Again, not much time or energy to elaborate on whats going on these days. Let me just say its tough and exhausting! There are days I feel like I’m going to crack. I’m really hoping Ty will be able to breastfeed soon because pumping milk is very time consuming and means I get no rest because the only time I can pump is when he’s sleeping. My mum stayed with me for 3 weeks and helped take care of Ty for me. She fed him from a bottle so I could pump during that time and sleep immediately afterwards. I still only managed to get 2-3 hours a day, but that was really helpful.
But as far as Ty’s progress, he’s getting better and better at breastfeeding. He has put on weight so has a little more energy and power, but he still prefers the easier route with the bottle. His appetite has really increased and his face is getting rounder and rounder. I’m actually concerned that he’s gaining weight a little too fast. The hospital gave me some rough guidelines on how much I should feed him, but of course its hard to do exactly as they say.
Next week he will have his one month check up so I’ll see then if he’s eating too much.

Its hard to believe he’s already 3 weeks old!

Oh, life is so tough!

He sleeps well, but these days he likes to be held more in the day time and won’t really settle until we carry him.

Baba gave him daily baths. He loves it and is very relaxed after his bath. I take advantage of that and his most successful time to breastfeed is immediately after.

Nipple confusion, ha.

Everyone’s tired.

We bought a scale and its been kind of fun to weigh him daily. He’s gained about 400grams since leaving the hospital.

My little balding hippy baby ha. My mum had a new name for him daily. He went from being an alien, to a human, to an old man, to Bruce Willis, to finally a cute baby haha.

Ty at 3 weeks

Baba left yesterday and were going to miss her a lot! She was SOOOOO helpful cooking all the meals, scrubbed the apartment spotless, and took excellent care of Ty! Thank you mom!
Next Sherry will kindly help me from Sun. I need all the help right now and really appreciate her coming over!

6 thoughts on “Photos

  1. lilia says:

    ohhh love love! He’s soo cute. That one on the scale is adorable, and the one where both motozo and him sleeping on sofa, he doesnt look very japanese eh?! I’m surprised with his big eyes! sheba coming over is a great idea! I hope he can settle soon, it must be difficult starting out with bottle, thats what I was most scared of with booboo – nipple confusion and laziness lol, lazy bum haha. hope he can get the hang of it soon poor bugger. 2.5 is full term baby! I was 2.4 and look how awesome his aunt turned out lol. Oh and dont judge on mls or amont of intake for baby, the nurses here always say judge by the diapers, because all babies are different, and if they process their pee/poos efficiently it means they are getting enough. Dont judge on weight gain either because even after birth babies can go through weird growth spurts. I dthink he’s doing very well and you’re doing an amazing job. After this, any night will be a breeze!

  2. Mia says:

    I love the photo of them sleeping.. so sweeett! I think the nurses give a guildline to just give an average idea in case its the mom`s first baby or it`s been some years and may have forgotten. With Natie the nurse re-instructed, mentioning that it`s been 4 years since I took care of a newborn, but with Raiden I asked cause he`s a boy and they said Go with your instinct, you`re a veteran…lol, not the answer I wanted.
    I believe every mom will tell you that the bigger he gets the stronger… don`t hold back…he knows what he needs. There`s some months where he may not gain anything and others where he`ll gain loads.
    If you really want to get him off the bottle, just wash them and pack them away. He`ll cry for a day or two and probably not nurse much but in all weaning technics they say its harder to for the baby to understand why some feedings of the day are bottle only and others boob. Raiden fed well from both at first and I thought I could get away with him being used to both but then he started to have preferences according to his mood at the moment, total brat, so I googled loads on weaning and decided to go with sharply cutting out the bottle. I started on a Sat so Gabs could be there to help with the rest of the house and by Mon he was fine.
    He`s really tall, ay, to fit on your whole leg. At difficult times just tell yourself… 3 more months, 3 more months…:P

  3. Jesse says:

    He’s so cute Meg!

  4. Jan says:

    Meg, our baby’s are pretty much exactly one month appart! 🙂 June 7; July 6. 🙂

    I love the first photo with his outstretched arm. He looks so passionate! ha! He’s getting cuter too.

    I’d have to agree with Mia too, about him knowing what he needs. Feed him till he doesn’t want anymore. I doubt he’s eating too much. He should be eating and because it’s breast milk you don’t need to worry. If you were feeding him formula, then that’s a different story.

    Having someone cook for you is super wonderful! Even now, when he’s almost 2 months, it’s hard to cook for myself. I always have banana’s in my room for those days when he’s not happy doing anything else but being in my arms and getting my full attention. Grr…

    The first month I remember having to decide between sleeping and eating! ha! Till I went to the doc on his 1 month check up and they said he was too small and he needed to eat more. I told them that he was on my boob CONSTANTLY! But they kept saying “you need to feed him more”, so I figured that I wasn’t eating enough, so this next month I’ve been chowing down food like crazy. 🙂 I THINK things are getting better. 🙂

    Anyway, love you. Gambate! The first month and a half has been TOUGH and definitely exhausting. But, the last two weeks or so for me have become much more enjoyable. Pace yourself. 🙂 You’ve got a BEAUTIFUL baby boy! AND once again, we MUST meet up. Maybe when Ty is 2 or 3 months and Brian is 3 or 4 months. 🙂 they’ll be a bit more ochitsuiteru…stable. And I’d say Brian will be old enough to travel that far (and possibly on public transport).

  5. Kristine Oulman says:

    He is perfect. All the pictures are so good. You are quite a beautiful family. It all gets easier as they get older. Hang in there.

  6. Oh he’s so precious!

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