Ty’s Home

The day we picked up Ty from the hospital was a happy day! I was SO excited!
I tried to get a feel from the nurses what his basic routine was like. Does he sleep well at night etc. I guess it didn’t really matter though as we expected him (and us) to have to adjust to the new situation and he might be out of his environment at first and his “routine” in the hospital would most likely change when we brought him home.

Leaving the NICU area for the first time.

I had to visit my roommates before I left. The women to my right, Ii-san, the poor thing, is most likely going to have to stay until her due date which would put in the hospital for over 2 months and Ikeda-san, pregnant with triplets is also in the same situation.
These ladies helped keep me sane and I really feel for them having to stay for such a long time in the hospital! We hope to meet up when the babies are all born and do a play date.

Ty outside for the first time! He only had to spend 2 weeks in the hospital (1 week longer than usual), but it still felt really special taking him out. New experience after new experience for him.

A family of 3 🙂

In his moses basket. He seems to be very comfortable and for now will be sleeping in it until he’s old enough to be in his crib. The moses basket is on a specific stand for it that has wheels so we can wheel him around from room to room depending on where we are.

Ty is still not strong enough to suck directly from the breast, so I have to express milk and feed him with a bottle. Although I don’t like that he has to drink from a bottle, it does allow Motozo to have a little quality time with him.
Were practicing breastfeeding daily and he’s slowly getting the hang of it. He gives up easily (he’s used to the bottle) if the milk is slow to come in and he also falls asleep instantly when he’s close to me and then wakes up super angry and hungry, so we then switch to the bottle. Because he’s small and weight gain is important, we unfortunately have to give him the bottle until he’s develops the strength enough to breastfeed.

Having some deep and important discussion. Love seeing Motozo with him! Its so adorable!

Grandma gave him his first bath at home. He likes his bath time but screams bloody murder when putting on his clothes. Its pretty scary giving him a bath because he’s so small and light that it feels like he’s going to just slip out of our hands.

As soon as he has a fresh pair of diaper and clothes on he stops crying and is happy and content.

Its been pretty tough and tiring (no surprise) being that I have to express milk and feed him so there really isn’t anytime between feeds for me to rest. I sleep about 2 hours a night for 30mins at a time if I’m lucky and in the day I manage to get another hour or 2 when mom feeds and watches him.
Its been really helpful to have my mom over! She cooks, cleans, helps with Ty, and is excellent company. I can’t imagine being home alone with Ty all day right now. Motozo also took the first 2 days off work to stay at home and help out which was also very helpful.

Although its tiring and I can’t help stressing over his well being, I’m total in love with my little man and could spend all day just looking at him.

And its time to pump again.


8 thoughts on “Ty’s Home

  1. lilia says:

    Oh my, he’s such a little man, love that last one with him in his clothes, hes so cute! So nice seeing daddy and baby, in a way its good that he can feed him. I remember having the same issue for amelie of her falling asleep, try keeping him cool like a fan? on him so that it’s ‘uncomfortable’ enough not to fall asleep…but maybe that doesnt work for summer time hehe.

    You look great, and I’m sure doing very well. Its funny little bit of sleep you can manage to get by on! I’ve read somewere that breastfeeding helps with this so that when you do sleep, it’s more deep/restful…hope he gets the hang of feeding, He looks really strong and healthy.

  2. Hana says:

    Does his name have kanji?

  3. Mia says:

    He`s gorgeous in that last photo. I hear massaging your boob before nursing helps baby not get so frustrated waiting for the “let down”, but then it`s all a matter of catching Ty JUST waking up or even before. Your mom must be so happy taking care of a newborn again. There`s something so precious about new parents` smiles and it`s a different kind of smile…aww, I miss that feeling.

  4. Jesse says:

    He looks so cute in the last pic. Very adorable. You two must get tired. I know we did when Kanon was just born. She would wake us up quite alot. That’s also great how you got to have company in the hospital.

  5. Cha says:

    Awww!! whata perfect little bundle!! Your family of three is absolutely gorgeous!
    So sweet of motozo to take 2 days off work to be with you and Ty. I remember when Jason was first born, Joe and his amazing daddy abilities just literally saved my life! haha 🙂
    (also in the future, it’ll be a lot of daddy and son bonding times…HEE HEE. nice break for mom! )
    gambatte!! and keep updating your blog, we just can’t wait to see him grow from small to big! 😀

  6. Nina says:

    He’s a little cutie! really looks like Motozo, as I’m sure I pointed out. The last photo of him looks like when Motozo goes ‘atashi?’ Lol.

  7. wherewander says:

    He´s very cute!!! congrats!!!
    A good thing you have your mother with you, you must be pretty tired but you´ll be fine very soon, when the baby sleeps all night!! or at least, the intervals are longer.
    And you made new friends at the hospital!!!

  8. Jan says:

    Oh, he really is cute. LOOK at his LONG fingers!! WOW!
    Ganbatte, Meg. I have to say, the first month wasn’t too fun for me. It was more tiring. Tiring from not sleeping at all and then being in pain, plus adjusting to everything!
    Now that he’s a month and a few weeks…it’s great! He’s a cutie and I’m really enjoying my moments with him.

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