Tokyo Marathon 2011

Wow, what a great day it was yesterday! The first time ever in TM history where we finally got good weather! This was THE year to run the marathon and everyone who trained their asses off certainly deserved the warm and sunny day! It was not only great for the runners, but also very comfortable for everyone cheering on the sidelines. For once no one got drenched with rain and snow. And certainly no one was complaining of numb fingers and purple lips.

How ironic that just a day after the marathon the weather is miserably wet!

ACHOOO! Yesterday was also the day my allergies decided to show up.  I was sneezing every 10mins and blowing my nose until it was raw, but I had no reason to complain. I was not running the marathon and I was outside for the pure joy of cheering runners.

Motozo and I got up fairly early for a Sunday morning and took a quick taxi ride to the 8k marker. Unfortunately, we only got as close as 5k being that the roads were blocked for the race. We did a brisk walk down to 8k and my what a beautiful sight it was to see so many runners! Moto and I peeled our eyes to find our running members from Namban Rengo and we successfully spotted quite a lot.

The Germans were very easy to spot with their yellow Namban jerseys. Christiane and Joachim visited from China for the 2nd year in a row for the race!

Joachim, the sweetheart ran across (off the running course) the street to give us a formal greeting. We felt special! 🙂

We happened to be on the opposite side of the road from the running course so I couldn’t get very good close ups of everyone and I really wished I brought the larger camera lenses. After we saw a good 10 or so members, we made our way down to the 20-25k area down in Shinagawa. The lovely thing about Tokyo Marathon is that its a great course for spectators to easily walk to different areas to see the runners multiple times.

Along our way we bumped into friends.

Their daughter Anzu was especially doing a great job cheering.

We pushed our way through the crowds of crowds of people until we managed to find a reasonable good spot to view the runners and take photos. One by one Namban Rengo members ran by and we shouted their names, hooped and hollered hoping it would give them energy to run. Everyone still looked reasonably fresh half way into the marathon.


Jay, finishing time 3:03 (fastest Nambaner!)

Keren, 3:18 PB. Blowing me or the camera a kiss.

There were lots of people in lovely costumes!

Kylie and Mary. Happy and looking strong.

We saw loads of Nambaners, but for the sake of keeping this post semi interesting (I know my family isn’t that interested in seeing photos of strangers run ha) I’ll keep the photos to a minimum.

From Shinagawa we walked to Ginza. At this point we knew the runners would be hurting at 34-35k. Only 8k more for them to run, but this is usually the time where runners “hit the wall” with legs cramping up, fatigue, and the mental battle to keep moving forward.

Alex still looked pretty fresh though. Amazing finishing time of 3:13!

Mika, another still genki runner. 3:23

Andrew. I don’t remember his time, but I think he got a personal best (PB) as well.

Colin, 3:28

Kylie, a little disoriented. She could hear us shouting her name, but couldn’t spot us immediately. This was her first marathon and she ran wonderfully!

Mary was hurting and I knew she was disappointed with her pace slowing down. We cheered her on the best we could, and I was relieved she had Natalie as company.

Christiane & Joachim, focused and in the groove.

There were still many more Nambaners I didn’t see, but unfortunately I was in a time crunch and wanted to get home to do a run myself before the party in the evening.

I felt so inspired during my run that afternoon that  I decided I want to run the race next year. Presuming I deliver as scheduled in the beginning of August and I recover well, I can start training from mid October which will give me almost 4 months of marathon training. I won’t expect any great race time, but I totally have the racing bug and want to run for the sake of running it! Fingers crossed that it’ll work out! Moto already agreed he’ll watch the kid so I can do long runs on the weekend and we’ll hire a nanny for the weekdays 🙂 Yay, I’m excited and looking forward to it already!

The after party was lots of fun. Runners retold their experience of the race while drinking copious amounts of beer.

A big KAMPAI to all the runners! You guys were all amazing!

To next year! I hope the weather is good!


5 thoughts on “Tokyo Marathon 2011

  1. randomgoods says:

    Meg you’re looking wonderful, actually our little jog in the Hotel has inspired me to start up jogging again :D.
    I’ll even get up early in the morning to get the jog in, as thats when I have the most energy.
    I hope everything goes well with your baby schedule, so you can go right back into running.

  2. You’re too kind Nina 🙂

    Thats awesome! That’s great that you’re running. Make sure you have proper shoes though or your knee will do you in again. Keep it up!

  3. lil says:

    omg I hate to say it but you have THE GLOW!!! You look so beautiful. The running atmosphere must be the trick lol. So interesting seeing these guys trying to beat their personal best and such. Its cool seeing this type of thing as I sit for most of the day hehe. it’s like I’m working out myself (lol)
    hope you can make it next year if all goes as planned.

  4. I’m blushing, although I have no idea what you’re talking about with the “glow”! I actually contemplated whether or not I even wanted to post those photos of me because all I see is a face getting rounder and rounder :S.
    But I guess that is technically the “glow” that you mentioned. I read that the face gets fuller and facial glands secret more oil thus producing some “glow” people mention. I really do not see it and still am in this “I don’t want anyone to see me.” mode, but thank you still.

  5. Phil says:

    I wonder if i could ever run a 3-hour marathon. Nah….

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