Month 1-4 Progression

I didn’t think I would take photos and I don’t know if I will continue, but here goes…….

Month 1 (5 weeks to be exact). No physical changes other than uber sore boobs and shock from finding out I’m pregnant.

Month 2 Sorry, bathroom photo.

Month 3 (13 weeks I think) Sorry, dark photo.

Month 4 Right after a run so I’m bit sweaty.

It probably doesn’t show it, but I do FEEL like I’ve become a huge whale already. I’ve put on a few kilos, but I think it’s mainly all in the thighs/buttocks/face…not so much around the belly. Although, last week at my yoga class one student said “Your stomach and boobs are bigger.” of course to me that sounds like “You’re getting fatter!” Argh, this isn’t easy for me and I’m only 4 months into this journey! As of tomorrow, I’m officially 4 months (18 weeks) and every day I wish I was a day older. I just can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over. SO far……still not enjoying this in the least bit and I don’t understand when mothers tell me they loved being pregnant, I really don’t understand!

Who am I kidding though, at the end of the day, everything and everyone only care whether the baby is happy and healthy, so this may be just falling on deaf ears. Let me tell you though, I know I will never say some things now to new expectant mothers. Simple things like “How Exciting!” or ” What a special time for you!”  can easily be misread and taken the wrong way. A simple Congratulations and assuring the pregnant women that everything is going to be ok is probably the safest thing to say. I never again will automatically assume that the pregnant women is happy, although she very well may be, but you never know….our emotions change from one day to the next so its better to be on the safe side.

Question: How come all the pregnancy books say the endless trips to the bathroom become less frequent in the 2nd trimester!? That certainly isn’t the case for me. If anything, I’m waking up more frequently through the night and yesterday during my run I had to stop 3 (!) times in an hour! Thank God for public bathrooms. I can not imagine how its going to be in the 3nd trimester!

Kind request: If you’re male or a non pregnant/mother female then please don’t give any advice (unless I ask you) no matter how well your intentions are! Perhaps my husband will be more receptive to your “words of wisdom” but what I hear/see is someone who never experienced pregnancy first hand so really, you aren’t in any position to tell us what you think is best.

2 days ago a well-intentioned father got on my case for still drinking coffee. “Megu, you aren’t suppose to be drinking coffee!!!!!!!!!!!! And um….are you exercising? You should be!!!!!”  Please put a sock in it!

I was horrified when I read a comment my pregnant friend got on facebook. My friend is in her 3rd trimester and looks gorgeous! The comment was “You’re so chubby and cute!” Ok, cute is fine….but chubby!? People really need to be more sensitive because that sort of comment can be horrifying for someone who already feels completely out of her body! And she, by the way, is no where near chubby!

Sorry, I have to rant every now and then.

But thank you everyone who has been so nice and supportive. Last week I had many kind wishes and words from running club member friends and I really do appreciate everyone’s kindness.


10 thoughts on “Month 1-4 Progression

  1. lil says:

    awww you’re so cute and chubby LOLOL – not. If anything You can’t really tell much change. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, just saying like it is. The comments can really get to you, but you can let it roll off, since generally people are well intentioned and just want the best for both of you. It’s just like ppl wishing you a good morning even though the morning can be complete hell, they’re not going to say hellish morning to you lol.
    You’ll get used to the tsktsks and nods of head of approval if you do something right etc. Yesterday I booked into a fancy restuarant for my birthday and it has a wine thing attached and the lady on the end goes, I don’t think this enviroment is good for the baby since there’s lots of wine flowing. I just said yeah it’s fine, she’s 7 months old LOL (like that means anything lol) Ppl will judge every little thing so best to build a steel cage around your ears…and baby! Because they also want to pick them up and breathe their germs!!!

    Don’t worry about the getting big part, you lose oh so many cals when/if you breastfeed and if you are regularly exerising like you it will just all shrink into place.

  2. randomgoods says:

    amen! hehe, I have nothing really to say about this as I am not preggers

  3. Jan says:

    Yeah, I think you’ll definitely get back into shape before the year has ended. At least that’s my goal, however, I’m not so faithful to exercise like you are, and I didn’t start out being a fit ol’ person with a sexy body and a nice tight ass like you have! haha! You’ll definitely beat me to it!

    PS. Thanks for the call the other day! You’re wonderful! And don’t feel bad about not enjoying pregnancy. I bet the majority of pregnant women (even those who desperately wanted to get pregnant) don’t really really enjoy being pregnant.

  4. Mia says:

    I think you look very fit!
    When you start feeling baby move its easier to start `falling in-love` with baby… but not everyone gets that. Motherhood is definitely SO much better.

  5. Yeah, steel cage around my ears and baby.I’ll do that 🙂
    I decide I’m only going to take the advice I like and discard the rest ha.

    I can’t believe that women said that to you! What she really means to say is “I hope your child isn’t a crier as that might disturb the other guest.” The nerve she has!

  6. Don’t worry Jan, its not in a competition to see who gets in shape faster haha. I’m choosing to not get my hopes up on the weight loss. I don’t want to expect the weight to fall off even though everyone tells me it will. You just never know for sure. Suddenly my metabolism might change etc.

  7. Yeah, I’m hoping I’ll feel something warmer when I start to feel it move.

  8. Jewel says:

    Ah Meg! I’m so glad Jan has a link to your blog on hers! So much yummy looking food it makes me HAPPY!!!
    I TOTALLY understand how you feel! I have had a ROCKY pregnancy too! The first seemed like a vacation compared to this one! But you seem to be doing so much better than I did! My first trimester not only did I lose weight (which is normal, and nothing to worry about) because I didn’t eat, I was almost bedridden because I was sick ALL the time! So I didn’t start exercising again until month 5 (which is when morning sickness finally wore off.
    I don’t mean to ramble … my point is … that I know its tough, and I don’t mean to scare you … but it gets worse before it gets better. … And you are doing SO MUCH better than I am! You are eating healthy, exercising … you should be so proud of yourself! You put me to shame (no matter how helpless I was about not being able to eat and exercise). I know ur gonna do great and ur baby is gonna be ADORABLE! Ganbatte! Ouenshiteruyo!!!

  9. How far along are you Jewel?

  10. Jewel says:

    I’m 32 weeks … just 2 more months to go!!!! Do you know if your having a boy or girl yet?

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