27-28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello blog,

I’ve deserted you for a while. I spend the last 5 wonderful days with my brother-in-laws family in Brooklyn and I choose not to pack my comp to reserve space and weight for extra clothes. I have lots to catch up on, but I know I’m never going to come around to catching up completely. Originally, I wanted to do a 28 week pregnancy update since that’s technically the beginning of the third trimester, but as of tomorrow I’ll be 29 weeks(by western count that’s the beginning of 7 months, by Japanese count its the beginning of 8 months) so I’ll combine the last couple of weeks on how my pregnancy is progressing.

Time to rejoice that I’m in the final trimester! Part of me is jumping up and down that I’m FINALLY in the last 3 months and the other part of me is groaning that I STILL have 3 months left. Well….if I really want to get into the details it’s a little more encouraging and sounds shorter when I count how many more weeks I have left – 12! I’m counting down from 40 weeks, but I know its possible to have the baby earlier or God forbid later.

I’m SO done being pregnant! Sure, its kind of cute and special to feel the baby move and pregnancy is a great experience, but I’m totally done! I’m unfortunately not one of those ladies who enjoy being pregnant. Even the part of being able to eat a little more than usual – not exactly special when everything inevitable goes to my face, thighs, and butt. I’m still getting told my belly is tiny, but the rest of my body feels huge. This is very frustrating being that I’m still running 4-5 days a week, regularly doing yoga, and eating quite well (alright sometimes I indulge, but for the most part I’m eating very healthy). What else can I do? I’m worried I’ll be scolded when I see my doctor back in Tokyo in a little over a week :S Yadayada about the weight. It’ll be a constant issue for me until I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight/fitness. Really trying hard to focus on just maintaining a level of fitness rather than exercising to burn off the dessert I had the night before.

I’ve started keeping a very brief journal that consists of bullet points so I can keep track of any changes from week to week. I think I’ll just copy paste what I typed up. Much easier and most likely more interesting.

Week 27:

  • Especially tired and moody this week. Feeling home sick and painfully missing Motozo!
  • Hard to believe that I’m going to the bathroom even MORE frequently! Sheeze!
  • Feeling pretty lazy when it comes to exercise. I know this has to do with feeling a little depressed about being apart from Motozo. Hard to motivate myself to do anything actually.
  • Experienced some shortness of breath and difficulties getting up from a prone position. Belly getting in the way a little more.
  • Running is exceptionally harder compared to a couple of weeks ago. The extra weight makes it hard on my shins.
  • One feel good moment – while passing an elderly man on my run he joking said “Show off!” GRIN GRIN 🙂
  • Noticed I’m leaking some colostrum (sorry if this is too much info) which made me very excited and thrilled! I know this doesn’t mean I’ll automatically have success in breastfeeding, but it does reassure me a bit.
  • Ordered 2 books – Active Birth and Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding. So far, very good reads! Especially “Active Birth” !
  • Found a great blog!  Your Green Baby  Blog http://yourgreenbaby.ca/ The women is a dietician and has some great advice on feeding kids. After reading her blog for a couple of hours I’m seriously considering raising my child gluten-free for at least the first 18 months.
Week 28:
  • Happily less tired this week. Spending a couple of days in Brooklyn with Dan/Melanie and the kids did me good. Felt a lot more happy and kept myself occupied.
  • Spending time with 2.5 year old niece Morton has made me excited about having a boy. I totally fell in love with Morton and find him to be the most adorable thing! I’m pretty sure I’ll be even more into my baby boy which is reassuring.
  • Over all, feeling a lot better about becoming a mother. I have to give credit to Melanie (brother-in-laws wife) for being a beautiful example of a mother! Spending time with her and the kids was just what I needed! We had some great chats and I’m thrilled to have such a wonderful sister-in-law!
  • Lots of baby movement especially during the evening and when I have a full bladder. He definitely doesn’t like it when I have a full bladder and when I’m crouched over. He obviously likes to have lots of space.
  • Feeling more mobile than last week. No shortness of breath.
  • Running is same as last week, getting increasingly difficult due to extra weight. But still logging in 6 (4 runs) days of exercise per week.
  • Occasional abdominal pain when running. It usually has to do with having to go to the bathroom, but sometimes I still get pain even after emptying it. Mentally preparing myself for the possibility that I may soon have to stop running(fingers crossed that I don’t have to though!)
  • Having a hard time falling back to sleep after going to the bathroom(lots of bathroom issues!) at night. Lay awake for hours at a time. It screws up my sleeping schedule and I’m having to nap more frequently.
  • At a prenatal yoga class I compared my belly size with the ladies that were also 28 weeks. I know its horrible, but I felt incredible lucky that I don’t have 1. a belly taking up the entire stomach space, leaving what looks like hardly any room to eat or breath. 2. No swelling of the ankles/feet or lower back pain.
  • The book “Active Birth” has started to make me feel empowered about natural delivery. I’m actually strangely excited and anticipating the experience to come.
  • Allow me to be a little arrogant. Felt pretty darn proud of myself that I can still run 5min pace!  I’m almost certain that the pregnant lady on the treadmill today was running faster than the majority of people on the other treadmills 🙂 hehehe. Never mind that she had to stop twice to use the bathroom. GRRR bladder!

