Boat Ride

I didn’t do a whole lot of blogging when Motozo was visiting so now I have some catching up to do. I’m pretty lazy these days and hardly take any food photos (I’m sure I’ll get back into it when I go back to Tokyo and back in my kitchen.) and actually hardly any photos period which is quite a shame because i could use this time to work on my “photography”
The in-laws house has a big wooden patio that would make great backdrops, but so far I’ve only used that area for my yoga practice and occasionally enjoyed some snacks outside. A shame, a real shame. My excuse is that I’ve become pretty tired lately, more so than usual. I hope I’ll be inspired to take more photos outside though while I’m here.

Lets go back to the first week when Motozo was here. His highschool friend, who happens to still live in Long Island, invited us for a boat ride to Fire Island. I’ve never been there so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity even though that meant getting on my least favorite transportation. Boats I detest! I always get seasick, but thankfully his friend had a motorboat which I’m usually ok with. The ride was also just a short 15min ride that turned out to be quite pleasant.

We were blown away with Chris’s house and boat. MASSIVE house(a huge mansion!), MASSIVE yard, etc for a family of 3. He lives in this expensive and beautiful housing complex where everyone owns 2-3 expensive cars and massive houses on the water front (prime property!).

It was a beautiful late afternoon! Slightly chilly, but the boat ride was very comfortable. Chris kept asking me if I was ok. I think Motozo told him I get sick on boats and asked him to make it fast ride for me 🙂

Chris had to get back early so we only planned a quick dinner on the Island, but not after we get a glimpse of the beach. The island is so cute with small houses built very close to each other. It had a real hippy feel to it. Since the Island itself is very narrow and small there are hardly any cars. People get around by foot and bicycles.
The beach is lovely at this time of year before it gets warm enough for hordes of people to set up camp on the beach. Empty beaches are so peaceful!
I am so embarrassed of my wardrobe. Living out of a suitcase is not easy for a growing pregnant women. I have no style these days(you got me! when have I ever had style!). It’s all about comfort, fitting into things, and only buying what I really need (larger size clothing), rather than what I want.  Chris thought I was only in my 1st trimester and was very surprised to hear I was finishing up my 2nd tri.  Seeing photos of myself though…..I look huge compared to my pre-pregnancy size.

It’s amazing how Motozo found his highschool friends on Facebook and got in touch with a couple of them a few years ago. He’s really good about keeping in contact with people.

Can you tell how thrilled Motozo is to be at the beach? Total beach man.

Dinner was simple at a local bar. I had a veggie burger that wasn’t all that special and left me hungry about an hour later. After getting off the boat and driving back home we stopped for a quick driving lesson. Motozo is a good teacher, but unfortunately my bladder was screaming at me so the lesson was a short one.
It’s too bad! We had plans for me to get my driver’s license here, but passport issues got in the way of that. We most likely will have to resort to paying the big fee of driving school back in Japan some day soon.


2 thoughts on “Boat Ride

  1. lil says:

    Ah yes..clothes is such an issue! it ‘ll pass soon, you don’t need to buy crazy expensive pregnancy clothes unless you need to look good..haha. Beautiful beach and place! I found complete lack of motivation for anything while pregnant, if I could manage to eat, go to the toilet, sleep and sit on the computer for more than 5 hours I was done for the day. So don’t worry about getting things done lol living out of a bag in such a limbo scenario must not be easy!
    looking forward to see more pics

  2. Nina says:

    bravo for managing out of your suitcase with all of the events you kept us posted with.
    I know I have no experience in this, but I would say don’t be worried about not feeling up to stuff you normally do. I mean I take my interest in cycles….then again that’s just me.
    The beach looks lovely! and haha I bet Motozo was itching to go in..looks quite cold over there though

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