Nature Walk

Thanks Lil and Liene for your words of kindness from the last post.  I too hope I can come to terms with the changes especially being that things will only continue to change and I may have more physical limitations in the coming months.

Liene, your reminder that it isn’t going to last forever is perfectly what I need to constantly be telling myself. It’ll be over eventually 🙂

So one of things that come up yesterday was anxiety over having to be healthy, watch my weight, do what is good for the baby etc. I’m dreading my up coming check up in a week because I’m worried they will mention I’ve gained too much in only 4.5 months :S I know I shouldn’t be so concerned about this, but Japan is known for being very strict on how much women should and shouldn’t gain. I was told earlier in my pregnancy that if I gained 12kilos that would be considered WAY overweight and 9-10 is really the limit. I got the feeling that the doctors would actually be quite proud of me if I gained less than that.

Anyway, the intense worry that I’ll be re-primed has basically done a reverse psychology on me. For the pass few days I’ve been dreading any forms of exercise, especially running, and don’t have my usual appetite for “healthy” food.  I haven’t run in the pass 3 days (that’s a long time for me not to run!) and basically have no motivation or desire to do what I usually enjoy doing.

So the goal today was to do something totally different. Instead of forcing myself to run, even though I know fully well that it would make me feel great afterward, I choose to take a long walk with my camera instead.  The point was to get exercise in a way that felt the least like exercise.

First of all, I have to show my new salad spinner that I LOVE! I threw together a salad so quick with the help of this thing!

I didn’t actually feel like having a salad, but I need to eat at least one healthy meal in the day. God knows I’ll only feel more guilty tomorrow if I don’t. This is so unusual of me to not want vegetables and fruits! I blame it on my moody self which I guess I should just call depression, because that’s what I’m going through. No use hiding that fact.

I laced up in my running shoes, grabbed my stopwatch and camera and heading out the door in the late afternoon. The idea was to look for nice things to photograph and keep moving for at least an hour. I ended up walking briskly for 1.5 hours and being outside for a total of 2 hours. Like I do when I run, I stopped my watch every time I stopped to take a photo, bathroom, and stop lights etc. I always only count the time that I’m actually moving.

I found some beautiful delights!

I found quite a few sakura trees already starting to blossom! I felt as if I found gold! These babies will be gone in a matter of days!

I love ume flowers vibrant colors!

Rare white blossoms.

I love these! I don’t know why, but they remind me of cinnamon rolls all close together. hehe

I throughly enjoyed the walk. I didn’t feel the usual “high” I get from running, but being outside in the sun made a difference and I’m feeling much better. I now feel a little more motivated to run……perhaps tomorrow. I’ll see. I’m just going to take each day as it comes and try not to put too much pressure on myself to do what I feel I “have” to do.

Now I’m hungry and I actually feel like having an apple instead of cookies! JOY! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Nature Walk

  1. lil says:

    beautiful pictues and good for yuo for taking action to change it up, i’d be in my pillow with tears and self pity. You will be an excellent mom with realistic views and healthy habits! def don’t be so hard on yourself, in the end the only judge is yourself. I’m not a shining example but I gained 16kg and am back to my prepreg weight now. Thats with zero attention to eating habits and excersize. So i’m sure you’ll be just fine. Take it easy, feel good about satisfying your cravings and hunger and don’t ever feel guilty, otherwise it defeats the purpose of enjoyment. Enjoy as much as possible. You will always getback into shape and your eating habits and cravings will def return to normal. If you were a fat slob that sat on the couch all day every day Id be worried…but you’re quite the opposite so relax and trust your body won’t go too nuts. There’s only so much that can happen in 5 months lol.

  2. Liene says:

    Believe it or not I never really liked to be pregnant too, especially in Japan.
    I was told that I gained too much weight after 3 months and I just told them that I am eating healthy and if I the doctor plans to point out about my weight gain every time then I will consider changing doctors. It actually worked! They probably thought- another crazy foreigner, but never said another word to me about my weight!
    And I gained about 14 kg the first time and 12,5 second and was back to my pre-pregnancy within few months no dieting and no worries!
    SO do not worry about your weight, you eat healthy and that is all what matters!
    I am sure there are many more better weather days to come to go out and have good time, take pictures, walk!
    Take it easy!

  3. randomgoods says:

    some really nice pics there. I really miss sakuras already :p.
    Yea Im not too worried about you gaining tons, and with your healthy schedule now, being a yoga teacher and all.
    I know why those plants remind you of cinnamon rolls! They have white tops!yum yum…now i want to make some of those haha.

  4. Mia says:

    Hospitals will freak out too if you`re under 9kgs. I always feel it`s better to be on the safe side and be over than under for the sake of a healthy baby, but each person`s body is different. With Raiden I gained 17 over, yup, my baby books are circled in RED around my weight. By about the 6th or 8th month I`m actually eating more to slow down the weight loss, I think it has something to do with breastfeeding.
    You`ve always been thin, and I doubt you`ll have any problems losing afterwards. Alot depends on your genes, and look at your Mom, she still looks good. You prob. don`t notice it anymore now that you`re married but I bet you still get guys checking you out EVEN now that you`re preggo. Next time you go walking about town with Moto, ask him; husbands usually notice it better than we do.
    One other thing that helped me enjoy my pregnancy better was, may sound weird, Hug my tummy and picture rocking baby to sleep.

  5. Jan says:

    Meg, don’t worry about the weight rules in Japan. You and your husband are both foreignors, thus expect to gain over 9 kg. I don’t think you have to worry if you are continuing to eat your healthy organic foods and whatnot. Also, don’t worry about eating unhealthy food from time to time, because when you’re pregnant…sometimes…that’s JUST what you have to eat! Hahaha! Course the books NEVER say that, but I think it’s a health rule to follow so you don’t struggle with the constant thought of having to eat healthy.
    Everytime I’ve been to the doctor or midwife they say “watch your weight” out of procedure. After a while I asked them, am I overweight or something?? and they said, “No, you’re perfectly fine and doing good. … Just watch your weight.” Blah…whatever! I’m not going to panic about it. I’m 55kg now and I’ve got 3 more months to go before I start breastfeeding and get my life sucked out of me.

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