21 Week Update

Its been awhile since I updated on the baby bump. Last week I made it to the half way point at 20 weeks (4 1/2 months). It felt like I crossed a huge mile stone! Finally, half way finished! Motozo called from the states (I was in Osaka at the time) to congratulate me and promised to celebrate when we see each other next. 

Unfortunately, my doctor’s appointment was the next day, but I had to cancel it because I wasn’t in Tokyo and was ready to fly out to HK a few days later. I was really hoping to find out the gender or at least get an update that everything was going well. Its been over a month since my last check up so I was eager to see the little bugger from the ultrasound.

So far the 2nd trimester has been relatively easy for me as far as symptoms go. There have been a few rough patches and discomforts, but for the most part everything is going smoothly. I have good energy, appetite is normal, craving the usual fruits/veggies etc, moods have been more stable most likely due to the fact that I’m preoccupied with the situation in Japan. 


I had to put running on hold since last week. For the last 2-3 weeks its been rather uncomfortable, but I’ve been forcing myself to power through the runs miserably. It’s really a big production in Tokyo because I’m pretty much strapped to running only in Yoyogi-park with all the public toilets so conveniently dotted around the park. Any other place and I’d be forced to run back home 10mins into my run. Everyone tells me my bladder is going to be more affected in the 3rd trimester and I have to say it’s quite upsetting. Its frustrating having to organize my entire day around toilets! For God sake, wasn’t I suppose to get a break at least in the 2nd tri? I’m not very lucky in this department. Anyway, in Osaka I only ran once and the 2nd time I attempted a run I ended up walking back to my hotel in tears only 15mins into the run. I basically realized my running days through pregnancy might be over. I was SO hoping to be one of those pregnant ladies who run through their pregnancy, but I’m afraid running doesn’t agree with my body any more. I cried, you bet I cried! Running is so important to me. I get a sense of identity from it and to suddenly not be able to run when I was perfectly capable of it only a few weeks back is a painful stab to my heart. I was resentful over the situation for about a day, but Motozo assured me he’d set me up with a bike on a trainer at home and in the mean time I can go to gyms to get my cardio in. I know I still have yoga and I can also do some toning exercise in the comfort of home/hotel. but I’m a total cardio addict and I want to keep my cardiovascular fitness so when I do get back into running it won’t be too painful. Gosh, I don’t even want to think about how hard it’s going to be to start running again after a long time off.

In HK I immediately signed up for a weeks membership at a nearby gym and I’ve done an hour of cardio every day since being here, so I’m feeling alright. I miss running and the cardio equipment (stationary bike/elliptical) is already pretty boring for me, but I’ll take anything at this point.

I finally felt the baby move earlier this week. I was getting a little concerned because according to all my books I should feel it move into the 4th month. I remember reading my sisters blog of her pregnancy and she seemed to have felt full on kicks at 19 weeks. I felt nothing at 19 weeks! The first time I felt it (sorry, it’s an “it” until I know the gender) move it was a nice surprise. I started getting into a routine in HK to spend a few minutes in the afternoon just relaxing on the bed with lots of pillows propped behind my back. I read or watch tv and that’s when I felt a little bubble like pop that was certainly not gas! I didn’t think I would become so emotional, but when I realized it was the baby after I felt a couple more movements….yeah, I got emotional. The reality of this thing growing in me finally hit and I suddenly felt a little more connected with it.  It was a wonderful moment for me. Ever since then I’ve noticed the baby’s movement throughout the day and it definitely is most active in the late afternoon. 

With the baby more real to me I’ve finally started getting interested in buying baby stuff ha. Almost everyday in HK I’ve been picking up different items here and there. Organic baby clothes, baby related books etc. I’m getting a little worried that I won’t be able to fit everything in my bag whenever we do go back to Japan, but Motozo being an absolute dear says we can never buy too much stuff for the baby, so if we need to we’ll just get another bag to fit everything in 🙂  This baby is going to be SOOO spoiled! 🙂

Other things I’ve been doing in HK is checking out all the organic stores and stocking up on items that are hard/impossible to find in Tokyo. HK is certainly easier as a vegan to live in! A lot of restaurants have a page or two full of vegetarian options and they understand if I tell them I’m vegan.

