Family Visit

The whole gang visited a couple weeks ago. It was lovely seeing everyone and having a full house. Thank u family for visiting. I hope to visit everyone up in Sagamihara soon.

Dad and Ty

Jen, Rumi, Jason, Timmy, and Ty. Everyone is growing up so fast its amazing!

Jess and Ty.

Sister in law, Rumi. Its great having a fellow mum to talk to about everything. We discussed breastfeeding and it was reasuring to hear she had her battles too (One day when both hands are free I’ll blog about my troubles with BF)

Serena w/Ty. Ty slept pretty well through the visit and only woke up a couple mins before everyone left.

Kanon and Timmy.

Niece Kanon growing up! Already a year old!


2 thoughts on “Family Visit

  1. lilia says:

    Oh I love it! looks like everyone had lots of fun with ty, love the on with selena, he’s so mushy and squishy. Kanon is so cute! I can’t wait to meet everyone, I have yet to meet any of my neices or nephews!! :O

  2. Cant wait till u meet all the nieces and nephews!

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