A Little Longer

Unfortunately, I’m still on the IV 😦
My docs last week seemed very confident that it was alright for me to go off the IV today, but after an internal exam this morning and finding that my cervix thinned farther, they felt it was best for me to stay on it for a couple more days. The docs aren’t absolutely certain, but they are concerned that I will start having contractions if I go off the IV and we want to avoid that until at least Thursday.
3 good reasons for me to stay on the IV:

1. Motozo will be in Taiwan for a business trip this week from Wednesday – Thursday night. He’ll only be away for 2 days, but we don’t want to take any chance of me going into labor until he’s back in the country.

2. I’m only 2 days away to being into my 36th week and we all want the baby to arrive sometime AFTER 36 weeks.

3. The most important reason of all would be the obvious….the longer he stays in me the more time he has to grow etc. Of course, he could grow outside of me as well, but Id prefer him to grow inside.

I’m quite disappointed! The needle hurts and no matter that I’ve been in the hospital now for 3 weeks, sleep is not getting any easier because of the damn thing.
I’m also so sick of not being able to shower. Going off the IV on Thursday means no shower for almost a week! I feel so disgusting. The nurses wash my hair for me every other day and I get hot towels daily to wipe myself, but it’s really not the same as WATER! Especially now that it’s getting quite hot and I’m sweating buckets even in air-conditioner……I want to take a shower!
I’m quite obsessed with this whole shower thing right now. I want to take a shower more than I want to be discharged from the hospital.

Oh, well….its just a few more days that I have to gaman I guess.

After they take me off the IV we will just let natural take its course. If I go into labor then that’s that, but if I don’t then I might be able to go home until whenever I do go into labor.

After I got over my disappointment and saw the logic behind everything, I passed the time chatting with my room mates while reading fashion magazines and wishing I could go shopping! I can’t believe the magazines are already on to Autumn/Winter fashion!
My room mates and I all whined about how we aren’t able to wear cute summer dresses because were cooped up in the hospital and then we brainstormed what present we’d like to get from our husbands after our baby’s are born. Don’t you agree we deserve something nice? hehe

Next it was time for a little photo shoot. Ikeda-san is pregnant with…..*drum roll* TRIPLETS! Conceived naturally and she’s already a mum to 2 kids. Today she turned 29 weeks.
This woman is amazing! She walks and moves around like the belly is no problem at all and she’s definitely the most relaxed and easy-going out of all of us. We ask her a lot of questions about babies/motherhood etc and she always gives very practical advice.

In the evening Motozo visited me with a big salad and this contraption that made me laugh so hard! I haven’t laughed hard in a long time so it felt great!
The man was paying attention on Sat when we attended the birthing class and watched a birthing DVD. In the DVD the father was fanning his wife while she was in labor and she kept saying “I’m so hot!” So Motozo went to Donkyhote and bought this fan haha. He knows I’m diffidently going to be complaining about the heat and a fan, electric or manual, will certainly come in handy!

Can you imagine him holding this up to my face while I’m dealing with contractions and pushing? I think the docs will get a good laugh and so will I…at least I hope so. I hope I’ll still have a sense of humor in the middle of a contraction.

And those were the highlights of today 🙂

Tomorrow Mum is coming over to help set up the nursery and she’ll stay a couple of nights until Motozo gets back from Taiwan just incase something does happen while he’s away. She’s such a sweetheart!


4 thoughts on “A Little Longer

  1. lil says:

    ohh ugh! but at least you can keep him in there longer to really fill out, but man that must be a painful needle! The room in the pic looks great though, wood and bright! The mother with triplets looks awesome too! Can’t believe there’s 3 in there! Fan is funny too and whatta dangerous one LOL looks like you can kill your finger on that. Motozo pays attention! I was in NO mood to chat and talk during contractions, but the first part should be alright…hang in there! You’re doing really well and you’ll have a great shower soon! It’s just preparing you for when you’re latched to baby 24/7 and can’ t take a shower easily..though I remember that’s going to be your goal which is good. All the moms I talk to always say how rejuvinating showers can be to keep your sanity :), so not long!

  2. Mia says:

    I don`t know if they`ll let you, but if you say it`ll help with stress… they might consider… when I was in the hospital after that asthma attack in Machida, they gum taped a plastic bag over the needle area. Couldn`t wash that part of the arm and had to have the IV drip there beside me but damn, it felt good to shower, that was also in the summer.
    Ikeda-san is so beautiful, amazing there`s 3 in there. I have trouble with 3 kids, I almost feel sorry for her having 5! I hope they are all identical.. that would be soooo cute.
    So funny the fan, doctors will surely have a crack up and probably hand him a wet cold face towel. They gave that to Gabe to wipe my face with and feel busy there..lol.
    Well, having the baby a couple weeks early is prob better than having a couple weeks late; 40 wks are long enough! Stay strong.

  3. Liene says:

    Just a bit more left Meg! Just a bit more!
    What are few weeks comparing to whole life later on?
    Hang in there!
    Thinking of you!

  4. Jan says:

    Hang in there Meg! It’s soooo soon! Gosh! It seems like just yesterday when we were both on the phone talking about how we’re pregnant together and how awesome that is! WOW!
    Wishing you the best!

    I have to agree, being pregnant and nursing during Summer quite tough. Thankfully I was pregnant during the winter, so I was pretty warm and never cold. Now I’m nursing though, and while you’re nursing you and the baby just drip with sweat and you feel sooo sticky by the middle of the day. YES, showers feel sooo good, not just the feeling of being clean, but also it’s the time when you don’t have the baby with you, so it’s just “you” time when you can relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

    Ooh, when you’re going into labor, heat brings on stronger contractions. I was hot then cold, hot then cold during my whole delivery. The midwife kept putting on blankets, and I was able to have a hot bath too to bring on stronger contractions.
    Anyway, I’m sure everything will take it’s course and I’m praying you’ll be able to have a natural delivery!

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