Baby Gifts

Before I get into posting about the spectacular Grand Canyon trip I need to blog about the kindness some ladies showed me today.

My parents-in-law belong to a yoga club that meets up a couple of times a week to do a yoga DVD together. I’ve been joining their Wednesday and Saturday meet ups and last week my father in law asked the group if I could start teaching the class. The first class was a success and they asked me to teach the last few classes I’ll be here for. Today I taught the last class as we’ll be leaving to NY next week and the ladies surprised me with a big baby gift. I was touched beyond belief! They really went out of their way when they really didn’t need to. I was happy to teach (for free) and looked forward to the classes every week! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

The group. A couple of ladies couldn’t make it, but they gave me kind cards!

A set of baby items perfectly what I needed for newborn. I was just telling Motozo last night that we really need to get started on getting baby stuff. I’ve picked up a few things here and there, but certainly not enough, so to get a baby gift was really nice! I got hats, one pieces, receiving blanket, hooded towels, wash clothes, and a stuffed coyote. So cute! I love the monkey! 🙂

While I’m on the subject of baby I guess I should update on the baby bump. No photos though as I’m quite shy about the bump. No matter what anyone tells me, I don’t find it too attractive  and I’m vain ha. I need a photographer that’ll make me look flattering and until then…no bump photos.

Everything is going well though. 24 weeks which I guess means I’m 5.5 months. It’s quite confusing figuring out how many months I am….I know that sounds ridiculous.  Japan counts 10 months and everywhere else (that I know of) counts 9 months so I’m counting somewhere in between. I’m due August 3rd so that means I have 4.5 more months to go, more or less. The bump is noticeably larger since I arrived and a few people finally recognized that I’m pregnant (first time!). Once in the Grand Canyon a guy offered me his seat on the shuttle bus and a waitress at restaurant asked how many months I am, which followed with “oh, my God, you’re so small.” But in Japan I know I’m probably considered normal size.  Still that comment made my day. I will not be happy to hear anything related to being big even though I know they are referring to the bump, not my weight.  Of course, Motozo wasn’t so pleased to hear this story as he wants to have a big baby. I guess what guy doesn’t eh? Why does big equal good for men? I keep reminding him that I’m the one being stretched and pushing the baby out of me so a big baby is not appealing in the least bit. 🙂

Motozo and I have been considering names and we finally came across 1 that I don’t hate. I’m really not fond of any “English” names or more like, I’m very fond of Japanese names, but we decided the middle name will be Japanese so it’s a huge dilemma finding a first name I can imagine calling the kid. I don’t know whats wrong with me, but almost everything so far has been CRINGE CRINGE. If we were having a girl on the other hand I’d have a huge list of English names I’d be able to choose from. For now, I like using what my father in law refers the baby as simply  “newborn” 🙂

As far as pregnancy symptoms I have to say I don’t really have any. Of course, it’s a little harder to do certain yoga poses, but other than a belly and extra weight I feel like my normal self. No unusual cravings, no mood swings, no physical aches or pains that are worth mentioning, lots of energy etc.  Newborn moves a lot, but more so when I’m actually quiet and still. I’ve been pretty occupied lately so I didn’t feel him move as much, but I have noticed he kicks when I’m sitting in a position that restricts the belly a bit. hmm….I guess he doesn’t like being squashed. I wonder why……

I’m going for a check up on Monday. I hope the clinic/doctor is good.


6 thoughts on “Baby Gifts

  1. lil says:

    hahaha i wonder why he doesn’t like being squashed…awww it’s so cute that it’s a he and he has monkey clothes!! I’m getting all googoogaga over the little him already! He doesn’ tneed to be a big buffa at birth, just hope he grows outside of belly and everyone’s happy. Amelie was average weight 3 kg but for me that was HUGE in belly! Whenever I walk around with her ppl comment that she’s a big baby for someone so small, so they grow fast. Hope you can get the belly on a good angle so we can seeeee! lol, in anycase take it for yourself just so you can remember, ugliness and all. You’ll never have a first preg again. hehe. Is motozo going to stay in NY with you now?

  2. Mia says:

    So fun to hear about baby! Yeah, what`s with guys and their need for the biggest boy in history…the healthy is what matters right. Aislinn hated my sitting for any longer than an hour (movies no no) she`d give nasty kicks to my ribs I had to get up. Not always, but usually a active unborn is an active kid. In these little ways, you are already getting to know your baby. Boy names really are difficult; we took a long time ourselves.

  3. Nina says:

    that’s really sweet of them, getting baby gifts for you. Must’ve felt so welcome there.
    Hope your trip to NY goes well. Boy names always seem to be awkward, but maybe it’s just because we’re girls…I don’t know.
    We need baby bump pics!!! MEG!!! Hehe, dying here.

  4. Thankfully no kicks in the ribs yet. The movements are slightly stronger from the beginning days, but still closer to flutters rather than full on kicks.
    I watch these vlog updates on youtube and the pregnant ladies in their 24th week say they can see the outline of the baby when it moves and they know which body part it is. No such thing for me! I’m also a lot smaller than most of the ladies on youtube….gets me a little concerned. Oh, well….I’m sure everything is fine.

  5. You don’t NEED bump pics. You WANT bump pics haha. Two very different things so sorry, I’m still not going to grant you your wish. But I could show you on Skype. Whats your Skype name again?

  6. Moto is only staying for a week 😦
    Then its 5 weeks in NY before I go back to Tokyo.

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