Trip to The Peak (HK)

The next day I set my alarm on to go off nice and early because Nina and I planned a work out in the hotel gym. We wanted to run on the treadmill followed by a short yoga session. I got into the gym a little earlier than Nina because I wanted to run for a minimum of 50 minutes.  It was interesting to run just minutes after getting up. This used to be my normal scheduled, I’d wake up at 5:30AM, start running by 6 and back home around 7:30AM. These days I have a cup of coffee, maybe a fruit, and relax for an hour or two before heading out the door for a run.  It definitely takes me longer to warm up and find a nice rhythm as opposed to waiting at least an hour to run after waking up.

Although, the gym had really nice gym equipment, it lacked in something SO vital for every gym! Especially for runners using a gym. A TOILET! First thing in the morning too!! Ahem! For a 5 star hotel this is not acceptable! Lanson Place Hotel, please do something about this! I was more than pissed that I had to leave the gym to go back all the way up to my room to use the bathroom. Sorry, probably way too much information for most of you. As you can see, I’m kind of obsessed with this topic (bowel movements). I was, even long before I got pregnant. It’s just so important!

Nina did about 30-35 minutes of a jog/walk on the treadmill next to me. Yay, for an exercise partner!

Motozo showed up for a couple of minutes for some weight training

And Nina and I got our zen on. She joined me for 16 Sun Salutations to commemorate my 16th week of pregnancy. We then took turns deciding different poses to flow in and out of. It was short and sweet. Time to hit the showers so we can have breakfast with Motozo before he leaves for work.

hmm….is that a little belly I’m showing?

I got into big sister mode and grilled Nina on some life questions during breakfast. I was so engrossed in the conversation that I took rubbish photos of the food. As usual I had a mountain of fruits and coffee. Too bad they had no veggies! I solved some of that by enjoying my spirulina ball from last night’s dinner. 🙂 Yay, some greens.

This was Motozo’s last day in Hong Kong. He flew to Singapore in the afternoon so we had to figure out the rooming situation. With him checking out of the room I needed to check into my new room, but requested the same room because I’m too lazy to move all my stuff to a different room. We had no problems there, but doing the paper work yada yada got us on a little late start to the day.

Today we planned a trip to The Peak. The Peak is 428 meters above sea level and claims to have the highest 360 degree view. We hoped for clear skies, but it was still cloudy so I didn’t have high expectations.  We took a nice short walk from Central Station to board the Peak Tram.

The queue for the tram was long and the lines of people didn’t make for good shots of the tram,but it was this cute little red thing that took us at a near vertical level all the way to the Peak. It was quick ride and we made our way to the Sky Terrace to see the view of Hong Kong.  I do like heights and views! Even if it’s of buildings.

It was pretty cold and windy up there and I wished I brought shades. Phil is not angry in this photo. It’s just really bright and its hard to open the eyes completely.

I had to get a shot of the love birds in front of this tacky heart. 🙂 Of course, I would have posed Motozo and myself in front of it if only he was there.

There was some great walking trails around the Peak, but we were short on time so we only walked around for a couple of minutes before queuing up again for the tram back down. It’s funny how we queued for almost the same amount of time we were there. Oh, well…..

Nina had to pick up her Visa at a couple of stations near by so I tagged along so we could enjoy a late lunch together.

After seeing them off, I sadly made my way alone back to the hotel. Sniff! I missed her! It was my last night in HK, so I went out for more roaming in the city. I thought I would do some shopping, but my legs felt heavy and my bag plus camera was weighing down my shoulders.  For dinner I went back to the vegetarian restaurant near the hotel and retired early.

Ah, Hong Kong, I did enjoy visiting you despite the horrible taxi drivers who nearly got us all killed more than once. I hope I can visit again soon.  It was a great long weekend!

Gambatte sis on your make up studies! You’ll rock it! Looking forward to seeing you and Phil hopefully sometime this year in Tokyo!


4 thoughts on “Trip to The Peak (HK)

  1. Phil Clarke says:

    Wow, something we have in common. I’m obsessed with talking about bowel movements too. \m/

  2. Haha! Yay, I’m not alone!

  3. lil says:

    hey that’s pretty clear for up there! When we were there it was just white background..pure white. :D.
    Nice about the bms lol, I think the blocking up starts happening again in the third tri lol good luck! Love the pic of you two doing salutations. Phil’s really tall eh?! Love the one of them next to the heart, phil looks like a rockstar protectOR lol

  4. Phil Clarke says:

    yeah i kinda like my pose in that pic. I’m like a Troll Warlord or something.

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