Last Week

Last week Shebs came over for a week to help out and a huge help she was! She helped lots with Ty and was excellent company for me as well. Ty and I enjoyed her staying over very much!

I didn’t know this about Shebs,but she’s into photography and took excellent photos with Dads Canon and fixed them up beautifully in Photoshop. When she showed me the photos she took of Jen and Serena I was blown away! When and if I ever look semi rested I want her to take photos of Ty and I and family photos!

In between carrying Ty, cooking, cleaning, she managed to put together this bouncer that Lil sent us. Although she did put one piece in backwards it still works and we were able to test it out. Ty wants to be held constantly, so I was hoping the bouncer could relieve me a little.

He’s still quite small for it, but he managed to sleep in it for about 30mins which is long for him. I looking forward to when he’s more alert to notice the mobile.

Sherry and I also made cookies! Well, actually she basically did everything as Ty was demanding to be fed. We followed a super easy vegan recipe. They were easy and fast to make and tasted delicious!
Another day we also made vegan blondies made out of chickpeas. I loved it, but Sherry did like it so much ha. A bit too healthy to taste like “proper” dessert I guess. None of the photos we took of it is blog worthy, but one of these days I have to remake it.

For her hard work we rewarded her with a box of chocolates we’ve had these in the cupboards for about a year now and Sherry polished them off in 2 days ha.
We also gave her a proper reward of cash and I sent her off to Harajuku to do shopping as she pleased. She came back from Forever 21 pleased with her purchases 🙂

Ty really has grown. It’s amazing how much he changed since the day he was born. Sherry went with me to the hospital for his 1 month check up and Doc was pleased with his weight gain. He was 2.9k that day (he’s now over 3kilos) and checked off everything on the list and deemed him a genki and healthy. I almost forgot to mention that Ty has gotten the hang of breastfeeding and is an absolute pro now. 2 weeks ago I made a deliberate choice to eliminate feeding him from bottles and he surprised us by taking to the breast really well that day and has been fine ever since. The only time we give him a bottle now is in the evening when my supply is low we’ll feed him expressed milk.
I’d like to eventually not have to give him the supplemental bottle, but until I can produce enough in the evening this will have to do. At the moment I’m expressing milk in the morning after his feed and saving it for the evening.

At first we thought maybe he just needed something to suck on, but he doesn’t take the pacifier well and his hunger cry is distinctly different from the day time when he’s more satisfied. I know the best way to produce more is to have him suck for a long time, but he eventually gets really frustrated that he starts crying hysterically and wont settle until we give expressed milk in a bottle. It’s really the worse time for him to be cranky, because I’m exhausted by then and it makes it hard for all of us.

Feed Me!

We managed last Sat to go to a house party and Ty was an absolute angel who slept through the loud music and people ooing and ahhing over him.
Of course, he cried bloody murder on the taxi ride back home until I gave him the boob. I’m not comfortable breastfeeding in public and it’s really hard without the body pillow. I hope we can get the hang of it soon because I would like to get out of the house more often. Im getting total cabin fever and on days Im especially  tired I get super depressed. thank God for Skype where  i’ve been able to chat with Lils every so often to retain a little bit of sanity.

It’s amazing how a baby doesn’t have to do anything and be irresistably cute.  Our friend Kayo was charmed by him just sleeping.

On Sun it felt like he was on me all day until finally in the late afternoon he settled enough for us to take him out in his new stroller and we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at starbucks. It felt great to get out! And by the way, Air Buggy is awesome!

In the evening family came over to visit, but those photos will have to wait another time.

damn, typing with one hand takes forever!

4 thoughts on “Last Week

  1. Mia says:

    For a second, I thought that was you in the first photo. He`s getting little chubs, so cute! And you just had to take a photo of his butt;) lol. I can`t believe you had a box of chocolates within hands reach for one whole long year.

  2. lilia says:

    ;lol the butt! and the feet!! Sheba does look like you sometimes! and she’s so adorable. xxxx! So nice having family in the same country. It’s right about now that you may get the baby blues, almost everyone gets it, since it feels like you’
    re just a milk machine! I hope you can go out and get some fresh air, good boy ty for getting the hang of boobie!! I think the evening bottle will go fairly quick. He’s so cute just sleeping for sure! You’ll miss him sleeping on you though, I think now Amelie is getting to be miss independant and doesnt like sleeping in the same bed as me lol, she seems to get better sleep on the floor without me 😦 I’m sad haha.

    Hope to catchyou on skype more so I can ooh and ahh over tiny ty. xxxx!

  3. Jan says:

    He’s getting cubbier!! Yayyy!! And we just passed his due date huh! August 11 I think it was?? So, now he’s like newborn size! Perfect healthy weight! They say that premature babies aren’t “slow” like some people say they are. They’re just premature! If your baby is one month premature, than once he’s 2 months old, and can’t do what “normal” 2 month old babies do, don’t worry about it! See them as a ONE month old! That’s what I read somewhere, and it makes sence.
    Anyway…I guess time will tell us if that little info is true in this case. 🙂

    Shebs and Sherry are coming to visit me tomorrow!! yayyayay!!! I’m so happy.

    Gambate Meg. I hope baby becomes easier and more adjusted to this world so you can go out more regularly.
    🙂 and…I haven’t tried pumping yet, because I had a few visitors this last week. But, in a few days, I’ll give it a try.

  4. Hana says:

    He is certainly looking genkier and genkier every time I check your blog. You must be so proud!…and so exhausted. Excellent news he’s taken to the boob. Good work Ty. Keep on blogging. I really enjoy reading 🙂

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