Next Stop…Arizona

Its strange how time feels like its crawling and also flying by. The week in HK flew by, but it felt like FOREVER to be finally back in Tokyo. Yep, back in Tokyo, but only for a day and half. Just enough time for me to see my doctor to confirm my little bub is fine, then pack pack pack, and jetting out of here tomorrow afternoon.

After a LOT of intense contemplating and discussion with the hubby, we decided its best for me to stay a little longer out of Tokyo because the situation is not very stable here and the situation is going to take a long time to resolve. During that time we have no idea if it’ll get better or worse in Tokyo, so we figured its best for us to veer on the ultra safe side. We really can’t be certain whether there will be a health risk or not for the baby in the immediate or later future and we (I especially) felt it was too much a burden to have to worry about food/water/air on a daily basis. I’ve been quite a ball of stress lately so to also minimize my stress we decided that I’ll stay with the in-laws in Arizona for 3 weeks and possibly move to New York with them if I still don’t feel comfortable coming back.

Of course, living in the states is going to be a different kind of stress. 1. Being away from Motozo! He’s been a HUGE emotional support for me during this roller coaster pregnancy and I’m going to miss him like hell. This will be the longest time for us to be away from each other in 3 years. Major sad face 😦 2. I don’t know anyone in Arizona other than my in-laws. But they’ve already signed me up for daily prenatal yoga classes so I’m hoping I’ll meet some pregnant ladies there 🙂 3. I don’t have a drivers license so that makes me feel like a bit of a burden on the in-laws if I want to go anywhere. We’ll figure something out though….I’ll walk or buy a bike if I need to to be a little more independent.

Although, I have worries there are some awesome pros to going to Arizona. Of course, the obvious being I won’t have to worry as much about the safety of food (most likely will still drink bottled water, but I won’t worry about taking a shower in tap water). My in-laws are very active and go to the gym daily so I’m planning to join their gym, take yoga classes etc which I’m really looking forward to. My father in law keeps telling me its a beautiful place so I’m looking forward to taking lots of nature photos (packing the canon!), taking long walks, reading outside on the porch etc.  Oh, yes, lots of great things to look forward to!

When I arrive I’m planning on buying myself a notebook computer since the ones we have are either too heavy or too slow. I’m going to get me a nice one so I can update this blog and of course keep in touch with everyone back at home. 🙂 YAY!

Until then everyone – stay safe!

Going to miss Japan like crazy! When I come back I will be HUGE! 🙂

Oh, by the way – were having a boy…..well…the doctor thinks its a boy, but I know its better to be a little tentative until I’m farther along to be 100% sure. Motozo is thrilled. And myself…..I already knew we were going to have a boy. I had a dream once that we had a boy and I woke up really disturbed. No offense to the men, but I really wanted a girl and had a hard time initially getting my head around the idea of having a boy. But since I’ve had that dream I’ve slowly come around to the idea, so it was no big surprise or disappointment to have it confirmed today. I’m going to love him regardless of his gender!

Time for shut eye.


6 thoughts on “Next Stop…Arizona

  1. Cha says:

    AWW!! A BOY!! Jason is gunna have a little cousin boy to share his cars and boy stories with! haha
    you can start thinking of names now!! one of my favorite parts. lol
    I`m sure you`ll have a wonderful time in Arizona. it sounds like such a perfect place for a pregnant woman to just get away and relax, and prepare.
    I hope everything goes well! I can only imagine how being away from Motozo can be..
    praying for you! xxxxxxxx

  2. wherewander says:

    You now know the sex!!
    You´ll have a good time in Arizona and will meet new people and you´ll talk to your husband every day. It´s for the best considerig the circumstances. I wish you the very best!!

  3. lil says:

    Yes you’ll make due, with skype :), it’ll be hard but at least it’s no stress and baby and you are safe.

  4. Mia says:

    Congrats on a Boy! Son`s are true darlings; Raiden is so protective of me with postmen, delivery men or even Gabe`s friends, and when I have a disagreement with anyone in our family he always sides with me.:)
    3 weeks is a long time… the only way I can get through temporary times apart is to keep myself very busy and try to stay very positive. I think you`re making a good decision though, “better to be safe than sorry”.

  5. randomgoods says:

    wowie, major news update!
    I hope you have fun in Arizona, make sure you take a ton of pics, have fun, and don’t worry so much.
    IT’S a BOY!!!!! i know you wanted a boy, but i’m kind of glad it’s a boy, that way we’re all balanced with 2 nephews and two nieces.
    Time to pick names! AND NO JUNIOR!! we’ll go on strike if something like that happens…lol

  6. Jewel says:

    Wow! Big changes for you! Ganbatte ne! I’m sorry that you wanted a girl … but I’m SOOOOOO happy ur (maybe) having a boy! ALL my pg friends here are having girls, and even back in Jap, Jan is having a girl, and all my friends who had kids last year had girls! So I was feeling so sorry for my boy who wouldn’t have any little boy friends to play with! So I’m so happy ur having a boy! :D:D

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