30 Weeks 7 Day Belly

I’m 31 weeks tomorrow (2 months to go!) so its time I give a little update on week 30. First lets compare my right side and left side. For some reason my left side looks a lot (at least for me) smaller than the right. Or is it just me that sees it? Not that it’s really important in the end.

Early morning, no make up, and ready to do a workout. Right side.

Left side. I know, I know! I seriously need to mop the floor as dust is accumulating like crazy. Lets all just say “EW” and then forget about it :).

The belly nude from the right.

The belly nude from the left.

I had a lot of changes this week. Most of them unfortunately are bad news for me.

  • Round Ligament pain in the lower abdomen brought on by running or extended walking. If I do any form of high impact exercise I eventually get the stabbing pain. I think my pregnant running days are over 😦 I’m forced to go to the gym to do the elliptical and stationary bike. At lest I can still do that and yoga. I guess this is a pretty normal symptom and I’m quite glad that I’ve been able to continue running for 8 months at least.
  • Some lower back pain that feels like a pinch on the left side. Some seated forward bends in yoga is uncomfortable and sitting down for long periods aggravates it. I’m trying to be extra careful with my posture and asking Motozo for massages 🙂 hehe
  • Generally, lots of energy. Feels great to be back home!
  • Feeling warm and sweaty all the time. Wake up sweating at night.
And that’s as far as symptoms go. I went to the doctor a couple of days ago and left stressed bawling my eyes out. Why?
Well, I was told the baby’s weight is slightly lighter than average so I have to go back in 2 weeks so the doctor can keep an eye on his growth. I already had a feeling he was slightly smaller than average, but for it to be confirmed by the doctor made me worry. I know it’s probably nothing to worry about. The ultrasound showed him to be healthy, but I still need to be monitored.
Then I was told I need to be careful about my weight. How ironic that I need to watch my weight and yet my baby needs to gain weight!
Of course I went home and did exactly what I probably shouldn’t have. I googled the possible problems a baby might have if its measuring small. It freaked me out and I fell asleep very stressed.
Thankfully I’m feeling better now. Theres no real point for me to worry as I know I’m doing what I can to have a healthy baby and thats all I can do. So long as he’s healthy then its ok if he’s small. But until I go in for my 2 week check up I will be a little nervous. I want a confirmation that the baby is indeed healthy.
Stress is probably the worse thing for me right now, so I’ve been trying to stay positive and active to keep me sane.
Alright, I must dash. Have a gym date with Motozo tonight 🙂
Oh, I forgot to mention that the books I’ve read says I’m actually exactly or just a couple ounces lighter than what to expect at 30 weeks. I was told the baby is 1.3 kilos and according to British standards at 30 weeks the average weight is 1.4 kilos. I don’t know who to believe. my doctor or the books that give me better news. I think I’ll go by the books.

8 thoughts on “30 Weeks 7 Day Belly

  1. lil says:

    oh man, it’s so stressing when even the slightest thing isn’t right, or when the doctor is ever concerned. Def bad idea to read anything on the net lol, it always makes me so paranoid and you always think the worst! Hope baby is happy and healthy in there, it does seem abit small on the outside, and you’re right, the left is smaller thant he right! lol maybe he’s facing a certain way to do that…little bugger!
    the shooting pain sounds like sciatica right? Where your lower back is getting pressure on the nerve. Well good to stay positive and get motozo to massage you like crazy :D!! It’s now or never lol

  2. Jewel says:

    Kyaaa ur so small and skinny … jealous! :D:D
    I will pray for you … ur getting close! Just 2 more months! How is the prep for the baby? Have you gotten everything you need (not just clothes)? Are you gonna set up a nursery for him? OOoooh have you thought of a name?

  3. No I haven’t prepared yet. I just got back to Tokyo so I’m going to start as soon a my prenatal yoga studies are over. If the baby decides to come early I’m in big trouble!
    Yeah, were going to set up a nursery for him. I think it’ll be fun 🙂
    We’ve picked out 2 names but still undecided. Hows your little man doing?

  4. Nina says:

    man that sucks about the stress. Listen to happy music, and…be happy!
    Are you studying Lamaze breathing now?

  5. Liene says:

    YOu should not worry about those things. The way they tell baby`s weight is just really about….they can easily go wrong. Had same thing with my pregnancy, saying Elvis was small, but then he was born at 39 weeks 3700….
    So you really should not worry!
    Everything is probably fine. Also- you really should not listen when doctor tells you to watch your weight, everybody`s body is different and you look amazing! Another 2 months…it will fly by!

  6. Jan says:

    Yeah, don’t worry about it Meg. First months the doctors said my baby was HUGE!!!! and I was all freaked out that I’d have a nasty delivery and that the baby wouldn’t be able to come out naturally, and all this other crap. But now the baby seems to be normal size…or even small for a foreigner (estimated 2.7 kg), and so, once it’s born…it may be more or less 3 kg.
    And in Japan, they always say to watch your weight. Doesn’t matter who you are.
    So, just eat healthily and enough for you and baby and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

    Last months you need protein, figure something out. Apparently, I didn’t have enough the last month and the midwife said my baby didn’t grow too much during that time.

    Anyway, Good luck!!

  7. Mia says:

    Wow, you have beautiful skin. It`s natural to worry but don`t stress too much about it, on the small side doesn`t nescessarily mean that Baby is weak or unhealthy. My friend`s baby was small and the nurse told her that cooked mushrooms help growth.

  8. Why thank you Mia. I think the nice skin look really has more to do with the lighting. I’ve been pretty lucky with no stress marks as of yet though 🙂

    Gotcha, cooked mushrooms and Jan recommended protein. I’ll try them both.

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