Last Weekend In NY

I can’t believe my time here is already coming to an end. The last 2 weeks unexpected flew! Its a good thing though, because I’m itching to go back to Tokyo. Sure, I still have my worries about the safety of the food etc, but I’m very eager to go back to the comfort of home.
This time in the states has been a wonderful experience of getting to know Motozo’s family and personal experience of living in the states for 2 months. Overall, it’s been really wonderful and I’m grateful for my in laws for welcoming me and taking such good care of me.

For my last weekend here I was invited back to Brooklyn to spend time with Dan,Melanie, and kids. The parents in law planned to come out also over the weekend so we can have a family dinner together.

I was lucky to get in touch with a friend and previous collegue in Japan. Last time I visited NY we were unsuccessfully in meeting up, but this time we managed! I was thrilled to meet Hana! Hana and I used to work at My Gym, a children’s fitness center in Tokyo. We were the first employees and went through training together and loads of other drama that happened in the company. She ultimately decided to go back to NY and I remember her distinctly telling me before she left that I have to visit and experience NY. She thought I would love it and she was absolutely right. I really do love NY!

Hana and her awesome boyfriend.

We have quite a bit in common with her being a pretty serious runner and she recently also got into yoga, in particular Ashtanga yoga. It was awesome catching up on each others lives.

Yikes my hair and skin is out of control! Its been raining non stop here and the humidity loves to frizz up my hair. Pregnancy has unfortunately not been kind on my skin (among other things) 😦

Enjoyed a nice veggie burger at the bar.

The next evening I baby sat so Dan and Melanie can go out to a birthday party. Melanie dressed up in the new dress she recently got during her visit in France and Celia thought she looked like a super hero. So Dan jumped on her back to prove what a superwomen she is. I love this photo of them!

The kids are so well behaved and basically fend for themselves so its very easy to watch them. We watched a cartoon together, read books, and went to bed by 8PM. Melanie and Dan did a great job at training the kids to put themselves to sleep and are pretty strict on the their nap times, bed time, wake up time etc and I’m inspired to start my child off on a sleeping/feeding schedule from early on. I think it’ll definitely be worth the extra effort as it not only makes it very easy on babysitters, but also on the parents sleep too I think.

The next morning Dan got up bright and early to pick up some vegan treats. Vegan scones for breakfast! Scones were stuffed with dried fruits and nuts. Delicious!

I ran in Prospect Park and took my last prenatal yoga class and despite it being a little too gentle for my liking, of course, I felt good afterwards. I’d love to talk to other pregnant women in the class to ask how they feel about the yoga classes. I think a lot of them appreciate a gentle class, especially ones who have back ache and are later in their pregnancies, but personally, most prenatal yoga classes I’ve taken have left me wanting more. Its all good though. I learn something new in every class and I have a better idea how I would teach a prenatal yoga class.

In the afternoon the in laws drove in from Long Island and Dan started up the grill. I worked on chopping the veggies,skewering them etc while Dan took care of the chicken. A barbecue takes a bit of effort, but its always worth it. The veggies were delicious along side some brown rice. I think the meat eaters throughly enjoyed their chicken as well.

Dessert, the most important part of the meal! These vegan desserts are the ones we won a few weeks back at a Chinese Auction. We got $50 worth of treats. I ordered Whoopie Pies and Mini Brownies (and the scones we consumed for breakfast)
Sorry, I’ve become pretty lazy with my photography. I just snap the photo with whatever lighting is available. Sadly this has made me use flash more often (ie: the above scone photos), but I promise I’ll get back into using natural lighting when I go back home!

Dan: “So. this is mine. Where are yours?”
Celia: “No, its mine!”


mmmmmm…..both were delish! No one was disappointed! The non vegans agreed that these were better than regular non vegan dessert. We had a vote for which one was better. Whoopie pies or the brownies. It was a perfect tie! I voted for the whoopie pies.

Family photo thats missing Motozo. It was pretty sad saying bye to the kids! I can’t wait to visit again with the baby next time!

Since my plane takes off from Newark Airport at a strange time, we decided we’ll spend the night at Aunt Barbara’s in New Jersey tomorrow night. If we drove out from Long Island we’d have to wake up at 5AM to make my flight and thats just a little too early for all of us.

I guess I should start packing. I’m too scared to start though. I’ve done a little bit of shopping here so I’m worried I won’t be able to fit everything. Sadly I’m going to have to forgo buying Omiyage for people back in Tokyo. I’m seriously too weighted down to bring back any more stuff.

Looking forward to going HOME!


3 thoughts on “Last Weekend In NY

  1. wherewander says:

    Have a safe trip home!!! you must be really anxious to be at your own place!!!

  2. Thank you wherewander. yes I am! 😉
    Anxious to start setting up the nursery and getting ready for the baby too

  3. lilia says:

    safe trip!! would be nice to get back home into routine and having your own stuff and getting ready for baby! hopefully everything goes well

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