Lovely Saturday!

I’m loving my weekend runs with running girlfriends! Girl talk is so rejuvenating for the soul! I’m also enjoying running slightly longer then usual without any pressure to run a certain distance. Most of my running friends are training for this or that marathon and are on a running schedule. I join them for their long runs and pull out whenever I want, its great!  Of course, that doesn’t make me the best training partner though ha.

Today was especially nice. I got to run with Caroline, who I haven’t seen much of lately, and she showed Jaynie and I a new running route.  It was refreshing to run a different place for a change. Too bad for them, they had to hear me gripe about my current bowel issues that is just one of those lovely things about pregnancy. Anyway, I won’t get into that now.

My planned 16k to mark my 16th week of pregnancy got bumped up to 18k. Whats another 10 minutes yeah? Now I feel confident that I can do 17k next week 🙂 The perks of a long run (90 minutes is long for me right now) is being allowed to eat more. Yay food! The down side is that I’m usually so hungry I become the grouchiest person ever!

After yoga my students planned a dinner out.  It was a great idea with lots of laughs.  We found ourselves at a Yakiniku place.  Good thing yoga always makes me very happy and in a “I don’t really care.” mood that I was happy to join even though that meant I would go home smelling like meat.

Everyone firing up the grill with raw meat. I’m quite amazed how strong everyone’s stomachs are. Usually after yoga I don’t have a huge appetite and I want light/clean/simple things.

Thus my salad, but then again, I’m always in the mood for a salad. A meal is just not complete without some form of greens for me.

More greens.

More meat for the meat eaters.

Oh, it was a blast! A few of the students shyly asked me if the “rumor” was true. I automatically took that as pregnancy rumors. Yes yes, its true.  For once I was not offended when someone asked me if I was still running. Instead of getting red and fuming, I proudly said how much I ran today 🙂

It was especially nice to have company tonight as Motozo left for Hong Kong this afternoon. Unlike me, he’s going for a business trip that will also take him to Singapore as well. I’m following along for my own pleasure and determination to do as much as possible before I get strapped down to motherhood.  Leaving home EARLY (5:30AM) tomorrow morning and arriving at Hong Kong in the late afternoon. Whats usually I think, a 5-6 hour flight is 8 hours for me because I have a stop over at China. No need to splurge on direct flight being that I’m not really in a hurry to get there.

It’ll be only be a short 3 day trip, but I’ll be making the most of my time. Little sister Nina and her boyfriend are coming down from China to visit me so that’ll be great. Looking forward to seeing her in a couple of hours!

And now I must get some shut eye. The earliest I’ll be back to blog will be Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Lovely Saturday!

  1. lil says:

    oh yay you get to see nina and her bf! Have a safe trip. Nice that you were able to get a good run. The running question is probably the least horrible thing someone can ask out of genuine concern…you will be getting alot of bad eyes from every mother/grandmother/great grandmother for just walking out with your child without socks on :D. You get used to it…at least temporarily until you blow up and strangle the old lady lol

  2. Liene says:

    I read Lil`s comments and it is so true and hilarious!
    Have a good time abroad!

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