Wonderful Finds In Brooklyn

Last weekend Motozo and I booked a hotel in Brooklyn for 2 nights to attend Celia’s, (Moto’s niece) birthday party and we both had plans to do things in the city. Not only was it a nice change of scenery being that we usually stay in Manhattan, but we also enjoyed the time alone together.

The day before Celia’s party Motozo went to a Yankee’s game with friends and I took a Prenatal yoga class just couple blocks from our hotel. It was FABULOUS! Best prenatal yoga class I ever attended and it was wonderful to be in a room full of pregnant ladies! I’m very consistent with doing yoga, but its been awhile since I took a maternity yoga class so I really appreciated a class specifically structured with our expanded bellies in mind. I usually only have one complaint when it comes to prenatal yoga in that its sometimes too slow and easy. Pregnant ladies are still capable of doing quite a bit, but most teachers veer on the ultra safe side with lots of modifications/pose variations that aren’t completely necessary. Although relaxing/slow classes have its place, I really enjoyed this particular class because it had a flowing sequence with lots of standing postures that aren’t used as often in prenatal yoga classes I’ve taken before. I’m itching to go back! In case anyone is interested this is the website to the studio. Bend and Bloom

After yoga I was starving. I asked another pregnant women if she knew of any good vegan restaurants near by. I don’t know Brooklyn very well, but by the recommendation of the women I found out that 5th street is loaded with lots of veg options along with wonderful little boutique shops! I had so much fun wandering around and finally settled on a place that had freshly squeezed vegetable juices. I was SO happy to have fresh juice. Its been a long time! I choose carrot,beet, & celery juice. Delish!

For my main I choose a warm wrap of spinach, mushrooms, and melted vegan cheese. It was so good I was tempted to order a 2nd one since I still was a bit hungry, but I opted for dessert instead.

A couple of stores down I found a place selling vegan ice-cream. How could I pass that up! 2 guilt free scoops! 🙂

I spent the rest of my afternoon popping in and out of stores. I found some baby clothes and this yoga book in a secondhand store. There was a lot I wanted to buy, but I restrained myself because extra luggage to take back to Japan will become a bit of an issue.  This yoga book was a must though!

That evening Motozo and I enjoyed another DELICIOUS meal with his brother and wife. I am SO disappointed that I didn’t bring the camera to photograph our food. I thought I’d rather talk to Dan and Melanie and concentrate completely on the meal rather than taking photos, but darn it…..I wish I took photos now. We went to V Spot. Excellent vegan place!

Anyway, it really was a wonderful meal that ended with my 2nd desert of the day – Vegan Carrot Cake! The 4 of us all shared a sliced and agreed it was mouth-watering!

Brooklyn surprised me on this day. The first time I went to Brooklyn I found it a little scary to walk around alone (there are some seedy parts), but the brother-in-laws neighborhood was really nice and somewhere I imagined I could live in.

Planning to make a trip out there possibly next week to take more yoga classes!

Motozo went back to Tokyo today and it was a sad good-bye. I must stay busy so I don’t miss him too much! 😦


5 thoughts on “Wonderful Finds In Brooklyn

  1. Jan says:

    When will you be returning to Japan??

  2. lil says:

    looks really nice that yoga place! and the foods look DELISH! great baby yoga book.

  3. Meg says:

    The plan is May 26th. I can’t stay any later because I have a prenatal yoga course that weekend thats all booked and paid for. I’m wondering if I can last 3 more months here without Motozo though 😦
    Technically, I can go back whenever I want.

  4. Meg says:

    oops, I mean 3 more weeks.

  5. Nina says:

    Sounds like you found a great place in Brooklyn for vegan food, that wrap looks delicious!
    Lucky you, two deserts in one day 🙂

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