Any Advice?

Hi everyone,

I hope this finds you all well.

Motozo arrived in HK 2 days ago and it was quite lovely to finally be with him! Just hearing him snore breath loudly next to me during the night has been very comforting. Were staying at a very convenient location just a couple of minutes walk away from Motozo’s office, lots of restaurants, and shops, so we’re quite happy with that.

Every day we watch the news and discuss what were going to do or more like, Motozo continually tries to reassure me that the situation in Japan is improving and I keep pointing out things that have not been improving. A friend asked me recently what my plan was in the long-term. He pointed out that 4.5 months of pregnancy is still quite awhile and the situation in Japan is going to take a long time to rectify, so what were my plans during my pregnancy.

Answer is I have no idea!

Motozo and I both really want to go back home, but I do have concern, fear, apprehension about the safety. Yes, we live in Tokyo, yes, its miles away from Fukushima etc, but lets not forget that the radiation levels in Tokyo have been rising(above normal levels) and falling. What do I do if it rains when we go back? How safe is it for me to leave home in that case?

I know they have connected power to the nuclear power plants and that’s a wonderful improvement, but what about the contaminated food now? Am I to avoid all green vegetables just to be on the safe side? How safe is it for me to drink water?

  I guess what I really want  to be told is that my fear is irrational and going back to Tokyo is safe.

I’m now researching like mad the effects of radiation during pregnancy etc. So far, what I’ve been reading have not been very comforting.  I also do not trust the Japanese media or government with their statistics.

Motozo has been called back to Tokyo this weekend and we have to make a decision in a day or two whether we will extend our stay in HK or go back early next week. 

What would you guys do in my situation?

6 thoughts on “Any Advice?

  1. lil says:

    It’s a very difficult decision! Specially being pregnant! From what I read (and we try to read the non hype, factual and informative stuff), the radiation levels are unsafe especially for children/babies. The doses at any level are magnified and today in the news (even australian news) it says that tokyo drinking water has been declared unsafe for infants! This is really not safe for a growing baby. And it;s really difficult to keep your child immersed only in bottled water (baths, quick rinses etc) ALso you’re right about the problem with veggies (at least the ones grown around there). On 1 hand it’s quite inconvenient to live away from home, on other hand, if you think about hte possible risks that can involve radiation and a baby’s long term or even short term (5 year health) it’s still quite bleak.

    Parents are slightly further away and they don’t have a choice really, so I’m not too worried for them, though I did tell them about the drinking water for kanon, but if you do have a choice and it’s just a major inconvenience I’d probably choose to stay in HK or move way out of tokyo. The japanese will always refuse to acknowledge that they messed up their country and will never openly admit or tell anyone that it’s hazardous. They want to avoid panic at all cost. It’s really difficult decision to make, but in the end, I’m sure even if you do go back to tokyo that you will most likely survive with just higher risks of getting some kind of disease but we all have a risk of some kind right? I would hate to be in your position right now 🙂

  2. Mia says:

    Did you read this one? Japan is working on getting imported foods and veggies but for now most ppl are staying clear of anything grown in north half. Gabe and I are trying to decide whether to stay together or me and the kids leave the country. I would stay out of Japan untill the situation stabilizes and clean greens are distributed evenly. It`s pretty scary here. They`ve advised pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to lower their intake of tapwater. Tough tough decision! I`m scared for my kids and really don`t know what to believe in the news or what would be the best for them.

  3. Meg says:

    Mia and Lil,

    Yes, I’ve heard the new news about the water being contaminated. The news was announced only a couple minutes after I posted on the blog and that really made me change my mind about going back. I was preparing myself mentally and emotionally about going back to Tokyo, but now i feel its too risky. Some resources are saying the water is still safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, but the radiation levels are, according to radiation sites I’ve been reading, high enough to present health risks to babies and a fetus.
    Mia, I really know how you feel! Maybe you should consider going down to Osaka or farther south. I’m considering that as well….might have to be separated from Motozo for a little bit to be farther away from the radiation. ;(

    I’m really stressed and I have a feeling I may be doing myself in by stress alone ha.
    I will keep you updated on what we decide.

    Motozo is eager to go back, but has agreed to stick it out here for a little longer considering the situation.

    Lil, thanks for contacting Mom and Dad. I’ve been so consumed with my own worry that I didn’t mail them. Kanon should definitely avoid drinking the water!

  4. Cha says:

    your luck to be able to be where you are. I know a lot of people who are trying to get out.
    so I’d suggest you wait it out a bit there. much safer for you and the baby. don’t wanna take ANY chances.
    a friend posted this link…

  5. wherewander says:

    I chose the safe side. If the radiation is really that bad, and you can never be sure, I´d stay as far away as I can. If you have the chance to stay there, take it.

  6. Liene says:

    I think that if you do not feel safe and worry about it, you should stay away.
    I personally do not worry that much, but then again we have no infants in our family, we try to do things we can do being here.
    And last night they said on the news that Tokyo radiation in water is back down, it is still higher than usual but in the norms that even infants can drink it.
    I know it must be stressful time for you now, but things will turn out fine. Hang in there!

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