Hong Kong & Little Sister

Beware! Long post with photos!

Hong Kong was wonderful! It was a sadly such a short trip, but I had a great time. Got to do a little bit of sight seeing, see my little sister Nina and her boyfriend Phil. I have to say, I may like Hong Kong the best so far out of the Asian country I’ve visited.  I think it helps that we went at a perfect time before it got too hot. It was cloudy the whole time I was there, but I liked how it was cool and comfortable to walk around.

The flight was uneventful as usual. Plane food is smellier than usual and I got a little nauseated. Good thing I packed apples and mikan’s because I couldn’t manage a bite of the horrible food. I seriously don’t understand how anyone can eat that stuff!

When I arrived in Hong Kong it was already evening and all I wanted was a fresh salad and bed.

The next morning I felt a lot better. Motozo, Ross (Moto’s colleague), and I had quick coffee together before they went to client meetings. I hit the gym and got a good 12k run on the treadmill. The gym was lovely with each cardio equipment having its own big tv screen. I had the perfect running inspiration with a replay of Australia’s Ironman. I ran my little heart out happily while watching athletes swim, bike, and run.

After showering I went out to explore for a couple of hours before Nina and Phil were scheduled to arrive at the hotel.  It was great just walking around looking at the markets, the transportation, the interesting foods displayed in the windows etc.

For lunch I stumbled across a little vegetarian restaurant that just happened to be around the corner of our hotel!

The owners didn’t speak much English, but they had a English menu and were very friendly. Most of the menu had fake meat type stuff, but I’m really not into fake meats so I stuck with something safe (I wasn’t completely sure how vegan it was) and simple.

On the house they served some interesting soup that was like a thin sweet miso soup. It had pears, beans, and barley inside.

I ordered rice and some greens (don’t know the name) that was seasoned simply with ginger. The plate was massive so I only managed to eat half of everything.  Not my usual choice of lunch (I usually stick with raw food until dinner), but it felt appropriate to have an Asian meal.

I got back to the hotel just in time to receive Nina’s call that she was just a few minutes away from the hotel. Whoa! A couple of hours earlier then expected, but that was just fine by me! Yay, more time to spend with her.

We checked them into their room which they were so lucky to have gotten an upgrade. It was bigger and nicer than the room Motozo and I were staying in. HEY! Oh, it was great to see Nina! Its only been about 6 months since I’ve last seen her, but we still had a lot to talk about!

Nina lives in China, Guangzhou and took a 3 hour bus ride to meet up and also renew her visa.  Added bonus was to finally introduce her new boyfriend.

Nina and Phil hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we went out to find them food. We found an interesting staircase along the way. Each step shows where the Olympics took place. I’m missing Helsinki between Melbourne and London.

The kiddies wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse. Apparently, they don’t have one in China so Nina was eager to go there.  Being that I already ate I wasn’t all too picky about the restaurant so long as the two were happy.

Sorry, I was only interested in taking photos of their bread.  Steak and chicken was ordered after all.

After lunch we set out to see Tian Tan, the big buddha. It was a good hour train ride, but with Nina and Phil as company, the time flew by. I thought the Priority Seat on the train was cute! Way better than Japan’s Priority Seats for sure!

To get to Tian Tan there was a 20 minute rope ride to the mountains where the Buddha is located.  Too bad it was cloudy!  I love heights, but there were times when I’d suddenly get a little nervous as it got higher and higher. It didn’t help that Nina is into this whole “what if” thing. “What if this thing falls down….well, at least we’d fall into the water. That’ll break our fall at least.”

When we crossed the water and started climbing into the mountains she’d say something like ” If we fall now that would be pretty bad! We’d roll down the hill. But than again, I’d rather die than live a crappy life.” UH, what the hell Nina? What wonderful thoughts you think of!

Imagination too large for her own good!

And then we saw the Buddha! Perched up high on the mountain in all his glory!

There was a scenic walk along the way to the Buddha.

It included 12 statues as “guards” representing the 12 Chinese zodiacs.  Here’s the rooster holding something (in Nina’s description) that resembles a baby rattler.

The Horses. Phil, understandably is not into posing.

