Happy Birthday To Me Yesterday! :)

Another year has gone by….

While in Arizona I realized I totally forgot how old I will be turning. My father-in-law thought I was about 3 years younger than my real age and it totally threw me off. I had to count from my date of birth to figure out my age ha. Pregnancy brain I tell you!

This year my birthday seriously didn’t feel like a big deal. Usually I’ll have some sort of “oh, man I’m getting old.” sort of moment and reminisce of years gone by, but this year I didn’t think much of it. Mid twenties….no big deal. Although, with that being said, I still think I’m too young to be a mother, ha.

Dad called first thing in the morning and told me just the opposite, that it was a good age to become a mother. I guess there isn’t ever a perfect time/age.

Next I skyped with Lil and Amelie. I wish I could reach into the computer to squeeze Amelie! She’s so adorable and growing like crazy. I love my niece to bits. It’s a shame the cousins don’t live closer! After Lils wished me a Happy Birthday and I did my usual moping and griping about getting fatter, I attempted a run. Its my birthday after all and it was beautiful warm day (actually a little too warm), so I was DYING to run! I thought maybe, just maybe, I won’t get any round ligament pain since it’s my birthday and I was feeling ultra positive.

Ha, no such luck! 25mins into a jog I got pain that forced me to stop. I resorted to a brisk walk and even then it was still painful. I covered 9k total though and figured that was as good as a 9k jog. I won’t lie, I was frustrated…..frustrated to almost start crying during my walk. It’s really a trial to not be able to run, but I reminded myself that staying positive is better for me. No use dwelling on what I can’t do. I still have loads of energy and capable of doing other forms of exercise.

Motozo cheered me up in no time too with birthday gifts!

Earrings! I’m a total earring person so these were perfect! Simple diamond earrings. Sorry for the out of focus shot.  I couldn’t get a good shot of them.

He gave me another pair too! The Gemstone for June is moon stone. From different angles there’s a beautiful tint of blue. I love these!

I wore my new earrings at dinner. We went to a nice restaurant near by that has wonderful outdoor seating. Perfect for a warm June evening! I got a taco salad with a side of beans and herb bread. Motozo got salmon a dish and we shared a plate of sautéed mushrooms.  It was alittle too dark to take photos of the food and although Motozo took photos of me I’m not ready to post them yet. Maybe after my pregnancy I won’t care about my physical changes so I’m holding on to them just in case.

It was a lovely evening and then suddenly a running friend came by. I thought, “What a coincidence!” but it turns out Motozo sent out an email to a few friends letting them know what restaurant were celebrating my birthday at and if anyone wanted to swing by for a drink the were welcome. Its been a while since I saw Jay so it was really nice of him to go out of his way to meet us!

Thanks love for the nice low key evening and thanks to the many warm wishes from friends on Facebook hehe.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me Yesterday! :)

  1. lil says:

    beautiful earings and perfect for after baby is born..I can’t wear danglings anymore since she just rips them out!! I’m glad you got 9k in at least! It was nice seeing you on cam, we gotta do it more, these days we’re easily on skype all the time so call anytime you need to whine about getting fat LOLOL. xx oh and why does motozo always put his dorky pictures next to gifts LOLOL!!!

  2. haha, he slid the photo in there right before I snapped the photo.

  3. Mia says:

    LOL, I was wondering about the picture too.

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