A Weekend Of Prenatal Studies.

My prenatal yoga studies over the weekend was very interesting and educational! For the most part I felt like it was more a review of information that I’ve already gathered on my own during the course of my pregnancy. I’ve purchased a couple of books, taken a variety of prenatal yoga classes, and experienced my own practice change as my body changes.
There are lots of poses that pregnant women might feel more comfortable avoiding, some poses they should avoid completely, but still lots of poses they can do with or without modications and/or props etc.
The main goal in prenatal yoga is on preparing the mother for birth and she does that by learning breathing, relaxation, and visualization technics she can bring into the labor room.
The beautiful thing about yoga is that it emphasizes bringing the focus inward so we can understand and trust our bodies which women may find helpful during labor. I hope I can gain the benefits from yoga to help with my labor that’s for sure!

One of the things I really like about Jodi is she believes pregnant women are still strong and capable of doing lots. She teaches in a way that makes you feel challenged, but also rewards with mini breaks and relaxation poses. I think one of the main complaints I have is that a lot of prenatal yoga classes I’ve taken were too gentle. I really felt like I could handle a lot more and didn’t need as many modifications. Jodi seems to understand this and likes to still incorporate challenging standing postures that strengthen the body rather than just gentle stretches.

Both mornings we started the class with a full 90min prenatal yoga class. Then we broke down the poses, went over adjustments, modifications, precautions, etc.

We went over the stages of pregnancy, how the body changes and what symptoms a women may feel through each stage, what poses may help elevate the many discomforts a pregnant women experiences, and poses that may aggravate the discomforts.
We went over the stages the baby goes through from conception to birth. And we also covered the different stages of labor. Jodi strongly believes that a teacher teaching prenatal yoga should have a strong understanding of not only pregnancy, but also the delivery so we also watched a lot of birthing films ranging from hospital birth using pain relief, hospital birth using no pain relief, natural home birth, water births etc.

I’m the only pregnant women taking the course and I feel really lucky to be able to take this course while experiencing everything that were studying about. I think I have it a lot easier than the other students simply because I can relate and gather information from my own experience. There are 2 mothers taking the course so I’ve been learning from them and their experience as well.

Adjustment in Balasana

Neck massage in Supported Upavhista Konasana

Texting while relaxing in a restorative pose during our lunch break.

This week I have a couple of homework assignments. I need to create 2 prenatal yoga sequences and research on the how, why, what etc on cesarean births. Next week were going to teach a couple of classes to each other for practice so I’m nervous and excited. I love yoga! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Weekend Of Prenatal Studies.

  1. lil says:

    so very cool! and how awesome that you’re pregnant to really get the gist, now you can teach from experience…:P
    I thought it wasn’t good to lay on your back with legs up?! LOL what are you doing!! LOLOL
    Hope all this stuff helps to get you even more prepared for labour and that all goes well, you definitely have a leg up (NO PUN INTENDED AHAHA). Wish you could have done this when I was pregnant too, I followed some lame dvd and it was definetely too easy, and saying that means it was literally just standing there breathing haha. Looking forward to seeing more pics of you and belly!!

  2. That wasn’t me. That was another student. If you don’t have high blood pressure or if it doesn’t feel bad to lay on your back then its fine to do legs up the wall if you have something propped under your hips. Also this women isn’t laying flat on her back so technically I can do this fine hehe.
    I feel pinching in my lower back when I lay flat on my back these days though so I avoid it.

    Too bad about the DVD. I think most teachers/dvds etc like to veer on the ultra safe side, which has its good points, but can also be a little too easy.

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