Baby Shower

I’m one lucky girl and my baby is a lucky little guy. I have such an awesome bunch of girlfriends who made me feel very loved and special!

My dear friend, Mary, organized and hosted the party for me at Pink Cow, a hip restaurant that is known for hosting a variety of odd functions (the same night there was a yo-yo function which was hilarious!) and a very talented and accommodating chef who made a huge vegan spread for us. It was delicious! There was so much variety that I wasn’t able to taste them all, but what I did have made me happy and satisfied!

The best part of the evening though was seeing my friends who I haven’t seen in over 2 months! I wanted to spend quality time catching up with each one of them, but time unfortunately didn’t allow it. Majority of my friends are from the running club so it was great to hear what everyone was training for, how their last race went, sympathise with any injuries etc. It made me really miss running with the club and I hope the ladies will still invite me for runs after I settle into motherhood. I know it’ll take me some time to run again and I’ll have to do some major time management, but I don’t plan on disappearing from the club. And the same goes for yoga.

So after we had our full of food and a couple bites of the delicious chocolate cake, it was time to open presents. I was really regretting that I wore this red dress that wasn’t the most suzushii (cool). I’ve always embarrassingly been the type that sweats tons and even more so now that I’m pregnant! The extra weight, the extra blood flowing with another body in me…sheeze! I soaked the dress and everyone noticed. Naoko kinder fanned me while I opened all the presents. Lots of ooing and ahhing over the adorable baby stuff! Everyone really gave me too much! I requested books as I think you can never have too many books, so I was delighted that I got so many! And baby clothes, toys, and diapers are always appreciated as well!

Thank you, thank you everyone! It was SUCH a special evening for me and I had so much fun!

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I’m definitely putting the card in a scrap box so I can show the baby when he’s old enough to appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. Liene says:

    Sorry I could not be there….super busy with kids this week. Food looks great and presents too!

  2. Its too bad you couldn’t make it! I understand you’re busy though!

  3. lil says:

    So cute! You look great , the red dress is so good!

  4. Mia says:

    I thought the red dress was perfectly appropriate, and looks good too. The Chinese and I think, Japanese too, have this big thing about wearing red when preg… I forget why. If it was for the sake fertility, that just really doesn`t make sense. 😛 Ugg, I have the sweaty prob too but only my face and it was so hard to keep cheap make up on LOLOL!

  5. Liene says:

    You have not updated for very not like you….are you ok?

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