29 Week Pregnancy Update

I’m going to try to start updating on my pregnancy on a weekly basis. I’ll update at the end of every week so I can post the notes I took for that week. Tomorrow I’m 30 weeks pregnant! Only 10 more weeks to go!
Looking back on last week(29th) I can say the first half was terrific! I had awesome energy and felt great. Near the end of the week I started feeling not too hot. I suppose it really has to do with my moods. Somedays I handle whatever is going on in my body really well and other days I find the physical aspect of being pregnant really frustrating.

  • 3  strong runs in a row. Lots of energy when running, despite stomach and pelvic discomfort. Pelvis/crouch feels heavy after a run. Tried to research on the internet the symptoms, but couldn’t find much info.
  • Felt pretty badass running through Prospect Park. There was a half marathon going on and  I passed many runners. Of course, I shouldn’t compare with them being that they were finishing up their half marathon and I just got started on my measly 10k ha. Still feels good to pass people though.
  • Both Melanie and Dan said my stomach grew noticeably this week and especially since coming to NY. Thats to be expected being that I’ve been here for almost 5 weeks. Physically I notice the difference. Stomach sticking out more and pants not sitting very well around the waist any more. Stomach getting more in the way when sitting down.
  • A random person said “congratulations” to me while I was just walking down the street.  And another person gestured with his hands to ask if I was pregnant while running.  Its kind of nice that people are noticing that I’m pregnant now.   I was concerned people just thought I was getting a little chubby or something since the belly wasn’t all that noticeable.
  • I’m trying to minimize my carb consumption in the evening to hopefully slow my weight gain down. Quite anxious about seeing my doctor in a couple of days and having to step on that scale. I wish weight wasn’t such a big issue for me, but unfortunately it is.
  • I have a feeling that the baby is laying horizontally across my belly with his head on the left side.
  • I’m feeling very warm all the time, especially at night! I hope it’s not too hot back in Tokyo.
  • End of 29 weeks running started getting hard again. Chaffing between thighs, ugh!  Feeling frustrated about being pregnant!
And that pretty much sums it up. Not much of a change other than the belly growth I guess. Running is obviously a huge part of my life because half of my comments are running related ha.
Tomorrow I’m flying out of here and I’m hoping I still get the front row seat that I reserved online. I need easy access to the bathroom and lots of leg room.
I’m really looking forward to settling back into a routine in Tokyo and focusing on preparing for the baby. Although it has been real nice to be in the states for 2 months, living out of a suitcase and being in this limbo state isn’t easy.

Some things I will miss are eating lots of greens without any worries about the safety of the food.  When I go back I’m still not quite sure how strict I will be with eating leafy greens and drinking tap water. I’ll probably continue drinking bottled water, but I’m really hoping I can find an easy way to buy produce without being ultra paranoid.

MMM, sautéed kale! I will miss kale!

But most of all I will miss Herb and Fumiko and their lovely patio!


2 thoughts on “29 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Liene says:

    Have a safe flight back!
    You should not worry about your weight, once you will have your baby you will be busy and the weight will fall off fast, especially with you running and yoga routine! And most importantly- you will have enough energy for the baby! Japanese doctors have to change the way they think about weight gain, because most women here do not have enough weight for after baby is born, so not enough energy!
    Safe travels again and see you when you are back in Japan!

  2. wherewander says:

    stay well and healthy!!!

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