Happy Birthday Celia

Last week was Celia’s birthday party. The family was invited to a birthday brunch at Dan and Melanie’s place. We arrived bright and early and started the festivities.

Lots of birthday presents, yummy food and a happy 6 year old girl.

Look how beautiful these are decorated!

Celia requested blueberry cupcakes so her mum got up early that morning, baked her cupcakes, made a trip to the store to get me vegan muffins, cleaned the house, threw together more food, and was an excellent host! The things mothers do for her kid! Pure love!

Morton enjoyed the cupcakes very much. I love his shirt!

A present from Motozo. He picked us up pink hats at the stadium. Unforutnately, Celia is no longer into pink (blue is her favorite color now), but she was polite and put the hat on long enough for a photo ha.

The kind uncle.

The favorite of Celia’s birthday gifts was enjoyed a little too much by Motozo ha. A scooter from Grandma and Grandpa.

Now thats a bit more appropriate! šŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Celia!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Celia

  1. Nina says:

    Wow those cupcakes look really good!!
    It sounds like she had a good birthday, and haha Motozo, playing with Ceila’s scooter, and she has a super cool helmet. Motozo is a super sweet uncle šŸ™‚

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