Update from NY

Hello everyone.

Its already been 5 days since we moved to NY, but I’ve been too busy or rather, had better things to do then update the blog. I’ve been snapping lots of photos so I’m quite behind on everything.
NY is wonderful! Of course, the main reason is that Motozo is here! He managed to get a business trip out and since it falls nicely during Golden Week he’s staying here for an extra week. I get a FULL WEEK with him! Yay, so happy!

Lets see where should I start. I might as well start from when we arrived in NY. Motozo arrived in NY a day before us, but was busy with business meetings so we planned to meet up in the city the next day. Just so you know, the in-laws live about 1.5 hours away from downtown NY so thats quite a drive, but we had ample reason to go out there. 1. the in laws had babysitting duties for their 2 grandkids. 2. I needed to be dropped off into the city since Motozo and I planned to spend the weekend there. Some quality time alone is what I wanted!

But first a couple of hours babysitting Morton and Celia. Here they are modeling their new shirts they got from Grandma. These kids are so adorable and really well behaved! We spend a couple of hours playing with them in the house and making a grand mess throwing thousands of toys around.

We broke it up by taking a short walk to a near by park and I admired the lovely apple blossoms. These trees are everywhere! I’m missing sakura season in Japan, so I was thrilled that I could enjoy these trees!

Celia showed us her amazing upper body strength! This girl is the master of monkey bars!

Oh, to be young and careless!

And then we waited around anxiously for Motozo to meet us after his work. I wasn’t the only one extremely excited to see him!

The brothers did some Acrobat action with the kiddies.

Dan and Celia

Motozo and Morty

And the we all enjoyed an Italian meal together. The kids entertained themselves very well! Aren’t their curls adorable!

I like my brother-in-law’s neighbor in Brooklyn. Lots of organic supermarkets and healthy cafe’s. On the way back I couldn’t help but pick myself up some vegan energy bars which I throughly enjoyed.

We said our farewells and Moto and I got a cab to Manhattan to our hotel. I was SOOOO excited to be in the city! At the end of the day I’m a city girl and just seeing Starbucks made me feel all homey inside. I love NYC, and Manhattan is probably my favorite place (besides Central Park of course).

And with that I must sign off. Today we have relatives from Japan visiting us. 3 of Fumiko’s relatives are staying with us for a whole week! We have a total full house and you bet I’m really glad Motozo is here to help me with them. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to update about Passover dinner with almost the entire family on Motozo’s side. I got to meet lots of family members and finally put a face to the names. 🙂

Lots of hugs and kisses.

3 thoughts on “Update from NY

  1. Mia says:

    Aww, so happy for you that you`re together again! You`re amazing Meg. Those kids are so cute.. love their curls. Never even knew of anyone who did Passover, do tell.

  2. lil says:

    ohh so fun! Those kids are adorable, and great pics too. Must be very exciting meeting the entire family and extended family. so funny how you’re such a city slicker 🙂 1.5 hours away from downtime is SO not far lol when you’re talking about NYC lol.
    Really good you both get time away for yourselves too, must be harsh being away all the time. Def tell us about the passover and all the foods you get to eat !! haha, here there’s abunch of jewish communities around us so the supermarket has this massive aisle of kosher goods, looks interesting. Looking forward to more photos when you get the time

  3. randomgoods says:

    oh good you guys are able to see eachother again! It must’ve been really difficult being away for so long. Oooh exciting! Passover dinner? Def must post that as soon as possible! You sound really happy 🙂 and I’m happy for you. Tell Motozo I say hi!

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