farther or take a breather. Everyone is different so one can`t put a 20min time limit for every single pregnant lady.

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