Earthquake/Tsunami Devestation

I’ve been neglecting this blog. I didn’t feel like updating on the recent horrible events. It’s no news to everyone though the crisis Japan is in now after the earthquake and tsunami.

Were still feeling occasional after shocks and today there was another quake (and a 70% chance of another one happening today!)

Going back to the day of the quake March 11th (my mums 50th birthday!) I was feeling exceptionally great. I even started talking to my belly (felt a little ridiculous) in an attempt to get a little bonding action on with the baby. Motozo called around noon to ask if I wanted to go out for a nice dinner together since he was leaving the next day for a week-long business trip to the US.  I was excited and looking forward to him coming home early and a couple hours later the quake started. It wouldn’t stop for the longest time and I immediately went to the dining/living  since I figured that was the safest room with nothing really to fall over.  My first thought that came to mind was concern for Motozo.  His office is up on the 24th floor with loads of glass and huge buildings all around. I kept thinking “Damn, I wish I told him I loved him when he called!”

When the quake finally settled I immediately tried to call Moto, but the phone service was down. I pinged him an email and turned the TV on. Total chaos and panic on the screen! Nothing describes the emotions that welled up seeing the tsunami flood over rice fields carrying debris and only inches away from cars trying to escape. I certainly felt I had nothing to complain about. I was in the safety of my home, nothing broken (only a couple of mirrors and picture frames fell),  and I got a reply from Motozo assuring me that he was fine.

The rest of the day was spent cooped up in the house. I considered leaving, but email/facebook was the only means of contacting people.  Aftershock after aftershock continued and I started feeling motion sick enough to force me to lay down. I Eventually had to turn off the TV because the reporters panicky voice started stressing me out as well.

I tried contacting my parents, with no luck and read the whereabouts of friends from facebook. My poor friend was stuck in Odaiba overnight and another friend had to spend the night at her school since all trains stopped, heavy traffic, and their homes were too far for walking back to.

Walk is what Motozo did to get back home.  He looked exhausted and was starving after his 1.5 hours walk. A lot of our runner friends ran home, some even 30k!  Moto surprised me by being actually more concerned about his business trip. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get to the airport in the morning or whether his flight would be canceled etc.  Around 11pm he remembered he still had his bike left at the station and he might as well go pick it up now and use a public phone to call the airline to maybe find out about his flight. Turns out his bike was stolen! But the robber kindly left the lock in one piece. BUGGER! I guess it’s not surprising…..people had no way of getting back home and stealing a bike to get back is probably what I’d do too if I lived far away.

Long story short, Motozo made his flight the next morning and my parents contacted me telling me they were fine (although without any electricity) I’ve been spending most of my time watching the news, keeping up with facebook (amazingly it has been a very resourceful with friends translating the news etc), calling parents and trying to stay sane with running and yoga.

The news keeps getting worse and worse with nuclear power plants exploding, timed blackouts all around Japan, and the worry that radio-active material might blow closer to Tokyo, in which case, going outside wouldn’t be recommended. Stores are almost completely bare with thousand stocking up (I was one of them people) on food/water. I can only suspect that it’ll continue to get worse, but Tokyo is still in far better conditions than the other places that got hit harder with the quake and tsunami. Running through Omotesando today most stores were closed and everyone was talking to each other about the terrible situation.

I could go on and on about this, but it’s really sad, so let me talk about food.  I know so many people now don’t even have homes, much less proper food, so I’m really sorry if this is inappropriate!

Yesterday I cooked for a little therapy. I didn’t even feel like having anything sweet or eating much for that matter, but I really wanted to focus on something other than the news for a couple of minutes, so I made a simple raw dessert.

Coconut Lemon Pie

It was very easy to put together, but I was a little disappointed with the end results. In my opinion it had too much vanilla extract and lemon zest. I followed the recipe from Pure2raw and I’m wondering if perhaps they made a measurement mistake when typing up the recipe.  Although, with that being said, it tasted better today than last night. I have to put a little more sweetener (agave nectar) on it to hide the vanilla and lemon zest taste, but you bet I won’t waste one piece of this. I definitely want to make this again with some tweaks to it.

As I finished typing this I just got a few emails saying that some friends are considering bee-lining out of Tokyo. humm….I’m getting concerned.

Be safe everyone! When all this is over a big HUG is in order!


10 thoughts on “Earthquake/Tsunami Devestation

  1. lil says:

    oh my must be soo stressing being in the actual situation. I’m already stressing out just not seeing parents on skype, today I talked to dad and he was telling me how the all the supermarkets are emptied, and it’s just a strange atmopshere, with no signal lights working etc. I’m so worried for you all! Be safe! I wish Motozo could just stay with you incase anything happens!! Update your skype if possible so I can see you online!!!

  2. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!! I hope better news starts coming everyone’s way that was affected.

    Glad you enjoyed the raw dessert. In terms of the vanilla, as we stated on the recipe, we use a sugar-free alcohol free vanilla extract so the flavor is less intense than most vanilla. So yes please adjust accordingly. For the lemon flavor, I guess that comes down to personal preference. This was meant to be not a sweet dessert, more tart, because we are not allowed sugar due to our candida.

    Again keeping everyone in our prayers!
    Pure2raw twins

  3. randomgoods says:

    god that is so freaky, supermarkets empty! I really hope the parents are stocked up. I bet it would be so scary to be in the situation, and a hell of a lot more stressing.
    Please be safe Meg.

  4. Hana says:

    Really glad you’re safe. It’s seriously heartbreaking watching the news. I feel like I should be there going through it all.

  5. lil says:

    meg I tried calling you today 😦 can’t get rhough, I got the present! Thank you!! It’s beautiful, and the card is so cute. Thanks so much.
    I was thinking you should go to dad and moms, I’m going to try and reach you again today and hopefully it gets through.

  6. Thank you for your comment!
    Yes, you’re right, the flavor wouldn’t be so intense if I used an alcohol free vanilla extract. I must look for that!
    I do like the non sweet factor. It feels like I’m eating a nice treat, but I can stop at one piece and leave the rest for another day. Usually I’d probably want 2 pieces hehe.

  7. wherewander says:

    good to know you are safe …

  8. randomgoods says:

    Meg, you really should go to the parents for a while, at least till the radiation is kept under control. I’m super worried for you guys!! They said it’s leaking all the way down to Tokyo!!
    Tell me how you’re doing!

  9. Liene says:

    Meg, I have been thinking about you, With all the crazy things in Tokyo, are you still here?
    Please take care.
    I hope you and all your family is safe!

  10. Mia says:

    Oh Meg, I`m so glad you`re ok! i tried calling you early when most the phones all over the country were still down. And after we`ve been moving around getting further away from the plant. I can`t believe Moto left you during this time. Don`t go running in the rain ok, just in case. Really don`t know what to believe about the radiation with Japan saying its safe and other countries saying its not. I`m really worried about you being by yourself. If you ever need anything at all, call me ok. Stay safe!

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