32 Weeks Today. Week 31 Update

Wow, time really is flying. Everyone who told me it would fly wasn’t kidding. I feel that I don’t have enough time now to prepare for the baby. I know I said I hope the baby comes early, but now I’m hoping he stays in until the due date. I don’t want him to be late though as that may or may not allow me to have a water birth as planned.

I don’t remember if I said on here that I’m aiming for a water birth. I know I told a couple of people, but I suppose I’ll elaborate a bit more on here. Ever since getting pregnant I knew I wanted to have a natural child-birth, but not just a “no epidural” birth, but an active delivery that allowed me to move around as I pleased (hated the thought of my legs up in stirrups!), with the least amount of interventions and inductions. I ultimately choose my hospital based on how much freedom they allow the mother to have (and water birthing tubs).
I originally was going to a hospital that is well-known, good reputation among Japanese mother (not so much foreign mothers), but what ultimately put me off was that although the women is allowed to labor and move as she likes…when it finally comes time to push, she had to climb up onto the table and have her legs up in stirrups. I really didn’t like that!

I started researching different birthing options/styles and what appealed to me the most was a water delivery. Water is supposed to be a nice pain reliever, relaxer, and after watching numerous birthing films of water and non water births, I was dead set on a water birth. What surprised me the most in comparing a water birth and non water birth was how the calm and relaxed baby appeared when delivered underwater. I also really liked that the mother was able to hold her baby immediately and have skin to skin contact which studies show are beneficial for both mum and baby for bonding. Another plus of the water is the less likelihood of tearing.

My birthing plan roughly states:  No inductions and interventions unless absolutely necessary. Free to move/eat/drink as I feel like. Spontaneous pushing. No episiotomy. etc etc the list is quite long so I won’t go into it all as I’m sure it’ll only bore you all. At the end of the day though I have no idea how my labor is going to go and I’m trying my best to keep an open mind. Anything can happen and the situation is almost completely out of my control.

Despite not knowing what to expect on the actual day, I am doing what I can to prepare for whatever will happen by reading lots, staying active, eating well etc. What I find the most helpful though is yoga. Yoga covers areas that I think I’ll find useful in delivery. Meditation, to calm my naturally frazzled and stressed out self. Visualization, to encourage a positive situation, and breathing exercises to deal with the discomforts. I think Nina asked me if I was taking Lamaze classes. No, I’m not. I feel yoga provides a lot of valuable breathing exercises and mum told  me her experience of actually forgetting the lamaze breathing method when she was in labor due to the pain and the breathing technic just not being something she was used to. So I figured I’ll stick with the breathing technics I’m most familiar with and have the most practice doing. When it comes down to it, I’ll do what feels most natural.

Before I get into the weekly updates, let me share some things that I’ve been enjoying since coming back to Tokyo.

Yoga Tree studio and all the members! It’s such a wonderful studio with a beautiful atmosphere and warm members!

Completely smooth green smoothies made possible by my favorite kitchen appliance – Vitamix!
This smoothie was particularly delicious with fresh mint leaves added.

Soy Ice-cream that dear hubby thoughtfully picked up without saying anything to me. He let me discover it by myself whenever I decided to look into the freezer! What a surprise.

I must say, strawberry was quite delicious!

My spiralizer! I missed this guy too! I had so much fun making noodles out of zucchini and carrots last week!

Veggie Pasta with vegan white sauce. It was delish! I think I enjoyed it more than Moto though. He prefers his real pasta ha.

Ok, on to prego updates. Are you still with me? This post is getting rather LONG!

  • Major belly growth I think. People are finally noticing that I’m pregnant, although that doesn’t mean people are offering me seats on the train. I’m getting belly rubbed by strangers though.
  • Sometimes if I’m propped up with pillows on my left side, I get rib kicked. I just need to change positions and then he stops.
  • Random twinges of pain in the belly area.
  • I can see distinct movement from my belly when the baby moves. Up until now his movements weren’t visual. I still don’t know what body part is where, but my belly is taking on different shapes depending on his movements.
  • Full on leakage from the breasts! Rather disturbing….
  • Have days where I feel like a whale and other days (usually right after the gym) where I feel quite fit and almost…..not pregnant.
So those are the physical symptoms. As far as my emotional state, I think I’m pretty good. I’ve definitely bonded with the little man and feel very maternal! I’m looking forward to meeting him and doing all the baby stuff. Mothers club here I come!
Major nesting going on here. I spend a couple of hours organizing my kitchen, clothing shelves, towels, sheets etc. I want everything to be in the right place and I extremely worried that we won’t get his nursery done before he arrives.
The nursery doesn’t look like a nursery yet, but rather a storage space. We have all the baby stuff plus our gym stuff just stuffed in the room and until I can make a trip to Ikea to get furniture I’m going to feel pretty anxious.
Unfortunately, Motozo is away for the next  2 weekends and I seriously don’t think I can wait for 2 weeks for us to shop together, so I’m going to make the trip alone this weekend and at least pick out a dresser so I can get started on organizing his stuff. And I need to get a bassinet pronto! If he comes early he at least needs a place to sleep.
Tonight my friend is throwing me a babyshower and I’m rather excited to see the girlfriends I haven’t seen in 2 long months! I had my nails done and everything 🙂
We’ll see if I manage to take any photos or not.  Now excuse me, I must spend the next 2 hours deciding what I’m going to wear. Lordy lord, don’t get me started on clothes! Hate clothes other than one pair of lululemon pants and a couple pairs of shirt. Everything else I find SOO uncomfortable and unflattering (even maternity clothing that my friend lend me). I seriously can’t wait to lose this belly just so clothing doesn’t have to be such an issue!

