A Week In Photos With MIL’s Siblings

Whew, its been a long week! We’ve had Fumiko’s family (siblings) staying with us which meant LOTS of translation for Motozo and I so Herb doesn’t feel too left out, lots of dishes, cooking, and group activities. To be honest, I’m selfish and wish I had Motozo all to myself this week even though the relatives were really nice and fun to hang out with. Still…..I wanted more quality time alone with him and I’m SOO sad he’s going back to Tokyo tomorrow 😦 I’ve shed a couple of tears already and no doubt a fountain will insure tomorrow.

Lets look back on the highlights of last week though and focus on the fun times we had with the relatives. It was really nice that Fumiko’s siblings visited from Japan because they were concerned about her health and wanted to see how she was doing. They’ve been an excellent influence on her and we all are so happy to see her laughing and enjoying herself more than usual. The Japanese stimulation has been wonderful for her because she doesn’t get much chance  to speak Japanese and recently the issue is that she’s having a harder time communicating in English although she’s been speaking English for more than 40 years. It seems she can expression herself better in Japanese, but needed a little warming up since she ot inthe habit of speaking it. Now that she’s in the Japanese mode she talks to me mainly in Japanese (Motozo always asked me to speak only Japanese to her) and its been great for both of us as far as improving our Japanese haha.

Before the relatives arrived Motozo, the ever dotting son, made sure the house was in tip-top shape. Not only did he prune the trees he also vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, took out the trash, persuaded his father not wear shoes in the house in respect for the Japanese custom and a load of other things! Seriously, his parents were really lucky he was here during this visit because he did SO much for them and relieved the load of hosting on all of us. I am so grateful he was here because I would have gone out of my mind without him!

Group shot the first day they arrived. Messy kitchen as we were in the process of putting together some dinner.

Went to beautiful Bayyard Cutting park to see the daffodils that are blooming in season.

Played a fun game of golf. Only 9 holes, but it was the first time for Masako (Fumiko’s sister) and it was a pretty chilly day so we were all happy to finish when we did. A good 2 hours of golfing and I made maybe 2 nice swings haha. Golf is growing on me a bit, but I’m still far from knowing exactly what I’m doing. If I hit the ball I consider that good. You won’t believe how many times I take a swing and miss the ball completely! Ha

Enjoyed Sushi after golf. I was so happy to eat rice! Sashiburi!

Took them to the Botanical Gardens in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Lovely garden and I was thrilled to finally run in this park! I love how Central park and Prospect park is designed with running and cycling courses.

I missed the sakura in Tokyo, but got to see plenty here!

Had some lovely fancy dinners out. This restaurant was a seafood restaurant but I was able to order off the menu and they prepared a delicious roasted vegetable plate for me.

For our last night the relatives treated us to sushi and this man was thrilled.

They were so considerate to make sure I had A LOT of veg sushi.


We did a lot of other things and most importantly ate lots of delicious things this week, but that’ll have to be saved for another blog post. I have more important things to do now like spend as much time with Motozo before he leaves tomorrow morning.


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