Birthing Class and Post Birthing Class

Yesterday Motozo and I took 2 classes. We signed up for these classes before my stay in the hospital and we weren’t sure we’d be able to attend them, but happily I got permission from my doc that I could take. I was told to listen to my body since each class is a good 2.5 hours, so if I felt tired I was to return to my room.
Both classes were pretty full with both parents attending. At the birthing class we went over what an average birth might be like, we watched a DVD of a women giving birth on all 4s, and the husbands were directed to massage the wives backs etc in a certain way. This hospital doesn’t do a lot for breathing exercises, but emphasized that exhaling is the best way to relieve pain and encourage relaxation. We then were shown photos of the 7 or so birthing rooms. Over all it wasn’t any more informative than what I’ve studied and read on my own, but it was interesting non the less.

We took a break for lunch and went back for the Post Birthing Class. This one I was more eager to attend. A mother who gave birth at the hospital just 4 days prior was interviewed on her experience and showed us her baby. She said it was painful (no kidding!), but her husband was supportive and she was so thankful to have him there. She was asked whats the hardest thing about being a mother now and of course, she said the lack of sleep. There was another newborn on “display” who was born just the day prior and we compared the difference of skin color, belly button, and over all state of the 2 babies. They both were boys and they really were so cute and small that it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see them. Made me anticipate meeting my little man soon.

We went over what a typical day might be with a new-born and how much time we’ll most likely spend caring for him. Were all aware that were not going to sleep as much and doing regular things like housework etc would be quite challenging if not impossible without some help. No new information there.

The best part of the class was having Motozo wear the belly suit. The nurses were saying to him, “See, isn’t it hard to lean over. Its harder to pick things off the floor and cut your nails etc.” He kind of just walked around like it was no problem at all carrying the extra 10kilos though, ha

There were also these dolls so we could see the progression from fetus to full term. I carried a doll that was 2kilos to sort of get an idea of how heavy our child might be.

Afterwards we learned how to put on a diaper and the interesting thing about this hospital is that they use cloth diapers. I’ve always been interested in cloth so it’ll be a great opportunity for me to see how much work they might be after the baby is born. The hospital doesn’t require us to provide any diapers after the baby is born as were allowed to use the hospitals cloth diapers and I think after a week I’ll be able to decide whether I want to use cloth or disposable at home. Motozo thinks disposable is the way to go and I totally see that it would be easier to use disposable, but as soon as a kid starts eating solids their poo really starts smelling and no matter if you use a “good quality” trashcan thats suppose to retain the smell…..I know from experience of working in preschools/children’s gym, etc that the smell is impossible to retain and it’s quite unpleasant for me. But maybe if its my child I wouldn’t mind the smell so much…..we’ll have to see. Of course, for environmental reasons and for the baby’s bum, cloth is better, but honestly the smell is something I’m more concerned about. We’ll see, we’ll see….

Although the classes were interesting and I’m glad we went, I felt like a sore thumb being the only pregnant women with an IV drip. I felt pretty depressed after the last class as I spent 5 hours surrounded by pregnant ladies who were glowing with their perfect make up, stylish pregnant clothes, and of course no IV. I felt the exact opposite, haven’t showered in a few days, no make up, comfortable clothing I’ve been rotating through and it made me so jealous that these ladies probably were enjoying their last trimester problem free.
I can’t help feeling sorry for myself. The IV really hurts these days and no matter where the needle goes it gives me trouble. Last night, my skin, where the needle was, turned really red and I couldn’t use the arm without a lot of pain. At 3AM I gave up trying to sleep. The pain was just too uncomfortable that I went to the nurse station and asked them to change the location. The new location is still painful, but I really just need to gaman until Monday night when the doc said they will take me off the IV. I really can’t wait!
I feel so grimy and disgusting not being able to shower daily that I feel sorry for the nurses when they have to feel my belly and just be close to me ha.

Sorry, today is a ranting day.

6 thoughts on “Birthing Class and Post Birthing Class

  1. lil says:

    LOL at motozo, it’s great that you were able to make it, even if you dont’ learn anything new at least it’s a change of scenery from hospy bed! Ugh about the iv drip and needle! Must be so painful! I remember being more annoyed with the needle in the arm than actual labor itself! LOL, and that was just in there for a few hours, can’t imagine every day..soon it’ll be time! I have a sneaky suspcion their measurements are all off and he’s actually 3 kg 😀 or 2.5
    Any day now! This will all be a blur soon.

  2. Mia says:

    Sometimes it`s good to rant. The tiny dolls are so cute with their big heads all alien like. Feel sorry for you with the IV, must be pretty bruised up by now. How`s Baby`s growing progress?

  3. Jan says:

    Ohhh, Gambatte Meg! You’re doing sooo good! Soooo sorry about the pain that you’re getting from the IV drip.
    I guess today is the day where the doctors can pull it out, so thank God for that! Keep us posted on your’s and baby’s progress ne?

    Love you!

  4. Meg says:

    I hope the measurements are wrong too. But I doubt he’s 3k…..not unless he manages to stay full term into 40wks.

  5. Meg says:

    We’ll measure the baby again this Thurs, but everyone has commented that I’m starting to really popn

  6. Jewel says:

    So good to read your updates!
    Just wanted to tell you that we use cloth diapers and so far I like them just fine!
    I couldn’t use them in the beginning cause he was too small, and until just recently we used normal diapers for the night (so we wouldn’t have to change him and wake him up) … but now I use them at night too, and I only use normal diapers when we go out! I wash them out by hand when he goes poop, and soak them in a nappy pail, and once every 2 days I will do a load of diaper laundry. They are adjustable in size so we don’t have to buy a bunch of different sets for him either!

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