Mondays Eats

I feel this blog is lacking recently in food photos. Let me change all that by going through what I had yesterday 🙂

Breakfast was the usual green smoothie (& black coffee). I’ve been enjoying my smoothies lately in a big bowl and a little spoon. I make it extra creamier by cutting back on the water I add and adding hemp protein which helps thicken it up.

In the mix: spinach, banana, kiwi, lemon juice, spirulina powder, maca powder, chia seeds, & hemp protein powder.

Lunch was a fun tasting plate.  I’m low on fresh green veggies, so I defrosted some green beans and heated them lightly in the microwave, seasoned with salt/pepper and drizzle of sesame oil. Diced pineapple, olives, carrot sticks and sunflower butter for dipping the carrots in.

And  side of pretzels. Not the healthiest, but they sure make my tummy happy 🙂

MMM….sunflower butter! I can’t believe I forgot I still had some left until I dug around the fridge yesterday and was pleasant surprised to find it. It tasted great with the carrots!

A very fun lunch indeed!

In the afternoon I got my baking on. It was a friend’s birthday and since I was making a trip down to her work (in a gym) to take a pilates class I figured I’d surprise her with some cupcakes.

Who doesn’t love chocolate cupcakes?!

I’m lazy and never make frosting or whip cream, but tried my best to make the cupcakes look semi festive with shredded coconut on top. They look great pre baked.

humm…..unfortunately, they look a little disappointing out of the oven. But taste is everything right? I had a small one for snack and mmmmm so soft, moist and chocolaty!

I haven’t heard back from the birthday girl though so…..I can’t say they were a success just yet. :S

The pilates class in the evening was very interesting.  My good friend is an awesome pilates teacher, certified also in prenatal/postnatal pilates.   I’ve learned a couple of things last night 1. Laying on my stomach is no longer comfortable. 2. I seriously can’t do the kegels and engage my core at the same time. Pilates is wonderful for pregnant women! We can accomplish 2 very important things; strengthening the core area and do our kegel exercises. I definitely need more practice to manage doing them both together though.

The hour pilates class flew by and although it wasn’t a huff and puff exercise I was strangely SOOO tired and hungry afterward.

I had something yummy to munch on though. Cherie, friend and pilates instructor, was so kind to bring me back vegan cookies from her recent trip to the states! I had one cookie on my walk back home and OMG out-of-the-world delicious! It was so good I was amazed I had the will power to stop at one cookie. I really want these to last as long as possible! They are AMAZING!

Dinner was a quick stir fry. I’m trying to stay away from extra complex carbs in the evening in an attempt to slow my weight gain down.  I also sleep much better after a lighter meal.  I fried some konyaku “noodles” up with broccoli, red & yellow paprika, and chickpeas, seasoned lightly with soy sauce and sesame seeds. The konyaku noodles were great! They resemble noodles but without the load of calories that I really don’t need in the evening.

Dessert was a juicy pink grapefruit shared with hubby while watching Dexter. We seriously are addicted to Dexter. When I told a friend this the other day she freaked out and said it’s not a good idea for me to be watching a show about a serial killer while pregnant, God forbid it affects my child ha! That gave me a great laugh!

Pregnant ladies/mothers did you avoid watching certain movies/tv shows during pregnancy so that it doesn’t “affect” the child? I find it kind of ridiculous, but then again….listening to classical music during pregnancy is supposed to be healthy for the baby, so maybe watching something bloody/violent is not that healthy?

You’ll still find me watching Dexter tonight though 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mondays Eats

  1. lil says:

    hehe love dexter too, watched all of them, pregnant and not. (pretty ridiculous to think you can’t, after all the restraints placed on pg women, to come up with that?!! blasphemy!!)
    Forget the classical music too lol. Those cupcakes look delicious, and the stir fry konyaku noodles look awesome too. I wish we had konyaku noodles readily here.

  2. randomgoods says:

    Now Dexter is starting to look really interesting! That is crazy though, trying to stop you from watching something least it affect the baby…amazing. Your lunch looks so yummy! and you have to have the pretzels, I haven’t had those in 500 years.
    Your muffins look great 😉 I bet they tasted pretty good to. I miss konyaku noodles! just cooking them with soy sauce…sigh

  3. Mia says:

    The only ppl who said that to me about `scary movies harming baby` were MEN! I like classical music and occasionaly listen to it, Aislinn moved alot in my tummy so it was easy to tell with her that she liked it and still does even now. She`d also kick, really hard too, at the sudden scary sounds in movies (or ppls sudden voices or laughs) I think that`s where that idea comes from.
    After this post, I really want a konyaku vinegar salad right now!

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