The lovely Fisher family who generously let me crash in their living room for a couple of days. Had a great time with them last week! The kids are the most well behaved kids ever and the parents are perfect role models!

This evening we had a fundraising benefit for Dan’s charter school (he’s the school principle).  Melanie insisted we take a group photo. This might be the last photo of me you’ll see in a while. But you can see I’m getting rounder all around. I’ll be avoiding the camera for the rest of the pregnancy.

This was a really fun evening though. The event had a Chinese auction, raffles, buffet, live music as entertainment etc. Herbert put a bidding on some vegan treats for me and won 🙂 Were planning to enjoy the treats all together later this week.


7 thoughts on “27-28 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. lil says:

    Oh love the photo of you! YOu look really good, not even pregant! (if that’s good lol) Congratulations for making it to the third trimester and still running! Mentally prepare for not running after birth!

    active birth sounds like a really good book, I loved reading the stories from active birth website to prepare me..can’t believe you can pop in 2.5 months theoretically!! can’t wait to meet him 😀

    So good that you have a little journal for your pregnancy, you completely forget about the whole journey and even the small annoying things like bladder!.

    Really don’t concern yourself with the weight especially if you’re active, and you are, even if you aren’t active our mother kindly bestowed on us her matabolism and flexibility 😀

    must run to feed the booger breakfast. xxx

  2. wherewander says:

    You look wonderful dear!!! but don´t stop taking pictures of the whole pregnancy period because you´ll regret later. You can take them and show it to your baby when you are old old old!!
    And don´t worry about your weight because you haven´t gain much and because you will be fit in no time after giving birth!!

  3. Mia says:

    While I was reading the part at your prenatal yoga classes I was thinking you sound like a celebrity preggo… I bet the other ladies are sooo jeolous. Then I see your photo, WHAT?? you don`t look pregant at all! I am not kidding. Are you sure you`re 7 months? And don`t stop taking photo`s, I hated all my preggo photo`s for about 3 years and actually deleted alot of them, but now I really wish I had taken more.

  4. After reading both Wherewander and Mia’s comments I’m starting to wound if I will regret it later if I don’t document my pregnancy more with photos. I’m going to wait on the belly photos till I go back to Tokyo so I can have Motozo take them for me though. It sounds like an excuse, but I honestly don’t have a good full length mirror to take photos in front of. I guess I should use the timer……hehe Hazukashii!

  5. We had this conversation before, but I seriously don’t know what you mean by mom bestowing on us her metabolism. I don’t remember her exactly bouncing back into her prepregnancy weight soon after having a baby. But then again, she never gained much through her pregnancies so maybe it was hard to see much of a difference. Or perhaps I just wasn’t aware of her physical changes back then. She’s in terrific shape now though!

    Yes, should mentally prepare for not running after birth. I’m hoping to do lots of walking with the stroller until I get the go a head from the doc to resume running again. Fingers crossed for natural delivery!

  6. Nina says:

    Your stomach looks really small, so don’t stress it at all.
    You look lovely Meg, please don’t stop taking pictures.
    Man I bet that sucks though, feeling stuck because your stomach is in the way.
    When you run, doesn’t your stomach get in the way though?

  7. No, the stomach is fine when I run still. Its more when I’m leaning over and I can’t sit in certain positions that I used to. I also miss laying on my back!
    I’m not stressing about my stomach size, its the expansion everywhere else on my body and face that I’m stressed about ha.

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