Will Travel For Yoga

Its 4:30AM and Im wide awake! Grrr Jet lag! I felt like I’ve been up all night though. I had a record of 8 (as of now) bathroom trips tonight so that got me up more than once an hour. If I could drink less water in the evening I would, but for some reason I seem to get the most thirsty in the evening.

I’m definitely going to need a cup of this today! I wanted to show you my ultra cheesy mug I just had to get (I may have picked up more than one “I heart NY” items! hehe) at the airport on my way back. I love it! When Motozo saw it though he said, “Oh, gosh! We need to hide those when guest are here.” haha
I swear coffee taste better in a mug that holds meaning to me. 🙂

A 2.5 hour shinkansen ride and I’m back in Osaka for my weekend of prenatal yoga studies.
I’m staying at a cheap/quaint hotel. My criteria were that the hotel be close to the yoga studio and station. I found a hotel only 1 min walk away from the station and 5 min walk to the studio. Perfect! Never mind that the bed is uncomfortable, the bathroom is not the most pleasant, the walls are thin, and the door lock is questionable. The actual room space is a lot larger than I expected and its clean and kind of cute, so for 2 nights I think I can manage.

After settling into the hotel I went searching for food. Osaka has many arcades and I happen to be right next to a huge one! I appreciate these arcades because they provide awesome cover on rainy days and everything is so cheap! Not that I plan to do lots of shopping, but I had fun looking at stuff anyway.

A vegan friendly restaurant is slightly harder to find unfortunately. I walked up and down the arcade for an hour and I finally decided on this Italian place that looked like they had one vegetable dish. I REALLY wanted fresh vegetables, especially being that its Osaka I don’t have to be as concerned about the safety of the food. I’m determined to take full advantage of being here and eat lots of vegetables.

This little Italian place ended up being quite accommodating and delicious! I explained my dietary can and cants and they whipped up 2 vegetable plates for me.

They gave me olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper on the side to season my salad on my own. I asked for a large salad, but the size was rather small in my opinion. But the vegetables were fresh and delicious!

I was glad I ordered a second dish as the raw salad didn’t exactly fill me up. Grilled vegetables with tomato sauce on the bottom. It was perfect! It actually filled me up well and I was completely satisfied. The waiter seemed concerned that it wasn’t enough though and asked if I wanted some bread on the side. Usually I’d order it, but tonight I was quite pleased with just vegetables.

For some reason I’m not as embarrassed taking photos of my food in Japan. It seems more normal here and no one blinks an eye.

And now that I’m wide awake I might as well get out of bed and do some exercise. I will attempt a run.

Today I have a 7.5hr day of yoga studies. I’m thrilled that they allow and actually requested to bring a camera so I can document the poses etc. Wonderful!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Will Travel For Yoga

  1. Liene says:

    Glad to hear you are back safe. Osaka can be fun! Also kind of a comment for your last post- but I really relate to having coffee or tea in a cup you like. It is really important! The taste changes!
    And- oh, yes- Vitamix missing I can get totally too! Mine is arriving tomorrow! Can not wait! I ordered from overseas, made sure about plugs and everything before, but it will work just fine with a little adapter!
    I am soon to bee banned from DHL tracking page, coz I have been tracking it like 5 times every day for a week now! Haha
    Today it has arrived in Narita! This morning!
    So exciting!

  2. wherewander says:

    Have a lovely weekend you too dear!!!

  3. OO, exciting Liene! You will love your Vitamix! I think your kids could also have lots of fun making smoothies with you there. Can’t wait to hear what you start making with it.

  4. randomgoods says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, getting to bring your camera along to snap shots of poses as well!
    The archway before the bed is pretty cool, a nice touch for the room.

  5. lilia says:

    oh whatta strange room! almost looks like it was an ofuro once lol. don’t over exert yourself! Must be great to e back in Japan. I remember when we went to osaka we were weirded out by the All womens train car!! so weird.

  6. The entire train was womens only? Not just one train car? I took the women’s only train car since it was less crowded.
    I like Osaka, but the particular station I stayed at was really limiting for places I can eat.
    Was pretty tired Sat night and fell asleep 8:30. Felt much better the next day, but the long shinkansen ride home in the evening was the main killer. The actual yoga course isn’t all that exerting so I think I can manage another weekend there.

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