Week 36, Off The IV, And Going Into Labor?

Yay! Im off the IV, but I MIGHT be going into labor.

Yesterday my docs decided it would be best for me come off the IV exactly at 36 Weeks. Usually, the longest they allow women to stay on uteron is until week 34, but in my case they allowed me to stay on it longer because they/we want the baby to have the chance to grow inside as long as possible. But if Im actually having contractions and the uteron is continuing to suppress them it’s not good for the baby and it’ll be better to just let nature take its course at 36 weeks.

I was a little nervous and excited yesterday about the prospect of the baby possibly coming this week and I don’t know if it was nerves or my body actually deciding it was time, but last night I started getting frequent braxton hick contractions. Since coming to the hospital and being put on Uteron I haven’t really had a lot of BHC’s or any sort of labor symptoms, but last night I suddenly felt super heavy in the pelvis and found the BHC’s a little uncomfortable. I was pretty restless and the nurse put the monitor on me to time how far apart they were. They were about 6 minutes apart in a 30min time frame.

A higher level nurse came in and told me I were to go into labor it would happen pretty quick and I’m starting to get the same amount of BHC’s as the first day I came to the hospital before I was put on Uteron, so it was obvious that the med didn’t have much effect on me any more. She asked if I was able to sleep and I assured her they were weak enough for me to ignore and fall asleep. And I did.

The next morning, which was today, I had a few BHC’s but nothing really strong. The IV came and my doc said I should really take it easy today, in other words, stay in bed as much as possible. I enjoyed a quick shower and asked for my 36th week photo to be taken and spent the rest of the morning lounging in bed while talking to my roommates.


I don’t actually feel this genki any more. Its hard for me to stand up straight even.

After lunch the BHC’s have started becoming more frequent and stronger. I talked to Motozo before his flight took off to Taiwan. I told him so long as the BHC’s don’t get any stronger than they are now then it’ll probably be alright. Now I really wished he didn’t go! The BHCs are only getting stronger and more frequent. A monitor recorded that I’m getting BHC’s 5mins apart and I feel ALOT of pressure around my lower abdomen. I can’t find a comfortable position when they hit and the nurses have noticed that the baby has gone down a bit lower, but they tell me this is the time when the meds wear off (5-6hrs after the IV comes out) so its normal to feel a lot of BHC’s. Depending on the person, the BHC’s turn into contractions and they go into labor, and others get strong BHC’s but eventually it wears off and they don’t go into labor.

I hate to say this, but I’m not quite sure if I’m feeling pain or just extreme discomfort. It comes in spurts and its hard to concentrate on anything, but only seconds later I can do other things (like update my blog). It feels like super strong period cramps and the need to use the loo.

I guess I’m in a good place if I do go into full on labor.


One thought on “Week 36, Off The IV, And Going Into Labor?

  1. Mia says:

    Amazing how are you not scared or freaking out. I hope Moto makes it back in time. Do the chances for a natural delivery look good?
    I guess next time you post it will be about the birth… exciting.

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