Foodie Friday

It snowed all day yesterday. Not enough for any of it to stick to the ground thankfully. I like snow so long as its light and doesn’t cover the grounds.  The snow was quite pretty and I happily didn’t run, but spent the day relaxing (national holiday) and enjoying yummy eats.

I was out of my leafy greens so the breakfast smoothie had to go without. From bottom to top: grapes, kiwis, carrot, apple, and ice. It blended up to be quite a pretty pink, but of course I couldn’t just stop there.

I had to add some super foods. Maca, chiaseeds, hemp protein, and spirulina and that made it super dark green!

Did you know that spirulina is 55% – 77% pure protein? It’s a complete protein with essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. In comparison, beef is only 22% protein.

Ugh for shadows. It was a dark day and lighting for good photos was hard to get! I’m thinking I need to make this light reflector How to make a light reflector in 1 minute flat

Motozo and I lounged around for a bit. Chatting on skype with his parents and hanging out in PJ’s  until it was time to meet a friend for lunch.

I took my dear friend Miyabi to my favorite vegan cafe. I love their lunch sandwiches!

It came with a side salad and in the theme of valentines, Cacao Tomato Soup. So delicious!

My friend was such a patient listener hearing me rant about how I’m not enjoying the physical changes that pregnancy brings and a host of other issues.  Thanks Miyabi!

The night before I had a little melt down in front of the mirror. Pregnancy is not kind on the looks and it’s quite depressing to think I still have 6 more months + a couple more for my body to continue changing. Argh!

Deprivation is not what I do though. I (and everyone else) deserves a little dessert!

Apple crumble with tofu cream on the side. YUM! I wonder if I can remake this at home.

We finished our lovely time together with a walk in the falling snow and warmed up at another organic cafe for some tea before saying our farewells.

Back at home Moto and I were in a sofa/tv mood. Marathon session of Dexter? Yes please! Were going through season 4 and ooo, it’s so exciting!

Hunger called eventually. We both felt like pizza and went for take out.  No cheese pizza for me with lots of veggies on top 🙂

I also whipped up another green smoothie. This time with lots of leafy greens since I missed them this morning.

I love my vita and seeing it on the kitchen counter makes me want to use it at every meal! I used it twice yesterday! I knew it would be put to good use.

We crawled into bed at 12AM and I hoped the snow would stop by morning so I can work off the pizza with a little run.

Saturday. Still snowing……brrrr……I better put my tough running face on and brave the snow. That’s what serious runners do anyway. Run through all seasons and all weathers. At least snow is better than rain. My heart goes out to the ones having to train for Tokyo Marathon! Its coming up in 2 weeks and I hope the weather warms up before then!


5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. lil says:

    those shakes look great. Totally justifies the price of it..AND it’s just the first day lol
    I reckon u can do the apple crumble with coconut oil nom nom

    must be freezin there!

  2. Meg says:

    Its been 4 days actually and I’ve used the blender every day! 🙂

    Oh, I must restock on the coconut oil. I’m all out.

    I totally jinxed the weather! I was commenting the other day how spring like it was and then bam we get snow. darn it!

  3. Miyabi says:

    Meg darling! The pleasure is all mine, I had such a nice time. Thank you for the wonderful lunch. I love that vegan cafe very much! Can’t wait to go back again. Let’s do it again soon! x

  4. randomgoods says:

    Ah I’ve been a ghost around here, poking about but not making any noise. Those shakes seriously look so good! I’ll bet you’re just about in love with the blender 😛
    We didn’t get any snow here in Guangzhou, but we got a cold front, which was funny esp because it was just warming up, but i thought it was funny that when you guys get SNOW we just have a cold rain.

  5. Glad you aren’t a ghost any more! 🙂
    Yep, very much in love with my splendy blender!

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