But Nina and I couldn’t help ourselves. In the attempt to look angry, I embarrassingly look rather constipated instead. Oh, well….

If only that darn crane wasn’t on the left. Can never get away from construction!

Yah, the staircase to the Buddha. Nina and I were looking forward to climbing these all day.

We took our time at the top taking lots of photos. Unfortunately, it was so cloudy that hardly any of the Buddha photos turned out nice.

But we got a nice couple photo.

I’m missing Motozo in this photo 😦

The plan was to do headstands at the top, but there were too many people and no good place to do it.  So Nina did a beautiful Dancer’s pose instead.

Next to Tian Tan was a nice temple with lots of gorgeous flowers! I loved how they decorate the area with pots and pots of flowers!

Look how vibrant! I swear I didn’t do any touch ups with this photo! The color by itself glows!

Plum tree!

Can you see the bird?

Lovely incense!

I love temples! The insides are always so beautifully decorated.

And some random cow chewing along the sidewalk.

By the time we got back to the hotel we all were tired and hungry. Everyone kindly agreed to go to an organic vegan friendly place I researched online called Life. It ended up being quite a hopping and bopping place. If you’re veg/gluten free and ever in Hong Kong, go here! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

We even bumped into Motozo’s friend, Anna. I met Anna once at our wedding, so it was great to see her (although briefly) again.

The restaurant had 3 stories with a roof top. It was pretty dark to take good food photos, but I managed to take a couple.

The menu was fantastic! I have to say, probably the best vegan friendly restaurant I’ve ever been to! There was vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and raw options.  We ordered a little too much. We totally didn’t expect the portions were going to be as large as they were.

As appetizers we ordered edamame, an eggplant dip, a gluten free pizza (not vegan), and paella.

For the main I ordered a raw dish called Raw Power Zucchini. It was SO delicious and filling! The zucchini was sliced so they resembled noodles with a tasty carrot and tomato sauce with nutritional yeast parmesan “cheese”.  As tasty as it was, it was too large for me to finish.

Motozo ordered a tower of roasted veggies which he too couldn’t finish. Only Phil was able to finish his pasta dish.

I sadly was way too full to order dessert, but I did take out for a little spirulina ball to enjoy the next day.

And that concludes the first day in HK. More soon.


9 thoughts on “Hong Kong & Little Sister

  1. Phil Clarke says:

    “Added bonus was to finally introduce her new boyfriend.”

    Lol, makes it sound like she’s been having a whole bunch of them.

  2. randomgoods says:

    ahhh, such lovely pics!You really can’t go wrong with Canon.
    Thanks again Meg, for the lovely time there, and the kick in the butt:D

  3. Jan says:

    This looks like it was a wonderfully fun day! Again, I wish I could be there to hang out with close friends and talk. I miss family and friends.
    Meg and Nina, you both look really good as always! Nin, you look happy as ever! Hmm… I wonder what’s changed?? haha!! Jk.

    I love you both!

  4. Haha, you’re right.No worries, you’re obviously the most special of “them”.

  5. lil says:

    oh so fun! Yeah I liked the “new boyfriend” line LOL
    So funny how you and nina were looking forward to the stairs..that’s complete death! I forget but does nin run? Nin and Phil you’re both looking good, and meg you do look pretty sad without motozo there in that pic lol. But you look good hehe. Nice pics too, really nice ones of buddahs and the posting…totally have to do that ahaha

  6. Mia says:

    ooo, fun photo`s! You and Nin`s look pretty and fit. In the tacky heart one I like how you caught Phil`s hair `blowing in the breeze` lol. Interesting stairs, both the Olympic and to Buddha, and the Albert Einstein comment. Looks like such a busy place.

  7. Phil Clarke says:

    What kind of “special” do you mean? 😦

  8. randomgoods says:

    me run? haha no ways, you can tell by how short i jogged/walked, it was pretty embarrasing,but good to do either way.

  9. Don’t be embarrassed Nina! That was more than what a lot of people can manage. You did great! Remember how I was telling you long it took me to build enough stamina to run longer then 45 minutes!? Running is hard so give yourself a little pat on the back for even getting yourself out of bed. 🙂

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