Grand Canyon

SPECTACULAR, GORGEOUS, AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, SUPERB, are just a few ways to describe the Grand Canyon. There really is no way to describe it properly though. It’s too beautiful for words to describe. There were many moments where the beauty was just overwhelming and all I could do was to stare at the view in silence.

We woke up really early Thursday morning for our 6+ hour drive to the Grand Canyon. Along the way we go to see some beautiful views as well. We went from cactus desert land to open grassy fields and then into forests. We had an elevation of 7000meters to the rim of the Grand Canyon and the temperature got considerably cooler. I was very happy with the weather  (I much prefer the cold!), but the in-laws found it a little too cold.

We made the most of the short time we had up there. We planned to stay the night so that gave us a couple of hours the first day to go sight-seeing and a couple of hours the next day before driving back. The first day was a little cloudy so the Canyon had a gray and hazy hue. It still was beautiful though! We took a shuttle bus from view-point to view-point and we all were blown away!

Adorable little squirrels popped out hoping for a bite to eat.

We retired very early that evening as we planned to wake up before dawn to watch the sunrise. It was totally worth missing a few hours of sleep as the colors were really something else at sunrise! Today was also a lot clearer than the day before so we were able to get a crisp view of the Canyon.

The sun rising over the Canyon

Tons of Canyon photos follow. I understand if you glaze over and get bored. I just couldn’t decide over the many photos I took.

Unfortunately, hiking was not on the agenda for the in-laws, so I’m going to drag Motozo here another time so we can do a proper hike on the trails!

I took many many more photos, but I think I’ll spare you all. Theres only so many Grand Canyon photos you can see before it all looks the same. It was definitely a sight never to be forgotten and I’m so grateful for my in-laws for taking me there so I could see it in person. Those 2 days were pretty tiring for them as they couldn’t get their usual daily naps and woke up way earlier then usual and they haven’t recovered completely from it. Poor dears! Definitely taking it easy when we get to NY (as much as possible anyway). My in-laws are also busy and seem to have their whole year planned out on a daily basis. I don’t know how they do it.

On another note….I was suppose to see the OBG today, but I was not aware that they have two clinics. And unfortunately, the doctor is scheduled at a farther clinic today (why didn’t they tell me which location it was when I made the appointment!) so I had to reschedule for tomorrow when the Doc will be at the near by clinic. HUMP! PIssed off! Good thing I have an afternoon yoga class scheduled today! I need it.

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. lil says:

    beautiful!! You took amazing photos! They are all different and beautiful, just the slight hues and shades make such a difference. I would love to go there, really nice of them to take you there!

  2. Nina says:

    wowie!! The Grand Canyon! Right on of you to take loads of photos, I bet the place was much cooler in person.
    For some reason looking at the pictures reminds me of 175 Hours…when you guys go hiking be careful..:D

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