Vegan Party

Whew! Yesterday was a busy day starting off with 3 grouchy and glorious hours at the hospital(I love the midwifes and doctors at my new hospital) and then rushing to the yoga studio for a yoga magazine photo shoot (more on that when the magazine comes out).

The best part of my day was the evening party.

Yay, did I have a party in my mouth last night! Thanks to Vincent for throwing a delicious vegan house party.

His friend Joe, who arrived in Tokyo recently is also a vegan runner, graduated recently. So in honor of his accomplishments we celebrated! I’ve been following Joe’s & Vincents running blog and I was finally able to put a face behind the runner in Philadelphia who trained for Tokyo Marathon through snow that would put me off running for sure!

Vincents kids were absolutely adorable and immediately jumped on him with joy when he got back from work.

The food was DIVINE! Aki, the amazing mother of 3, made a beautiful and delicious spread! I’ve got to get those recipies and learn a few things from her!

Better than store bought hummus, pita bread, and veggies. I loved it! My hummus sucks! I can’t seem to get the texture right. Too thick, too thin, too garlicky, too beanie etc. This was perfect!

Falafel with Tahini Vanilla dressing.

Orange Olive Salad. Very unusual, but tasted great!

Lentil Soup that pleased Motozo to no end! He went back for seconds and thirds! Recipe please Vincent!

I love my greens! I liked the dressing. What did Aki use?

Between delicious bites, the kids entertained us with their dad’s heroic running adventures.

A break from food to play with toys are a must!

Dessert! Congrats Joe! Chocolate Vegan Cake with Vegan whip! mmmmmm!

Nice job with the cutting.

Remember the other day when I mentioned I made a simple dessert that wasn’t a fail. I was speaking of these little babies. Peanut butter rice puffs. SO  easy to make and relatively healthy.

My rice puff fan.

mmm. I loved the chocolate cake!

Blueberry toppings anyone?

I was so full and happy! The magic of good food!  But the evening didn’t stop there. I came home to a package!

A friend sent me a sample of RAW CHOCOLATE! The first raw chocolate store in Tokyo is going to open up in March and you bet I’m going to go there when it opens! Unfortunately, this one has honey in it so one of my yoga students today is going to be my lucky chocolate taster.

Oops, camera strap.

Thanks again Vincent for the party! It was fabulous!

Time to get my butt out the door for a little run with some friends. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Vegan Party

  1. lil says:

    oooo nice chocolate cake and foods, and that raw chocolate looks nice too..shame you have cut out honey too 😦 I reckon you don’t need to be that harsh to yourself! Seems more like a religion now..but that’s just my opinion. I’m sure your fellow vegans will hang me out to dry 😀

    Did you get an ultra sound done! How’s the little bugger? Really great the doctors and midwives are nice there. Looking forward to magazine pics awesome!

  2. Mia says:

    lol, grouchy and glorious? If your clinic sets apointment times it doesn`t take so long. These waiting around times are great for picking up new friends though.
    Oh, those lentils look sooooooo good, I want that recipe too! About two months ago, suddenly Raiden is not liking my lentils anymore and he used to love them:(
    I don`t like the taste of honey or syrups, but isn`t it a natural sweetener? Do many vegans not eat honey?

  3. Meg says:

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but honey isn’t vegan. Its derived from bees. I’ve avoided it for a couple years now. Its kind of a shame because a lot of things would be vegan (graham crackers etc) if only for the honey.

    Yeah, Lil, I know what you mean, but since I’ve avoided it for while its hard to go back to eating it.

    I got an ultrasound. The bugger is doing fine. Growing at a normal rate. Got all 5 fingers and was actively swimming around. The “glorious” part I was being sarcastic ha. I hate waiting around. Although I had an appointment I still had to wait for quite a while. But the doctors and midwives are super friendly and speak way more English then the last hospital I was in. And they seem to really approve of my plan for a water birth. 🙂 I’ll get into the details for that in another post.

  4. […] Anyway,   I mentioned a month or so back that I did a little modeling thingy for Japan’s Yoga Journal magazine. […]

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