I Heart NY

Random photos from my visit to the Manhattan and Brooklyn last week. Herbert kindly gave me a spa gift card and I was thrilled to see they do prenatal massage. I promptly made a reservation and arranged to stay with Dan and Melanie a night earlier then planned.

I was feeling pretty tired this week so I wasn’t quite sure until that very morning if I was even going to make the trip out there. 1.5 hour train ride is just a little too far for my liking. Also the fact that I don’t know NY city very well I was concerned I’d get lost and it’ll require too much energy to find my way around. I’m glad I went though because the massage was worth it.

Waiting for the train that doesn’t come very often and just happened to be about 30min late.

Once I got a seat it was a pleasant ride though. Brought some yummy munches to keep my constant hunger at bay.

Due to the train being late I arrived at Penn station running a little late for my massage. I called the spa only to find out they failed to write down my reservation (how could they!) so there wasn’t an opening for the time I requested. I rescheduled for 2 hours later and since I was quite hungry anyway it worked out well that the massage was pushed back. Gave me plenty of time to find lunch and digest comfortably before the appointment.

Yay, a pita bread stuffed with hummus and a variety of vegetables. Perfect!

Enjoyed a cup of coffee while roaming the streets. Ended up doing some shopping. Bought a cute shirt and dangle earrings. Shopping is cheap here!
Found a building that made me smile. Crunch Fitness! I remember obsessively doing the Crunch workout videos way back in the days! I loved those workouts.

And to the Spa I went. The place was quite relaxing and nice. I wanted to take more photos, but since everyone is walking around in a bathrobe I figured it’ll be a bit inappropriate.
My massage was great, but just a little too gentle. I’m used to strong deep tissue massages that I get at sport massage places, but the good thing about prenatal is they set me up with a big body pillow and it made me feel better that the masseuse was trained in prenatal massage. Theres apparently lots of pressure points that should be avoid during pregnancy
After the massage I lounged around the spa for a bit. Ate fruit and drank lemon while reading magazines by the pool.

After deeming myself throughly relaxed I made my way to Brooklyn. Got lost on the train so gave up and took a cab. I know…..pretty ridiculous. I should be used to trains coming from Tokyo. I blame it on being pregnant and carrying luggage…makes everything harder!

The kiddies are adorable! I enjoyed every single moment with them! At the end of my 5 days with them I truly felt like their Aunt! 🙂
Every evening we’d brush our teeth together, 7AM every morning they’d bounce on my air mattress, Morton and I would then proceed to build a train track and spend a good portion of the morning playing with toys still in PJs. I’d go for my run or window shop while Celia goes to school and I’d pick her up with Melanie and Morton and we rush to whatever the kids had on their schedule. Swimming, violin, daycare at the gym etc.

Now for a slew of photos.

3 thoughts on “I Heart NY

  1. randomgoods says:

    Ah that is so naughty! Why didn’t they write down your reservation! Well if it worked out in the end that’s good.
    Whoa, serious blast from the past, seeing the Crunch buildings, I remember you doing those exercises everyday when we were in Machida.
    The children are adorable! I’m envious of Celia, learning violin, heehee. What was the little boy going aah! for?
    Seems like this family has a lot of energy, or maybe it’s just the kids??

  2. Mia says:

    Natsukashiii… Crunch! They should have offered you something else special for forgetting to write down your reservation, but what a great experience. I love the photo of his dirty foot and Celia`s BANZAI at the end… so cute.

  3. lil says:

    yeah the kids are adorable! And the dirty pants on that boy, he must be very active, Good on aunty meg for baby sitting!! Lovely pics of your days there, also really great that you get on the trains in the first place, I’d be scared!

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