Belated Easter and Whole Foods Goodies

Another belated post. Last week was Easter Sunday and since Motozo and I were in Manhattan we wanted to see the Easter parade. Apparently, they do this every year. Certain parts of the main road get blocked off and people show off their Easter costumes.

We got there early before the parade started and just as the roads started getting blocked off. NO CARS on Fifth Ave! 🙂

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Turns out the “Parade” wasn’t really what we thought it would be. Its more like a fashion show. People just roam the streets showing off their Easter hats/costumes. The atmosphere was fun and festive though.

Unfortunately, it got pretty crowded and it was hard to take photos of all the costumes without someone blocking my view so we kind of gave up on looking at the costumes and walked a couple blocks to Whole Foods, my favorite supermarket! I seriously wish they had such a thing in Tokyo! I wanted to pick up hemp protein and supplements.

Found what I wanted easily! Too bad the DHA capsules are made with gelatin. I have to pierce a hole and just take the liquid out from them when I am taking it. But other than that its non-fish DHA so that works for me. I’m not exactly sure why I felt I needed to pick up DHA though because Chia seeds and Hemp seeds are high in Omega 3’s and Motozo brought me my stash of those seeds from Tokyo so I haven’t really been taking the DHA supplements. Oh, well…..
This hemp protein I picked up has extra protein in it then regular hemp power so the taste isn’t as pleasant in my smoothies. But I’m concerned about my protein intake so I’ve been making my green smoothies with hemp protein daily even though it isn’t as enjoyable as usual. I miss my VITAMIX! I’ve been managing fine with just a standard blender,but life is not the same without my vita!

I also picked up some fun Kale chips which came in handy later in the day when Motozo and I were driving out to his parents place and hunger hit. My appetite these days is kind of strange. Hunger will suddenly hit me. It’s not a gradual feeling of hungry, but really sudden and when I’m hungry I need to eat IMMEDIATELY or I become super irritated.

Time has gone by so fast! I’ve been in the states for over a month, Motozo’s 2 week stay is coming to and end day after tomorrow and I’m SO sad!
But after he leaves I’ll be more inclined to post more regularly…..hopefully!

Hope everyone else is doing well.


3 thoughts on “Belated Easter and Whole Foods Goodies

  1. Mia says:

    Sounds like baby is hungry. In my last trimester`s I swapped from the regular 3 meals a day to 4 in smaller portions. As baby gets bigger you really have no space to fit in a regular sized meal, thus the smaller portion. You`re not that far along yet, but everybody`s different.
    So sad you`ll be apart again; how long will you stay in the USA?

  2. Nina says:

    I loled when I saw the difference of Motozo and you on the street, eheh, you look tiny compared to him, then again since he’s taller the angle makes you look smaller :p.
    Man that sucks he’s going to go, hope you find a few things to keep busy with or else it’s just sad stuff all over.Those chips look nice, and now I really want to see what kale tastes like.

  3. I usually eat small regular meals as thats far more comfortable on my stomach even before pregnancy. I’m scared…I’m just starting the 3rd trimester and I’ve only read horrible things about it; the fatigue, the swelling, the digestive issues, the growth etc not looking forward to it at all. 3 more months to go, please fly by quick!
    I’m staying in the US until May 26th I think….I can change the date if I really want to go back sooner. Its more of a matter of taking advantage of being able to relax here while I can.

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