Happy Chocolate Day!

Or better understood as Happy Valentines!

Humm…what to make for hubby who  is not into chocolate or anything really sweet?  Neither Moto and I are really into chocolate. As proof, we’ve had this chocolate on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks now. Actually, Moto found this non dairy chocolate for me (the sweetheart!) and well….I don’t know if its pregnancy or what, but I’m really not into chocolate. I don’t want to waste such nice chocolate so I racked my brain for ways to use the gold.

I came up with thousands of complicated ways to use it, but settle on something real simple. In the theme of LUUUUVE, strawberries are a must today!

Ah! Even if Motozo and I end up not eating these, it’ll all be worth it just to look at the beauties. I can imagine back to the days when I loved chocolate. “Loved” is really an understatement, I was addicted! Had to have it daily! Gosh, I seriously can’t imagine having it daily any more. Does that mean….I’m…..growing up? Taste buds do change as you age.

These were wicked fun to make! I should dip things into chocolate regularly!

Motozo surprised me by coming home early with a boutique of beautiful smells and sights! I LOVE the smell of the roses and purple flowers.

Yay, flowers on the table! Motozo and I aren’t the most romantic couple (first time for us to celebrate Valentines!), so when he surprises me with flowers……awww, melts my heart!

Since it was raining we didn’t want to go out too far. Luckily, we have an awesome Italian restaurant just 2 minute walk away!

We started our dinner off with drinks. Fresh squeezed lemon juice for me and beer for Mo.

Tiny baby bruschetta as a starter.

And a salad that was much too tiny! I wanted to eat the whole thing!

For the main course there wasn’t any options for me so I happily ordered off the menu.  I usually don’t order pasta, but this restaurant is particularly good and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I asked for a linguine pasta with a lot of veggies, but hold off on spices, garlic, and onion. The waitress was really good and kept coming back to make sure I was ok with this and that.

It was delicious!

Motozo got…..help, I forget the name. I obviously do not know pasta very well.

It was a lovely romantic evening. made only more lovely with the rain changing to heavy snow.

Sorry, dark photo. But if you look at the street light you might get an idea of how hard the snow was falling. I’m ok with snow so long as it melts all by tomorrow so I don’t have a slippery run.

Time to pull out dessert and see how chocolate covered strawberries taste. I’m going to take eating without hands as a sign that he likes it.

I got a little carried away with the strawberries.

I can’t say the strawberries were OH MY GOD delicious. I actually was tempted to take the chocolate off and enjoy the strawberries just as is.

After dancing around the house for a bit to Duran Duran we finished our V-Day!

Darling, you have my heart!


3 thoughts on “Happy Chocolate Day!

  1. lil says:

    LOLOL I cracked up soo much at you getting carried away with the strawberries, infront of the flowers LOLOLOL, you’re hilarious.
    Great idea, and really nice pasta and v day! even with snow! Crazy how that’s tokyo.
    yum I want pasta now 😀

  2. Mia says:

    Awww, sho shweet!

  3. Nina says:

    yea lol, i have to say the first pic of the strawberry was good, the rest was a bit of a question mark. Pegs, you never fail to give us a good crack up.
    But hey, if he’s going head first to om nom nom, then they must’ve been pretty amazing.
    You guys are a really cute pair. Him surprising you with flowers even though you both really aren’t mushy…and on the topic of Motozo, I realized some epic eyebrows going on, and then I wondered if they were always like that and I only noticed them now?

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