Smoothie Fail!

The weather has been strange! Its snowing one day and Spring warm the next. Today was a “Spring” like day and I loved it!

Due to being rather busy in the day time my run got pushed way back to the evening. I hardly ever run in the evenings because I’m definitely a morning runner. If I plan a run in the evening I’m more likely to blow it off, but tonight I had no problem getting myself out the door.  I soon realized I had way too many layers on and I wished I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

It was LOVELY tonight in Yoyogi Park. The skies were pretty clear and the full moon showed its lovely face. It was fabulous! I found myself smiling and enjoying my heart beating and sweat dripping down my face (I hope I didn’t overheat or anything). I felt so lucky to enjoy this simple thing called “running” I know running is not for everyone (just like any other sport), and I love that it fits me so well.

Although I was enjoying the run I was eager to get back because I had a smoothie I really wanted to try! I saw this grapefruit/carrot/ginger smoothie on the net and I instantly wanted to make it!

I used 1 red grapefruit, 1 carrot, 1 inch of fresh ginger, 1/2 cup of water to help everything blend.

It looked delicious, it smelled delicious, but the taste? The first sip I instantly thought I should have added ice to make it colder. The 2nd sip I unfortunately tasted a little too much skin from the grapefruit. Not the outer thick skin, but the thin white skin just outside the pulp. Is there a name for that layer?

With each sip the bitterness from the skin got stronger and stronger and I eventually couldn’t drink it any more. This is my 3rd time to use grapefruit in a smoothie and sadly I’m not a fan! I thought I would be because I LOVE grapefruit. But when I eat it I usually meticulously peel each white skin off the pulp.

I think grapefruit should be left to juicing.  So unfortunate!

Oh, well…you win some, you lose some.  The half cup left I’m going to test on Motozo as soon as he comes back from his swim. Because he’s so sweet I know he’ll say it taste good regardless of what he’s really thinking haha.

Happily I made a simple dessert today that wasn’t a fail :). More on that tomorrow or whenever I get the chance to blog about it.

Weekly update on fetus status: 16 weeks pregnant. I guess that makes me 3 1/2 months now. Some new things would be the occasional bloody nose and congestion. All my books say this is normal during this stage. Tomorrow I’m registering myself into a new hospital that I’m quite happy with and just so happens to be only a 5 minute walk away from our place. Its been almost a whole month since my last appointment so I feel unusually nervous. I don’t know if I’m actually going to get any physical check ups as this appointment is mainly to register myself and to secure a spot for the delivery. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Smoothie Fail!

  1. Nina says:

    hehe, grapefruit skins aren’t the best of tasting, but they must’ve been pretty bitter for you not to finish your smoothie! Although if anything I’d think the one inch of ginger would’ve been what had set you off..

  2. Oh, no, I can handle the bitterness from ginger no problem! It def was the grapefruit ha.

  3. Mia says:

    Too bad, it looks good. Are your taste buds all out of wack now that you`re pregnant? I think tne inch of ginger was meant to out do the skin.

  4. lil says:

    hm yeah I can see a whole unpeeled grapefruit being bitter all blended up, and with ginger too lol, Maybe you can peel the grapefruit and put it in 😀 and add maplesyrup hehehe because maplesyrup in anything is yummy 😀

    Really good about the hospital! Let us know if you get any awesome 3 month ultrasound?! 16 weeks! did you and motozo decide if you’re finding out the sex..cuz I think that happens at 19 weeks?!

  5. Meg says:

    Yeah, I think my taste buds are a little out of whack.

    I don’t like adding sweetener to my smoothies. I don’t usually need sugar to eat fruits and vegetables, so I don’t see the point in having to add sugar to the drinks. But the grapefruit…yeah, maybe I should have added a date or something.
    I peeled the thick outer layer, but the thin white layer was a little too bitter for me. Moto drank it though 🙂

    Argh, check ups are horribly long! Good thing the next one is 4 weeks later 🙂 And then I’ll find out the gender. We decided that I will find out and won’t tell him. I’m not sure how well thats going to go, but we’ll try anyway. I probably won’t be telling anyone else the gender too to lessen the chance of it coming back to Motozo.
    The other day I dreamed we had a boy though. The universe seems to be against me lately so I’m kind of expecting a boy.

  6. Liene says:

    I Totally can imagine of you having boy….
    oh, yes, the post…
    Grapefruit is bitter when you blend it….YOu should really peel it properly and it might be ok…. but even a bit of ginger is quite gingery I think. Ginger has tendency to come out too much just when you do not want it that much! Haha
    I am sure there are many other great smoothies out here though!
    About the gender of the baby- is it because he does not want to know and he does? I do not think he will be fine without knowing after another few months. And also- sometimes you just do not know.
    With my daughter the doctor really could not tell till 32 weeks because she was hiding. With boys I hear it is easier;)
    But I would not know, we never tried to find out with Elvis!

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