24 Weeks 5 Day Belly

Felt a little better about the belly today. Pregnant lady is allowed to be moody from one day to the next. A good pregnant day for me motivated me enough to take photos of the belly, but not enough to actually clean the mirrors and make the photos look very nice. I was serious about wanting/needing a photographer to take nice belly photos.
Just to be clear, the white streaks on my clothes is the reflection of the dirty bathroom mirror and not a nasty stain on my clothes hehe.

Morning belly shot before my workout and before the day brings on unavoidable bloating. I took out the belly ring and my button looks bazaar straight on!

Right side angle of belly after lunch.

Left side. Looking a little pointy just as dear hubby mentioned. Do I perhaps have a slight case of diastasis recti going on? Thus the bump around the belly button? I did the test to see if I have it, but according to the test (presuming I did it right) I don’t have it. A bit of cross eyed action going on.

Now I actually feel like cleaning those mirrors. Ew!


5 thoughts on “24 Weeks 5 Day Belly

  1. Liene says:

    YOu look great! And you are small for 5 months. Seriously!
    I know there are hard days being pregnant but you are doing great!
    Things will get back to normal(more or less anyways) in no time!
    So hang in there. What are few weeks, months comparing to lifetime!
    Enjoy your first pregnancy!

  2. You’re absolutely right Liene. MIght as well try to enjoy it as much as I can because its only temporary.
    I’m wondering if maybe my due date is off thats why I’m so small….hmmm…..

  3. Cha says:

    aww! super cute! it is small for 5 months, but that’s not to worry. Every pg girl wants to hear that! lol
    when I was pg with Jason my tummy was suuuper pointy. they say if hangs low and pointed, it’s a boy. carry high and round, a girl.
    thought of any names yet??
    I toootally agree on the enjoying it while it lasts. I remember wanting my pregnancy to go by suuuper fast, and it did! and then bam. was a full time mom. lol.
    not to say I wasn’t super eager to squish my newborn teeny child! ><

  4. lil says:

    aww it is pointy! lol so cute. time starts going relaly sluggish in the 3rd trimester (at least for me anyway) so it’s good that there are lots happening over there for time to move fast. But definetely do enjoy the pg times, those are easy days ..in their own way I guess. I do like baby out though, so much more real and fun and you get to control your bladder!

    bellybutton got soo messed up too, specially with the peircing it’s like I had 2 belly buttons …:(

  5. Mia says:

    Funny, it really is pointy, and I think it looks about 4 to 5 months. You look great and seem to be doing so well.

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