Vegan Cranberry Almond Cookies

This morning while I was riding my bike to the yoga studio I had a “AHA!” moment. It’s funny how I tend to be so encouraging to others and especially in my yoga class I always emphasis listening to your body and respecting it. But when it comes to really being able to apply what I believe on myself….well, its hard. I realized that has got to change. I want to be a good yoga teacher so I really should make a conscious effort every single day to treat myself with the same respect and care that a mother would care for her child. AHA! That’s it, I should treat myself as I hope to treat my child with utmost love.

I think as humans its easy to get hard on ourselves, but if we take a step back and think “Would I be so hard on my friend, child, loved one etc?” The answer would most likely be no don’t you think?

So that was my motto for the day, to treat myself with utmost love and care. 🙂 I declare today as the offical Love Yourself Day! 🙂

With that thought in mind, I baked cookies today. Motozo hosted a poker night at our place and I decided I wanted to make dessert for everyone. I actually wanted to make some vegan burgers and make a huge spread, but I got carried away cleaning the house for almost 3 hours that I only had time to make cookies. Priorities people! To hell with the burgers, cookies are more important.

Thank you Joe for the fabulous recipe! These cookies turned out great! The original recipe called for cherries, but I substituted with cranberries since that’s what I had on hand.

I loved how these cookies were full of cranberries and almonds that I was able to taste in every bite.  They were fluffy, soft, but with just the right amount of crunch and chew. Totally my type of cookie!

One of the poker buddies’ wife is also my friend, so she came by with her kid and when she tasted the cookies she initially thought they were store-bought. They were a big hit with everyone, even with this happy munchkin.

It was lovely having Tamiko over. We chatted about pregnancy, babies, and other girl talk. Sometimes all I need is some female company (and cookies) to assure me that my crazy emotions are normal 🙂 She told me stories of her “emotional moments” during her pregnancy and sympathized with the physical discomforts  of getting larger and larger.

And now I’m going to take Mia’s advice to hug my belly and imagine I’m rocking the baby the sleep 🙂

Sweet dreams everyone!


8 thoughts on “Vegan Cranberry Almond Cookies

  1. Mia says:

    You couldn`t be more true about being harder on oneself than others. I just realized from your post I do this all the time! and to what point? Everything I get done today, I`m going to stand back and say, “That`s a job well done!” (heehee, don`t have much to do today.) Thanks, Meg, for that insight.

  2. randomgoods says:

    oh yumminess! Those cookies look delicious.
    And it’s so true, we so easily put ourselves down, and then wonder why we’re in the doldrums…
    I’ll try you’re Aha, and enjoy my accomplishments rather then nitpick them.

  3. Cha says:

    HEY MEG!! me and joe cannot get in contact with ANYONE other than my parents. and they can’t get in contact with yours! so..we are really worried! please let us know how everything is…

  4. Hey Cha,

    I thought I added Joey to the emails Lils and I have been exchanging.
    My family doesn’t have electricity. At least thats what I heard last. they are running off generators so thats probably why no one can get in touch with them. Most importantly everyone is fine.
    Thanks for your concern.

  5. Cha says:

    oh okay!! I guess Joe never thought to check his mail!! we will be sure to read them! Glad to hear everything is alright!

  6. randomgoods says:

    I tried making the cookies, they turned out great, but they didn’t have the rough top and cracks like I had hoped, instead they all had a smooth dome like surface. Ah well, they taste great and I managed to make them just fine, thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. Oh, cool! Did you make them vegan? Pictures!

  8. randomgoods says:

    I made them as vegan as my ingredients, I added an egg, and used powdered milk….
    no pictures, hehe they were eaten as soon as they were pulled out of the oven, no joke. Instead of almonds and cherries, I used peanuts and raisins as thats what we had on hand, hehe.

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