Sherry’s Visit

Quite  a few people told me recently that this year the pollen is especially bad (like they say every year) and kafunsho is expected to be worse. I’ve been brushing it off thinking it’ll be just like usual, but now that I’ve been up from 3AM due to my allergies, I’m starting to think the rumor is true.  Rather than keeping Motozo awake by continually sneezing and blowing my nose, I figure I might as well get out of bed and organize the photos I took this weekend.

YAY! Sherry’s visit to Tokyo was a fun one! She was a lovely breath of fresh air and energy.  I especially appreciated having Sherry’s company as Motozo was away skiing for the weekend(hump, pregnant lady isn’t suppose to do any sports that might put her at risk of falling :(). Without Sherry I totally would have felt sorry for myself through out the weekend, but we had a blast together and I never once wished I was skiing instead.

For lunch we went to the nearest vegan cafe and we ooed and ahhed at Pure Cafe’s lentil soup and vegetable sandwich.

We had an hour or two to kill before yoga so we got cracking in the kitchen. We had dessert on our minds and wanted to get a head start on our evening dessert. I love having Sherry over because she’s just as into cooking as I am and she so willingly does all the hard work 🙂

hmm….what could it be?

Putting on the final touches, shredded coconuts.

And now all we need to do is plop them in the freezer and enjoy when we get back in the evening! So easy and fast! We threw this together in less than 10 minutes! We followed this recipe.

And off we went to yoga. Today was special for me with Sherry joining my class! I felt honored!

First up, belly shot in the changing room. Today I  felt like I “popped out” a little more and a student even commented that I’m definitely “showing” more this weekend than last. I certainly felt more pregnant today as poses that I could normally do just yesterday was harder. I felt my stomach was in the way for forward bends etc.

Sherry was a champ! She breezed through the class and was an excellent student! I was pretty tough on her for the first 30minutes making sure she had the right alignment and by the end of 90mins I was so proud of her!

She said the class was really relaxing and the final pose, Savasana made her sleepy, but that wasn’t going to stop her from sight-seeing, so we quickly refueled at Starbucks and off we went to Roppongi.

Sherry never walked through Roppongi and wanted to see what it’s like. No way was I going to bring my 16-year-old sister to some bar/club, but walking around I agreed to. If you’re interested in going to Roppongi again Sherry, I’ll take you out when you turn 18 hehe.

I haven’t figured out the right setting for night shots, but I like how this photo turned out.

We walked down the main drag and I realized there really isn’t much to “see” in Roppongi. So we headed over to Mid-Town. Also not much to see, but she can now say she went there heh.

We turned to mush along the way at this pet shop. I wish I could buy all the animals there so they don’t have to stay in these tiny glass cages! This pup was to die for adorable!

After walking around Mid-town for a bit, our stomachs started growling, so we made our way back to Roppongi Hills. Sherry was in the mood for bread, so Pantry was the first place that popped into mind. The seats/tables are uncomfortable, but I like how I can choose the vegetables. I got a veggie wrap and a side salad.

Sherry got some ham/cheese sandwich with fries.

After dinner we rushed home, got into our PJ’s, and got ourselves nice and comfy on the sofa to watch a movie while enjoying our homemade dessert. mmmm…they were delicious!

I also had some left over chocolate cupcakes I made earlier this week. Unfortunately, they really stuck to the pan and got all crumbly, but who cares so long as they taste good 🙂

Total chocolate monster!

We did more chatting and catching up than actually watching the movie. Nothing like chatting for hours with a sister! 🙂

Now its 5AM and I think I should attempt this thing called SLEEP.  I wish the sneezing would stop for at least a couple of hours….:(


5 thoughts on “Sherry’s Visit

  1. lil says:

    ohh I love the pics of shebs, she’s adorable xxxx!!! so cute how she took your class. Your belly is so cute, just want to touch it lol. (That’s another thing you will be annoyed with..ppl wanting to rub your belly!!) One of these days we’ll sneak shebs in a serious club to dance the night away LOL. nice foods and the chocolate desserts look good, it’s true, when I was over for christmas shebs did all the nasty kitchen work like cutting the onions 😀 She’s the best.

  2. randomgoods says:

    I miss Shebs! She’s a great ball of good energy, esp when you need a boost like that.
    Those mini cakes look DELISH! I think I’m going to try them out with Phil. I’ve been wanting to make more and more things that aren’t too complicated but still taste great. That site is a great place to get recipes.
    dang, i miss shebs

  3. Phil says:

    yeah im like getting all into cooking now, as long as it’s simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients or energy. those frosty no-bake glo cakes do look great, if substituting stuff is fine.

  4. Yeah, play around with different ingredients. Let me know how they turn out.

  5. sherry says:

    aah it was so much fun! im totally gonna show jenny the recepies!

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