Bits and Bobs of Arizona Part 1

Were leaving Arizona tomorrow and I still have lots of photos I wanted to post up. This will just a be a big post of this and that. Mainly nature photos. Who would think the dessert is this beautiful!

First up, CAKE! Baked a vegan chocolate cake for Myrna (Herbert’s cousin) who visited earlier this month. It was her birthday the following weekend that she left so we threw a mini celebration for her. I happily found the items I needed to bake a cake in the kitchen and Fumiko was my lovely helper. I had so much fun baking and I hope I can do more in NY.

Happy Birthday Myrna!

My usual food photos have been replaced with nature. I feel kind of silly taking photos in restaurants here so I hardly pull out the camera when we eat now and when I do prepare something at home its usually just a simple salad or smoothie so nothing spectacular to show. I hope to take more food photos in NY though.

Pregnancy update:

Went to the doctor today since my hospital in Tokyo wants me to go to for check ups every 2 weeks from 22 weeks. The check up today was pretty uneventful, but I got some questions answered and it’s always nice to just confirm that everything is fine. The clinic and doctor were very nice and man was it GREAT to speak English to the doctor and have perfect communication! The Doc was pretty chatty because his brother is married to a Japanese women and they are currently visiting Japan, so we had an interesting conversation there. He looked over all the tests I’ve done and since I don’t need to do anymore tests until I’m into my 3rd Trimester he just put the doppler on me, listened to the heartbeat and confirmed everything sounded good. Then he asked if I had any questions. I asked him if he could double-check if I had diastasis recti and yep, unfortunately I do. Not much I can do about that except avoid abdominal exercises so I don’t cause more muscle separation.
After giving him some examples of the core work and exercises I do (I wanted to know if maybe I pushed myself physically too hard so that’s why I developed it) he told me it didn’t sound like I could have developed it from everything I’ve been doing. He thought it had more to do with tight abdominal muscles rather than actual physical activities. He told me how long I should wait after pregnancy to resume abdominal/core work and assured me I don’t have a serious case.

Oh, well…..I just have to hope the muscles will go back to normal after pregnancy. I’ve been reading lots on it and it seems with a little bit of work I can get my abs back eventually. Fingers crossed!

And since I’ve been getting comments on my belly size I started getting a little concerned, but I got a confirmation that the baby is indeed growing just fine for how far along I am (5 months 3 weeks). He measured the length of my uterus and said there was no problem at all. I think he himself thought I was small because before I even asked the question he blurted out something along those lines.
Although its nice to be small, I do want a healthy baby so its good to know its growing normally. He said since I don’t have much body fat there just isn’t much for the uterus to push out so I just appear small. For the weight that I’ve put on so far I know I’m eating enough and certainly exercising enough so there isn’t really much more I can do as far as belly growth. I feel healthy so I’m trusting that means the baby is healthy as well.

As far as weight gain goes. I haven’t put any on since coming to Arizona and that’s a good thing because I needed to slow my weight gain down if I want to keep it within the 10 kilo limit. I  have a feeling I might go 1-2 kilos over that, but I don’t know what more I can do as far as not gaining weight. Its not like I’m sitting around all day stuffing my face. I’m very confident that I’m eating well and I think running 5 days a week and yoga daily is enough exercise. So if my body wants to hold on to everything….I guess that’s what it needs to do. The point is I know I’m doing everything I can to have a healthy pregnancy so I need to just let go and trust that my body knows whats best.

Any hoo…..I’m so excited that I’ll be seeing Motozo day after tomorrow! HAPPY HAPPY!


2 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs of Arizona Part 1

  1. lil says:

    Nice flowers and great work with the decorating of the cake. Diastsis oh no! I was worried about getting that, I probably have it but just can’t tell lol. It’s good baby is measuring well and everything is looking good.

  2. Mia says:

    oh sorry about diastasis, from what I hear it almost always goes away. It must be wonderful to talk to the doc in English! Don`t worry at all if you go over the 10 kilo`s, most doctors add on anyway for non-Japanese babies. You doing great… just a few more months!

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