7 thoughts on “32 Weeks Today. Week 31 Update

  1. lilia says:

    that spiralizer looks reallyawesome, I think I want one as I love zucchini, and amelie likes it too…is it raw though? cuz i imagine it would turn to mush?? time is flying! I hope you get all the stuff worked out soon with the nursery. I did find us camping out int he living room for the first month for some reason, so if all fails and you do come early, you will survive with just a bassinet 🙂

    looking forward to shower pics! Enjoy your last weeks..they definetely pass by quick and you forget them quickly.

  2. Mia says:

    I always recommend being ok to getting an episiotomy, it helps not tearing in numerous and horrible places that can`t be fixed later. For me I never felt the snip but I definitely felt the tear and the healing after was much more painful. I hear bending forward like a dog is the best position and you have easy movement control (ie:its harder to get up from a sitting position with a big belly). I`m not a big fan of chair with stirrups either, LOL, in my first delivery I was so shocked by the sensation of my water breaking I almost leaped backwards off the chair.

  3. The spiralizer is awesome socks! Its so much fun I’m telling you! Carrots are a little hard to spiralize because they are so hard so you might need Maxim’s hands to help you.
    yes, the zucchini is raw, but it doesn’t turn into mush because the spiralizer doesn’t spiralize the middle seeds (seeds make it mushy with their water content). I’ve had left over spiralized zucchini in the fridge over night and it still retained its crunchiness.

    shower pics soon! 🙂

  4. I know what you mean Mia. I have a friend who absolutely didn’t want to have an episiotomy so the doctors let her tear and she tore badly! The problem is most doctors don’t know or don’t do what they can to minimize tearing ie; pressing hot cloth on the perineum, massaging the perineum etc. I feel like an episiotomy is convenient for the doctors and less so for the mum who has to deal with the healing process afterward. But I can see that having a clean cut rather than cutting from numerous places is an advantage.
    I don’t like that its standard practice in most hospitals here so I want to specify clearly that I don’t want one so the doctor doesn’t just start cutting without me knowing.
    Yep, lots of good birthing positions, all fours, squatting, standing, kneeling etc. I’m willing to try them all to see which one is good for me.

  5. lil says:

    The doctors here say they don’t routinely do episiotimies anymore, (used to but I think it’s been proven that it causes deeper tissue damage when otherwise 1st/2nd degree tearing would have been more shallow. But it doesn’t mean you won’t tear a nasty, it also basically means that the doctors don’t know if you will tear or not, they just let it go and see how you go, unless it’s obviously a big head incoming but even then I think they still just let it “rip” (sorry lol) as cutting may just leave room for more tears all the way to …..

    I read about all the massage and stuff but I don’t think that’s what they do in regular instances, it’s all about the breathing at the final push so that you don’t push too much, but also i guess it depends on the head of that baby!! lol

    I had 2nd degree tearing (they didn’t do epis) and it tooks ages to heal but I wouldn’t know how an epis would be any better. I guess it’s all up in the air!

  6. Nina says:

    goddang, all this talk about tears and episiotimies is creeping me out. Hehe.
    Super cool though, an actual baby shower! I know we’ve never had one of those, so def take pics to share the experience!
    Having a spiralizer would make meals so much fun and simple! Not just for health sake, but I bet it’s an even quicker alternative to boiling water, boiling the pasta and then cooling down the pasta.
    Sigh, your vitamix is some pure loveliness.

  7. Liene says:

    Haha on nobody giving you seats on the train…might be news for you, but you will probably not get those seats even with a baby in Japan!
    And on the bright side- if you would live in States or actually anywhere else than Japan, everybody who would not be lazy would take time to rub you belly…. It used to be super disturbing for me when I lived in Hawaii with my first pregnancy!!!
    You sound really optimistic and excited!
    Have you thought about names at all yet?

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