Photos and Discharge Date

Yay! Today we were told Ty can come home anytime after he reaches 2kilos. He’s just a few grams short, so the nurses let us set a day that we want to take him home. We were able to decided between this Wednesday or Thursday. Of course, we choose Wednesday!

We are thrilled, excited and I’m quite nervous. I’m worried I’m not going to have enough supply of milk because recently his appetite has really increased and my supply hasn’t really 😦 Of course, there are other worries like, what if I break him, what if I can’t figure out why he’s crying etc. I guess I’ll figure it all out eventually….

Today we gathered a few last-minute supplies we needed for him, yesterday we bought a stroller, and my mom is going to come by on Tuesday with more baby stuff that she kindly picked up for me. She’s staying with me for another 2 weeks to help out with Ty and I’m so thankful and relieved she’s coming.

Some photos from today. His forehead is still looking quite cone headed and I’m starting to wonder if that’s his permanent head shape ha. Oh, well…no matter, he’s adorable and absolutely irresistible to me! I love him to bits!


7 thoughts on “Photos and Discharge Date

  1. Nina says:

    aww look at him smile in his sleep! he’s adorable and you look lovely.

  2. lilia says:

    I love these pics, he looks so cute in an alien sort of way lol, totally looks like both of you i reckon! His jaw line is yours hahaha. soso sweet! love the on ewith motozo kissing, and you also look really beautiful! His skin is so soft looking! Want to just gobble him whole, he’s so tiny too…

  3. Jewel says:

    Oh my gosh he’s so tiny! ADORABLE! Really looks like Papa ne …. so glad you were able to take him home … I know I was soooo happy to be able to leave the hospital and get home! Don’t worry about the milk … it’ll take a bit to really ‘come in’ …
    Your baby’s hands and skin look so smooth! I remember Papoosie had wrinkly and dry/flaky hands and feet … until like he was almost 2 months old!

  4. Kristine Oulman says:

    He is perfect! He really does look so much like Dad. So happy for you. Reading your posts really brings me back to my kids births. Such an amazing thing. Well done!!!

  5. Hana says:

    I had a dream about you and your new family last night. You must be on my mind 🙂
    Lovely pics!
    Hana x x x

  6. Meg says:

    I hope it was a good dream 🙂
    How are u Hana?

  7. Jan says:

    Awww… his smile is sooo precious! Similar to Brian’s smile. I read that babies faces are a certain shape, and their smiles are what make the mother want to nurse and nurture it. It’s certainly true for me!

    I also like the photo of you kissing his hand!

    Ty has long arms! And in these photos it looks like Brian’s arms could be as skinny. Yikes!

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