I’ve been looking for maternity clothes in HK, but for some reason I can’t find the stores that I’ve researched on-line. At this point I feel its not worth buying clothes unless it’s specifically maternity wear. I’m not willing to buy extra-large clothes because I know I’ll just end up looking frumpy. Ah, clothes…getting to be a bit of a delima. At least I can still wear my comfy lululemon pants. But today I managed to pick up 2 nice shoes for less than Y2000! I love HK! Shopping is so much fun here!

Today I took a prenatal yoga class, but I was a little disappointed with it. At this point though I’m pretty much just taking classes so I can learn what I would or wouldn’t do when I start teaching prenatal yoga. 

Oh, I don’t think I announced on here that I’m going to get certified to teach prenatal yoga. I signed up for a teacher training course at the end of May – beginning of June and I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

This is getting really long, so I’ll sign off here. I’ll try to update more often and will definitely keep everyone in the loop about our plans on whether we’ll go back to Tokyo or not. As of now, were staying in HK for probably another week. With the water and food contamination I’m hyper paranoid about going back, so Motozo is sticking it out here for me a little longer until we plan our next move.

Hope everyone is doing well despite everything.

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses.

PS. Sorry for the picture less posts. Although, I do have my little digital camera I failed to pack an adapter so I can’t upload photos until I get a hold of one.


4 thoughts on “21 Week Update

  1. lil says:

    ohhhh congratulations on the half way mark! So exciting, too bad the bladder department didn’t let up, but at least you have a gym and can get some type of cardio in and that you are safe over there! Your description of feeling with the first movements of “it” actually made me feel emotional! It’s amazing the rollercoaster ride that is pregnancy. I actually don’t remember when the first kicks were, but I remember it was later than usual since I have an anterior (outside facing placenta) so it’s cushioned so I think I started feeling at around 21 weeks. They get pretty intense (the movements) later on so enjoy these fluttery ones while you can ! LOL Isn’t that how it is with EVERYTHING!!

    So interesting HK sounds, it actually sounds perfect to stay haha, keep us updated on the antenatal yoga stuff and also all your checkups…is it still you finding out the sex and motozo not finding out? If so I don’t imagine you will let it out on this blog?! :O Stay safe and good to hear you’re waiting it out for a week for things to settle down atad bit more.

  2. randomgoods says:

    you live!!
    and by the sound of it not bad too! haha. I’m glad you found organic and vegan places. Phil and I were wondering how you were doing in that department.
    Oh I KNOW! the lack of public toilets are ALWAYS a problem for me since my bladder is the size of a peanut, it’s a constant problem whenever Phil and I are out somewhere.
    Ah but it’s good to hear from you.
    The baby moved!! WHEEE!! oh man, by the time I see you, you’ll either be carrying a baby, or near due date. It would be cool if we could meet up before you leave for Japan, when is that going to happen?

  3. wherewander says:

    Hey girl!! you are doing great!!!maybe you can try fast walking instead of running? and I love your spirits ! you are making good use of your time!! a yoga trainer!!! congrats!!! I wish you the very best!

  4. Liene says:

    Glad to hear you are safe and fine in HK!
    And congrats on your half-way pregnancy mark!
    The baby moving is one of the best things you experience in pregnancy.
    Talking about the maternity clothes- I made a big point of never buying any, coz it is just that short time you can wear them and also- Japan has really bad selection, so I might think different if I was somewhere else HA!
    My first pregnancy I literally spent in Hawaii with bikini and my husbands t-shirts and second in Tokyo I bought few tank tops and wore them with few overalls I bought but could wear before or after too. The downside is that I think I never want to wear overalls in my life again ( unless I be pregnant one more time):)
    WOW that you decided to get pre-natal yoga training. Great thing to do and I am sure will be useful for you and many people who you will teach.
    Things in Tokyo are getting more normal too, I was able to buy milk(I did not coz we mostly use soy), but till now milk was one of those things that was sold out in few hours. FOR water you still have to go to shop early, but we are filtering ours anyways and even though I know that it does not work for radiation, the levels are back to safe again so we really do not worry that much.
    Let me know what you decide to do.
    Have a nice time in HK!
    Keep blog updated. I wait for your posts!

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