More Random Photos

More random photos from a few activities I did here. Pickle ball for the first time! Its a game thats a cross between tennis and table tennis. The rules are a little complicated, but it was fun to play.


Herb taking a swing. It was a windy day so the ball was flying everywhere.


Fumiko working on her rug hooking in the evening while watching TV. When she finishes her master piece I’ll take a photo of it. Actually, I should take a photo of what it looks like now. Takes a lot of patience to do rug hooking!


Tiny flowers in the backyard


A nice big salad for me. Spinach, apple, tomatoes, avocado, and tofu. Yum Yum.


A day of golf 🙂


Myrna and Fumiko showed me how to play. We didn’t keep score so it was lots of fun. I’m sure my score would have been horrible if we did keep count.


Lovely Myrna, Herbert’s cousin.


Another random salad. Green leaves, baby carrots, black berries, and a chopped up veggie burger on top. Yum Yum!

More photos coming soon. One of these days I’ll be less lazy and actually decide to put them in chronological order hehe.

Did you notice I manage to get the photos uploaded a little larger? 🙂 Took me a couple of hours but it was so worth it.


4 thoughts on “More Random Photos

  1. Nina says:

    I was totally lusting after your salads!! Man, the place looks nice, and super sunny! I’m sure you’re stocked up on the sunblock :P.
    The picture they have of you guys is super cute! when was that taken?

  2. wherewander says:

    You are surrounded by a very friendly environment!!!

  3. lil says:

    yumm..your food is very good looking and interesting environment for sure!

  4. That photo was taken during our honeymoon in the Maldives.

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