Home Sweet Home!

Yay, I’m home!

After a pretty good 13+ hr flight, a bus ride, and a taxi ride I finally made it home! I felt so excited to just walk into the apartment.
First thought that came to mind was “wow, everything is so shiny and clean. Did Motozo tidy up or did I just forget how shiny the floors and cabinets usually are?”
Seriously felt WONDERFUL to be back home! I love our apartment with dark wooden floors, black kitchen counters and…..vitamix! Man, I missed you!
I walked from room to room touching everything that’s so comfortingly familiar and when I went into the dining room I was surprised and delighted to find this note and flowers on the table!

Made me smile from ear to ear. I love this man to bits!

Not only did he clean the house and stock up the fridge for me, but he also got me flowers! 🙂 I’m mush!

I unpacked a lot quicker then I expected and contemplated whether I wanted to lay down for a bit. I only got about 40mins sleep on the plane (I’m a terrible plane sleeper!), but I think the excitement of being back gave me a boost of energy. Just as I got out of the shower, Motozo called to say he’s coming home. 5PM and he’s coming home! This is extremely early for him. I was expecting a early return home would be more around 7. Something about being reunited with Motozo in our home was really special! We lounged around and talked and talked and baby gave a few greeting kicks when Motozo laid his hand on my belly.

It’s always wonderful to come back home after spending some time away, but this feeling was like no other. I’ve never been happier to be back! Some random things I love about being back is

  •   1. walking around naked/half-naked without any concern. Probably too much info, but Moto and I usually change out of our clothes as soon as we get home and walk around either in pjs or just a shirt. I couldn’t exactly walk around pants less at the in-laws, so its liberating now that I can do it in the comfort of my home ha!
  • 2. sleeping in our bed! Although I only got 5 hours due to jet lag (I’ve been up since 2AM) I was so comfortable and fell asleep instantly.
  • 3. our bathrooms! Another strange thing about Moto and I is that were quite attached to our bathrooms. Again, probably too much info so I won’t elaborate here.

Over all just feeling grand to be back! Home home, how I love you!

Unfortunately, I’m leaving for Osaka today for my first weekend of studying Prenatal/Postnatal yoga. It’s too bad Moto and I won’t be able to spend time over the weekend, but I’m quite looking forward to the yoga course and its only for the next 2 weekends. Wish me luck that I don’t get too tired with jet lag and all.

Hugs and kisses!


One thought on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. lil says:

    too too sweet. You must feel great to be back! It’s good that you did go though, but home is where the heart is eh? Don’t over work yourself! It’ll be great when you start settling down and getting the nursery setup. It’s crap that the nuclear situation isn’t getting any better but I guess what you going to do eh?! Looking forward to your updates

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